Carly tells us what autism is like

Update: Carly’s story was on CTV’s W5 last night, Saturday, March 22nd at 7pm. It was and is a very uplifting story. The CTV tape of the program will be delayed due to copyright considerations but apparently will be available in about a week. When it is, I’ll post it here at COTM. In the meantime, here is updated CTV archive information.

(H/T to MadMacs of Bytown.)


What a beautiful story and a true miracle of medicine and technology. A young girl with severe autism by the name of Carly Fleischmann, aged 13, learns how to use a computer to communicate. Although Carly cannot talk, the techology, along with her determination, has given her a voice — her own voice that would otherwise have been silent. And, in so doing, the computer has not only allowed Carly to invite people into her world of emotions and sensory experiences, it has also given her life challenge and meaning. It is a fascinating story to say the least.