Conor’s housecoat, an autism good news story

Too often we only hear negative stories regarding teachers, teaching assistants and public schools — they’re not doing enough of this or they’re not doing enough of that. So, when I read about Conor Doherty’s new housecoat, I just had to share that good news story with regular readers. Check it out here at Facing Autism in New Brunswick.

Apparently, one of Conor’s favourite stories is the Cat in the Hat, so when one of his teaching assistant’s saw the “Cat in the Hat” themed red housecoat, he had to buy it for him. Now, that is the kind of dedication and commitment we all like to see in our educators. And, judging from Conor’s photo, he is excited about his gift too.

Kudos to TA Brad!

Endnote: While it is understandable that teachers and TA’s can’t buy housecoats for all their students, I am sure that in similar circumstances, a  telephone call with a heads-up to parents would ensure that they make a quick purchase for their son or daughter’s next birthday.