Special Education Web Links

Since I have taken down my header pages to concentrate on political issues, be they related to Ottawa, the provincial capitals or education in any way, here are some special needs resources that can be found online. Originally published on February 21, 2008, see also disclaimer at the bottom of the main page.

Applied Behavioural Analysis or ABA Treatment(Link) (Link)

Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities — (Link)

Autism Treatment Centre of America — Autism development treatment program called “Son-Rise.” (Link)

Autism Society Canada — (Link)

Canadian Association for Community Living — Advocacy for individuals with intellectual/developmental disability (Link)

Canadian Association for Independent Living — Information, programs and services for individuals needing assistance with daily living (Link)

Gifted Canada — (Link)

L’arche — International movement of people with developmental disabilities (Link)

Learning Disabilities Association of Canada — (Link)

Learning & Reading Disabilities — A site about the importance of phonics and other techniques to improve and enhance reading (Link)

Our Kids.net — Lists schools children that are focused on accommodating attention deficit disorder and/or learning disabilities (Link) (Link)

Son-Rise — The Autism Canada Foundations explains Son-Rise (Link)

Disclaimer: The Internet organizations and web links listed on this page are for information only. They are not affiliated with this weblog or its owner, nor are they endorsed in any way. As such, it is up to each and every visitor to determine whether to use them or to conduct further research or inquiries.