McGuinty gov’t promises no new taxes!

Yes, you read that title right. Dwight Duncan, Ontario’s Liberal Finance Minister, said today that there would be no new taxes in the spring budget.  

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

As Tim Hudak, the leader of the PC official oppositions says: “He’s more likely to believe Charlie Sheen is going to kick his drug habit than (Premier) Dalton McGuinty won’t raise taxes.”

So, do the Ontario Liberals deal with the fact that they have continually broken such promises? No, they get offended for all those who have drug addictions. In fact, Duncan said that: “Hudak’s quip is immature and an insult to people struggling with addictions, especially on a day when the legislature is debating mental health issues….[and] owes people struggling with addictions an apology.”

Pardon me? The only apology that should be required is from Messrs Duncan and McGuinty for what they have done to the once great province of Ontario. They have, for example:

  1. Taken our once great province from Have” to “Have Not status during their watch,
  2. Implemented a huge health care premium (tax) in 2003 almost immediately after signing a pledge that they wouldn’t raise taxes,
  3. Legislated the HST, telling us that it would be revenue neutral,
  4. Tried to quietly implement hidden eco and green taxes, and
  5. Let hydro rates spiral out of control while sending out brochures trying to convince us that things are not as bad as we are being led to believe.

Plus, the distrust is not just coming from the Ontario Tories. The Star is also reporting that the Ontario NDP said today that:  “Duncan and McGuinty can’t be trusted on taxes given the Liberal’s track record of breaking such promises.”

Precisely! And, that is the narrative that is going into this year’s provincial election– the McGuinty government cannot be trusted!

6 thoughts on “McGuinty gov’t promises no new taxes!

  1. “No new taxes” from the Liberals is pretty dodgy! McGuinty has proven he’s a little, or a lot, inclined to play fast and loose so I suspect it’d be necessary to have him explain, with lawyer-like respect for a contract, exactly what he’s saying. No “a premium is not a tax” ar “a fee is not a tax” wiggle room this time

    Sad that is has to be so carefully articulated however, after he shafted us previously, there’s no room for ambiguity from him or Duncan.


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  3. I’ve been waiting since the grand lie of the Health Care “premium” to boot him out. But for John Tory, it would have already been done. Now, he’s done irreparable damage to the electrical system as well.


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