Ontario PCs new website to counteract “Working Families” ads

To get the truth about Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC Party, here is a new website that puts the record straight. Let’s get a blogburst going and send this URL to everyone you know who lives in Ontario. The domain is: www.truthabouttimhudak.com.  Why is this so important? Well, just as their federal Liberal cousins are doing to the Conservative Government in Ottawa, the provincial Liberals are spreading part-truths and innuendo about Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC Party. Of course, they are not doing that through the Liberal Party of Ontario, but by hiding behind the Working Families Coalition — who claim to be non-partisan but are clearly pro-Liberal. Why? Because the Ontario Liberals can’t fight the October 6, 2011 provincial election on their own record, apart from the single-issue, the full-day kindergarten. Instead, the Working Families group simply do the Liberals’ dirty work for them by making stuff up.

Well,  hopefully, this time, Ontarians will see through that divide and conquer and change-the-subject strategy. Think about it. The faith-based funding issue in October 2007 masked what the McGuinty crew was going to do and we now live in a “have-not” province because voters bought the division and fear. Well, as the video from the PC’s new website shows, we can’t afford to make that same mistake again. 

7 thoughts on “Ontario PCs new website to counteract “Working Families” ads

  1. Yea, Joanne, I’m late on some of these. You are a real trooper. Mind you, I tried to pick up the slack the week you were taking care of g/son. 😉 It’s a team effort that is for sure — bloggers and commenters.


  2. Yes we sure are a team and it’s good when we can spell each other off.

    I am a bit concerned about the possibility of two elections in one year though!

    I may need to teach my grandson how to type. 😉


  3. Great blog Sandy. You helped inspire my first blogpost at Toronto Tory.

    I agree with you completely – we all need to do our part to set the record straight. The Liberals are so desperate to cling to power they have no problem blatantly lying about Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC Party.

    I hope you and your followers will take the opportunity to check out my blog as well.



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  5. Sandy when you get time check out the latest post from BT Clown at Midnight about the Tim Hudak attacks and note the link that I mention in a comment.

    I don’t know how the Liberals can keep saying they have nothing to do with Working Families.


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