“Harper Gov’t” expands “Open Access” to Canadians

There is an old saying that if you tell a lie long enough, people will start believing it is true. Well, that seems to the case regarding the “Harper Government” being “secretive.” Well, reality shows quite a different story. In fact, it is the “Harper Government” who is expanding the open government initiative to include public access to more:

  • Open Data,’
  • Open Information,”
  • Open Dialogue.”

Here, for example is a quote regarding “Open Information:”

Open Information will link Canadians with innovative new tools on the Web such as Working in Canada, an innovative portal that Canadians can use to get information on jobs, training, salary, locations, certification and more!” (My italics.)

So, if we have a federal election and you hear anyone complain about secrecy, pass along this hyperlink. In the meantime, I intend to add it to the list of “Harper Government Accomplishments.”