Honesty challenged or flip-flopper, Ignatieff not fit to be PM

Is there anything Michael Ignatieff has said that he is unwilling to reverse? It seems not.  For example:

Flip-flopping or lying? Readers can be the judge. At the very least, Ignatieff changes his mind constantly as this page of Iggyisms on Blue Like You indicates. My favourite? On December 10th, 2008, Ignatieff said:  A coalition if necessary, but not necessarily a coalition. There you have it, flip-flopping in the same sentence.

The point of this post? That surely, whether Canadians are Liberal, NDP, Bloc or Green supporters, they would protest the outright abuse of democracy and the Canadian electoral process they are seeing and hearing from all three opposition parties — and vote for their Conservative candidate on May 2nd, 2011 for a Conservative majority government.

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9 thoughts on “Honesty challenged or flip-flopper, Ignatieff not fit to be PM

  1. When we have Opposition leaders vowing to vote against the Budget if a Majority isn’t won by the Conservatives, we know they’re not in it for the Country,Ignatieff and the other pathetic duo are in it for themselves.

    You don’t make an expensive election in this economic climate all for naught just because you don’t get to sit in the power seats.


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  3. He said this April 7th Laval Que

    He held up his Liberal party platform and said that Canadians could expect to see a Liberal government delivering its promises right away.

    “It happens now,” he said. “We get a Liberal government, we get a Liberal budget we can do this now, we can help families now, today…. Not in five years, and not when rain water turns into beer.”

    (NOW he says…never mind if we can afford it.)Harper majority so Canadians can finally move on from these coalition stooges. Enough already.


  4. All three leaders indicated they would not support the budget.

    Many in the MSM are unwilling to admit the coalition is in force until June 2011.

    They are unwillin to hold the opposition leades to their flip-flops on the coalition that must not be named.

    Voters need to be made aware of the coalition platform. It is hidden. How much will it cost taxpayers for buying off the Bloc and NDP MPs to pass the Liberal budge and make Iggy PM?

    (It won’t matter in my opinion as I believe the CPC will be given a majority)


  5. Can anyone with any sense whatsoever believe that a party who has consistently been behind in the polls by 10 points and is willing to bring down a government think that there isn’t a “coalition” in the works?

    We’re now talking patriotism. With the Bloc calling the shots on Liberal/NDP do you want our Canadian policies coming from separatists.


  6. The Liberal ‘Redbook’ won’t exist with the Co-Opposition.The Co-Opposition Budget would be a sledgehammer to the entire country except the Quebec nation.

    I would also like to point out that Ignatieff clearly indicated during the French debate that our military choices would be deferred to UN sanctioned events only. I think based on his behaviour in the US,I am of the opinion that he has a multiple personality.


  7. All 3 opposition leaders have promised to raise corporate taxes, stop renovations and construction on jails and cancel the jets for the airforce.
    The navy are still waiting for the seaking helicopters that Chretien cancelled.
    The opposition leaders are in total agreement on those 3 issues.
    It is time for Canadians to give Stephen Harper a stable conservative majority government.


  8. COMPROMISE means what ?? Doing absolutely everything that the other parties want even though they got less votes?That sounds more like a lot of water and no wine to me.


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