The implications of a Jack Layton led NDP/Lib/Bloc coalition

There is a new Conservative ad (see below) that alleges NDP Leader Jack Layton was involved in planning the 2008 coalition long before Canadians went to the polls in October of that year. A male voice states — “He did it before and he will do it again and Canada will pay the price” — as we see a photo image of Layton shaking hands with Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe.

Interestingly, in the last day or so, I have read that a certain NDP MP is asking that the Tories remove the ad from the air ways —  in much the same way the Conservatives asked the Liberals to remove the health care ad — claiming the ad was not based on fact.

Well, sorry, but there is a big difference between the ads. The quote attributed to PM Stephen Harper in the Liberal ad was actually said by someone else. And, the information in the ad is incorrect. Meaning the Liberal ad is a complete distortion of reality.

Now, compare that to the ad about Jack Layton. It is based on what the Globe and Mail called “a surreptitiously recorded tape of a New Democratic Party caucus meeting” that indicated there had been a long-existing plan with the Bloc Québécois to defeat the government.

Actually, I heard that recording myself at the time of the 2008 coup attempt when it was posted somewhere on the Internet. From what I can recall, no one at the NDP caucus meeting actually said anything specific about a coalition plan, just that it was assumed by the way the conversation was going, that it was a given.

Meaning the Conservative ad about Layton “is” allegedly based on fact.

Why is the anti-Layton/NDP ad out now? Because polls are showing the NDP numbers are rising throughout the country, particularly in Quebec making a nightmare scenario possible. Just imagine, for instance, if there was another Conservative minority and Layton’s NDP had the second largest seat count.

When the opposition voted non-confidence in the newly elected government at the first opportunity (which I have no doubt they are planning to do),  it would be Jack Layton who would be prime minister in an NDP/Liberal/Bloc coalition, accord or special arrangement. Whatever they call the arrangement, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the NDP would have access to taxpayers’  money. 

An ad of desperation as Paul Dewar complains? Perhaps, because if the idea of a Canadian government led by a socialist, anti-corporate, pro-tax, free-spending NDP doesn’t scare Canadians, I don’t know what will. Yes, indeed, just look to Spain, Portugal and Greece for an idea of how heavy that price could be. 

Or, closer to home and speaking of paying a huge price,  just remember what the Bob Rae NDP did to Ontario — all because Ontarians were protesting the fact that Liberal Premier David Peterson called an election after only three years.

On May 2nd, for a stable government, whether as a protest vote or to ensure stability, I am recommending that Canadians mark their “X” beside their Conservative candidate’s name.

Updates:  Here are some further links that validate the truth of the Conservative ad:

  1. This CBC link proves the NDP were planning a coalition arrangement long before the 2008 federal election campaign, as do the links visitors have left in this post’s comment thread as well.
  2. There is this Globe and Mail link, as well what is on this Google search page, where the NDP wanted the RCMP to probe the leak of the recording — not that what we heard was inaccurate but simply that it was done illegally.
  3. Here is a link to the “accord” the Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition signed in December 2008 and which is still in effect until June 2011. (H/T Alberta Girl)
  4. HEADS UP: Here is the YouTube page where the NDP caucus “conference call clip” can be found. Readers should just check each link until they find the one discussed in this post. Here also is a Toronto Star column describing what was said in the tape recording. (H/T for both links to Ontario Girl)

It appears to me that when NDP MP Paul Dewar tried to shut down this discussion by saying the Conservative ad should be pulled because its premise was false, he simply made things worse. Because, all that has happened is that everyone is looking on the Internet for the old sources and tapes to prove the ad is correct.

You see, whether the making of the recording was illegal or not isn’t the point for the voting public right now. What is the point is the truth of what was said on the recording — that none of the three opposition parties can be trusted not to usurp a duly elected Conservative government, minority or not.

41 thoughts on “The implications of a Jack Layton led NDP/Lib/Bloc coalition

  1. Sandy – that tape recording is out there – some blogger will post it – it will make the rounds and then Paul Dewar can have the satisfaction of eating his protests!


  2. In fact, I would challenge some blogger who has that tape to personally send it to Dewar with a cc to Jack Layton and Sun TV. That way, they cannot say it is a lie anymore.


  3. Alberta Girl — If you or anyone else can find a link to that tape, I will post it here. I did not tape it. I would only be providing it for Canadians to hear. However, as I said in my post, I HEARD THE TAPE MYSELF.

    In other words, I am not writing heresay. I heard it personally. As I am sure you did too.


  4. Didn’t that tape and transcript of the conversation come about because a conservative mp with the name Duncan got an invitation to a conference call. And if I recall, Dewar was named in that tape, by Layton, to be in charge of putting plans into place.
    When Linda Duncan got information meant for the other Duncan, didn’t she run to the media with it.
    When the tape first showed up on a blog or u-tube, the ndp had it pulled due to copywrite or something. I also recall Libby’s name being mentioned as a leader.
    Also, Jack said to let the story that he was tired and exhausted keep going, but in fact he was doing very well.
    Sorry Paul Dewar, some of us do have long memories. That ad if 100% truthful.
    I hope the blogger who has the tape runs it, and if threatened with a lawsuit, get up the paypal so we can donate to help him fight it.
    It would not surprise me to find out there is a deal between Jack and Gilles to make it seem like the ndp are gaining in Que, when they are joined at the hip. Remember, Jack said he was running to be PM, and we scoffed. Seems like he had a plan all along.


  5. The NDP/Duceppe ad running since yesterday is not new PM Harper told reporters this morning. He said the Conservatives have been running the ad since January. I too have heard the tape from the Layton conference call. He actually said he was in talks with Duceppe a while back. He was admitting a coalition. Dewer was just raging angry because he didn’t want anyone to burst his bubble.


  6. Here’s the actual recording from u-tube.

    Update: I can’t leave the actual YouTube on my site. What I need Ontario Girl is simply a link to where readers can find it on YouTube. Not a single link but where readers would have to check several links to find it. I am sure you understand.


  7. James — I am just not interested in your games. This is a completely separate issue from the 2004 discussion about co-operation. The only truth that hurts is that progressives like you try to change the subject when things get hot.

    If you want me to publish your comments, deal with this issues in this post. We are talking about a Conservative ad that the NDP purports to be a lie. We know there is a recording out there that proves it is the truth. If you want to be helpful, find us a link to that recording. We all heard it but the threats of legal action shut down the discussion. However, it did not shut down the truth.

    There are videotapes that prove the 2004 letter was not a coalition attempt no matter how hard progressives and liberals try to prove the opposite. That was then, this is now. Plus, even if the Stephen Harper had wanted to be PM, so what? He ended up being PM and has proven he can govern. Very few, if any, provincial NDP governments are ever successful in the long run, except those who govern from the centre like Doer.


  8. The ad is factual.
    ‘Says Layton planned coalition before the votes were counted’

    Many articles on Layton refusing to rule out coalition in Sept 2008, which prompted Dion to rule it out.

    Duceppe wrote about being the ‘driving force’ in his book.

    Duceppe book spells out that Ducey entered talks with Jack before Parliament reconvened and
    ‘…Duceppe casts himself as the driving force behind the Liberal-NDP coalition agreement…’–hebert-duceppe-hands-harper-fresh-anti-coalition-ammunition


  9. Ontario Girl — I had to remove the actual YouTube link for legal reasons. As I said above, just drop a YouTube link here where that recording is located, along with other links. In that way, readers can check out the various links until they find the right one.



  10. “The ‘Coalition for Canada,’ I love the idea – (but it) could be a deal-breaker for the Bloc,” Layton is heard saying to laughter.

    “‘The Coalition for Canada and Quebec?”‘ he adds, to more laughter.

    “Nothing could be better for our country than to have the 50 (BQ) members out of 75 who’ve been elected in Quebec actually helping to make Canada a better place. We just approach it on that basis and say, ‘We’re willing to make that happen. Here are the things we’re going to be investing in and transforming together.’

    “If they’re willing to work with us, we’re willing to accept that offer.”

    The recording is more ambiguous.

    In a discussion over concerns that the Bloquistes will be “offside” on issues, Layton said that’s already been taken into account and strategies have been developed to avoid policy conflict.

    “I actually believe they’re the least of our problems,” he said.

    “This whole thing wouldn’t have happened if the moves hadn’t been made with the Bloc to lock them in early because you couldn’t put three people together in three hours.

    “The first part was done a long time ago. I won’t go into details.”

    “Chances are there are a bunch of Liberals in the other ridings on whom we want pressure placed,” he’s heard saying.

    Layton is heard downplaying the policy questions that could plague a coalition of such disparate party interests, saying everyone will have to curb their wish list.

    “What we really want is just to get Harper out and get this new group in because it’s going to be a hell of a lot better for everything we believe in. Correct? Correct!”

    “You can see where Harper’s going here,” said Layton.

    “He’s going to say it’s the socialists and the separatists and the opportunists getting together. Those are their talking points and so we just need to push back.”

    Layton ridiculed the Conservatives over the issue Sunday night at an Ontario NDP event in Toronto.

    “It’s entirely possible the Conservative party is recording what I’m saying here right now,” Layton told the partisan audience. “Here’s what I have to say to the Conservative party tuned in: ‘good riddance to you!’ “


  11. Credit to Ontario Girl for the page I found. And, to Alberta Girl for the accord transcript.

    Now, AG, I did not get the transcript of the tape itself. But, now we can at least hear it for ourselves. I am surprised the NDP could not get YouTube to remove the recordings. That is the thing about the Internet. How do you shut anything down once its been recorded or written. It’s very hard.


  12. Ontario Girl — Where did you pick up that transcript? Did you write it down yourself? I should have a link I think, otherwise I can’t prove it was from the recording. Things are going too fast here and I’m trying to prepare for an extended family Easter dinner tomorrow. LOL

    But, hey, I love it! A team approach.


  13. I will agree with you on the NDP I would not
    be that happy with a NDP government,
    but I would say that I would not be happy with a Harper govenment note I do not say a conservative govenment.
    Harper is trying to put forward his idealogy not consrvative principles,
    that is why I cannot vote conservative this time. I am not blinded by Conservative, Liberal, NDP or any party
    I want what is best for the people and my country.
    Unlike you, I look at and evaluate all
    sides. It appears for years you only see one.


  14. The Google link provided by Ontario Girl has everything on the NDP recording that anyone could need. Just follow the pages and you will see it was a huge story at the time.

    Which makes Dewar’s comment that the Conservative ad was not true very strange indeed. In fact, all he has done is makes things worse. We bloggers went digging for the truth and found it.

    So, SunNew and the rest of the mainstream media, how about exposing some of the NDP’s talking out of both sides of their mouths?


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  16. I wish the National Post would pick up your rapid fire response article, Sandy NOW.

    The university students apparently are answering ‘don’t know’ in the CBC Vote Compass. If they’re buying into Jack Layton’s and wife, Olivia Chow’s charm, they’re barking up the wrong tree as many of us know from experience.

    I wish the campaign planners would hit the university campuses this week to engage the students who could compromise the results just because they truly ‘don’t know.’

    Layton wants to be asked about the F-35 jet purchase and does he think Canadian mosquitos would better serve the purpose? Anyways, the left coalition would mean Canada’s express chance of leadership under current good economic policy will get stymied. Conservatives would be ready to oppose, but the next time would meet with absolute success as citizens’ choices would crystallize.

    This weekend, the power of short, urgent prayers will be heard. Happy Easter and may it be the most meaningful one for our country.


  17. Burpnrun — As I said in my comment at your blog, a good analysis. I wouldn’t say you are totally right or totally wrong. I just don’t see it as much as a conspiracy as you do. But, what you say rings true, nonetheless.

    You are braver than I am. I have a link to the YouTube page but I won’t put the link directly on my blog because, for one thing, I use my real name and don’t want to be sued.


  18. If the students are reading the grassroots’ reaction and analysis, they will ‘get it’ and the results, if EC counts correctly will be favorable.

    This election call has put an aircraft company’s business on hold — all because the million dollar a year, socialist couple Jack Layton and Olivia are more concerned with their jobs and not the threat to Canadian jobs.

    Not to mention, our budget implementation process having been put on hold.

    The Laytons weren’t grilled enough at SNN — especially on economic policy, as Preston Manning pointed out in the NP — they’re practical experience is vacuous, even non implementable. Thanks to the left leading academics, the students simply don’t know. And they mob voting apparently.

    If the net catches them up, that’d be great.


  19. Here’s the most damning piece from that “accord”:

    “Furthermore, upon its formation, the government will put in place a permanent consultation mechanism with the Bloc Québécois.”

    A permananent consultation mechanism?

    Just how permanent where they talking about?
    And what is this mechanism that would force future governments (because permanent means forever after) to continue no matter whether they formed a majority or not.
    The only types of laws in this country that stay in place no matter what are those that get inserted into the charter.
    Which to do that requires signatures with the provincial legislatures effected.
    My gut feeling about the whole scenario is that the coalition would deem it a constitutional amendment that only effected Quebec, so it would only require their signature.
    Tell your friends, tell acquaintences, tell everyone. This is an attempt to enshrine constitutional special status for Quebec.


  20. The press has paid very little attention to the NDP platform, because they assumed it could never be implemented. Layton’s increased profile, demands his policies receive more scrutiny.
    One problem Layton would have is squaring his promises to Quebecers (in french) with what he has been telling his western supporters. He, or Mulcair, has supported applying bill 101 (french language) to federal jobs and federally regulated jobs in Quebec. This means french, not bilingual status for federal civil service positions. Layton also mentioned exploring ways to allow Quebec to sign the 1982 constitution. There have been other such promises along these lines. Do westerners really relish more constitutional talks?
    This is outside the whole Green energy, cap-and-trade policies, which are irreconcilable with NDP western, and Quebec supporters. It is time for the press free ride to end for the NDP.


  21. Martin — “It is time for the press free ride to end for the NDP.” You know, that is really what this post is all about, isn’t it?


  22. Prime Minister Jack Layton, it hs a certain ring to it but the Liberals would never stand for it.

    It would he hilarious to see Jack offer a few cabinet seats to Iggy and see what happens.


  23. Yes, there IS a vast network in Ontario that could be called the “Anybody but Hudak” coalition. Some unions are NDP all the way (CUPE UFCW increasingly OPSEU) but other unions, mainly teachers and nurses support the NDP in some seats and Liberals in others to block PCs, usually whoever is the incumbent or in PC seats, whoever came 2nd. There are other unions that are pretty much Liberal only (Firefighters, some constructions unions). WFC is pretty much a straight up Liberal front group.

    It all depends how they have been treated. Teachers for example, nurses, (hulla hoops) expect teacher nurse bashing from the PCs so they try to preempt the possiblility. CUPE/OPSEU believe they are treated just as badly by McGuinty as by the Tories. There are even unions that back the PCs (cops).


  24. Doug is right. The PCs do have some public sector union supporters — police and firefighters for example. The point is that if the teachers’ unions back McGuinty, they will expect something in return. Much depends on what happens at the federal level actually. Traditionally, when there is a majority Liberal gov’t in Ottawa, there is a PC gov’t in Toronto. Now, its anyone’s guess what will happen if there is a Conservative majority in Ottawa.

    Personally I think many people can’t tell the difference between provincial and federal. You hear people going on about not enough talk about education in the federal election. Well, its provincial jurisdiction. Then, you hear Layton going on about every family having access to an MD and that also is provincial jurisdiction. I mean, there is nothing a federal gov’t can do – including not even allowing foreign credentials. That too must be done by the province, although federal legislation might help. But, the feds can’t interfere with who gets into medical upgrading and licensing university programs.

    For example, when I taught graduate students at Mac, some of my students were foreign students with degrees from other countries. But, it was a struggle for them to get admitted.

    Anyway, I am not looking forward to the provincial election. In fact, I may go in a completely different “education” direction after this federal election is over — aiming at helping teachers. I have had little success in getting parents involved, so I might as well provide an “What can I do on Monday” idea repository. Anyway, I’m still at the thinking stage.


  25. Sorry Doug — Just not going to approve the comments on this and the other thread. I’m staying focused on a majority Conservative government and getting rid of McGuinty in Ontario.


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