Reminder to ON Liberals,”TEA” Party stands for “Taxed Enough Already!”

TEA Party -- Taxed Enough Already

Every time Warren Kinsella and other Liberals write on Twitter or scream that Tim Hudak is “Tea Party Tim” or that the Ontario PC Party is the Tea Party North, PC supporters should tweet or yell right back — yes we are. Why? Because “TEA” stands for “Taxed Enough Already.” And given how many taxes McGuinty has raised, that he promised he wouldn’t, we are definitely taxed enough already.

Remember, for instance, the Health Care Premium, increased hydro rates, leaving the Debt Retirement Charge on our hydro bills after 2010 even though the debt had been retired, the HST on everything that moves, eco taxes, even on household items, a Smart Meter installation charge of $200.00, and to come soon if the Ontario Liberals are re-elected, a “Smart Meter Service Fee.”

Taxed Enough Already? Absolutely!

Endnote: Of course the Ontario Liberals are trying to use the Tea Party motto in a negative way based on the movement in the U.S. Yet, if you read this source, or do a Google search, there is actually nothing negative about it because it is based primarily on former President Reagan’s “Ten Commandments for Prosperity.” Which suggests to me, that by trying to use it in a negative way, the Ontario Liberals don’t want Ontario to prosper and at the rate they are going, that will turn out to be true.

For example, Reagan’s ten commandments were: Low Tax Rates, A Strong Dollar, Free Trade, Not Over-regulating the People, Limiting Gov’t Expansion, Limiting Government Spending, Market Pricing, Allowing Some Privatization, A Strong Defence, and Reforms to Welfare. Now, while some of those commandments would be within federal jurisdiction in Canada, they are certainly not negative or fascist as some allege, unless of course, you are a left wing socialist.

One thought on “Reminder to ON Liberals,”TEA” Party stands for “Taxed Enough Already!”

  1. We all know the meaning by ‘tea party’ -low taxes, smaller governments etc. No sceret there. And which most canadians want to be.

    In other words McGuinty to the public ” Hey folks (ontarians), guess what, Tim Hudak is a ‘tea partier, he wants to cut taxes take away all the trimmings which I have given you…. vote for me and I promise to give you everything you need without raising taxes” (wink wink).

    what kind of party does McGuinty considers himself to be besides being a liberal since Hudak is according to Dalton a ‘Tea Party’ type


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