B.C. gov’t relationship with Teachers Unions opposite to Ontario Liberals

Before voting on October 6th, 2011, Ontario voters need to consider the reality that we have the teachers’ unions, and their union friends (such as the Working Coalition that is not only anti-PC, but off-the-wall paranoid), openly running multi-million dollar advertising campaigns in an attempt to get the Ontario Liberals of Dalton McGuinty re-elected.

Why I wonder?

Why I wonder? Why are the teachers unions openly endorsing one provincial political party? To find out, compare the behaviour of the Ontario teachers’ unions to those in B.C. ?

For example, read this letter to the editor of the Rossland Telegraph from Andrew Davidoff, President of the Kootenay Columbia Teachers’ Union. In it, Davidoff complains loudly that public school teachers in that province rank 8th in pay in Canada and that there has been a 22% reduction in overall education funding in B.C. since 2001. Plus, we also find out that even after losing a B.C. Supreme Court challenge, the B.C. Liberal government has not given the teachers’ unions an inch.

On that, Davidoff says: “after 30 bargaining sessions at the provincial table we have had no offers of pay increases, benefit improvements or the return of the class size and composition language that the BC Supreme Court recently ruled was illegally stripped from our contracts.”

Which makes the fact that Ontario teachers’ unions are fighting so hard to get the McGuinty Liberal government  re-elected, very telling — as in they want them re-elected because they will give them everything they want.  

Now, before progressive visitors start screaming that, like all conservatives, I am simply anti-union. That is just silly. I cannot speak for the Ontario PC Party of course, but I have never been anti-union, nor ever will be. I mean I was once the federation rep in my school. What I am against, however, is an arrogant attitude of entitlement and the interference in the democratic process, simply to get what they want.

So, Ontarians need to take a good look at the B.C. Liberal government’s relationship with their teachers unions and compare that to the Ontario Liberal Party’s willingness to accommodate every demand for the sake of public sector union peace.


Endnote: If you listen to the video at the Working Coalition website, they talk about PC Leader Tim Hudak and the PCs as hiding their anti-union stance in a cloak of democracy. Pardon me? Plus, they say that PCs accommodate corporate interests over those of working people.  As I said above, off-the-wall paranoia. I mean, who do they think work for corporations? Or, are union members the only ones considered working people? Not only arrogant but bizarre as well!

3 thoughts on “B.C. gov’t relationship with Teachers Unions opposite to Ontario Liberals

  1. I’m sick of reading comments on so-called Conservative blogs so much criticism of Hudak. Calling him McGuinty lite etc. serves to put a smile on the faces of WK and the McGuinty hacks.

    What kind of reasoning capacity do these people have? Even their accusation of “McGuinty lite” would be an improvement over the full blown McGuinty.


  2. Liz J — I know exactly what you are talking about and why I asked to be removed from the BT aggregator. The irony is that I worked for the Harris government and his government was also progressive conservative. He certainly wasn’t Peterson Lite or Rae Lite. I don’t know what they want. Ontarians will never be Albertans. T’is just the way it is.

    I noticed on a Globe and Mail comment thread about how stupid the PCs are in saying they will lower taxes while paying down the debt. Well, hello? The lower taxes goes into the economy and there is actually more tax revenue. They just don’t get it. It’s them who can’t get the numbers right.


  3. The G&M is home to the go-to business pages of the nation. Only very conservative economists believe that you get more economic activity and more revenue by lowering taxes on rich people. The USA is in a worse mess than we are because they refuse to tax rich people, give out idiotic tax deductions like mortgage interest deductions, fight endless wars and after all of that, try to balance their budgets. Gov Perry the likely nominee calls their pension plan “a Ponzy scheme”.

    Second richest man in America, Warren Buffet says, time to tax rich people more.


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