Hudak’s PC Party releases “Five-Point-Plan” to turn Ontario around

There have been many who have criticized Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak and the PC Changebook as not adding up or not being to the point. Well, today the PC Party released their five point plan on how, if given a majority government on October 6th, 2011, they would implement job creation policies by reducing regulations and encouraging private  investment and business expansion (H/T Joanne at Blue Like You). 

To do that, a Premier Hudak and his PC caucus would:

  • Treat energy policy as economic policy – not as a social program;
  • Train 200,000 more skilled workers through expanding the apprenticeship system;
  • Reduce taxes on job creators;
  • Eliminate job-killing red tape; and
  • Lower taxes on families so they have the confidence to spend again.

Reality Check: To all those who wonder why they should completely abandon Dalton McGuinty and his Liberal Party of Ontario, look at these facts from the PC website:

  • For 56 months, Ontario’s unemployment level has been above the national average, while Ontario has become a have-not province and lost more jobs during the recession than all other provinces combined.
  • Under Dalton McGuinty, almost 300,000 manufacturing sector jobs have vanished. That’s equivalent to the populations of Belleville, Cornwall, Kenora, Lindsay, North Bay, Peterborough, and Welland combined.
  • Under Dalton McGuinty, Ontario has over 500,000 regulations. Complying with these regulations costs Ontario businesses $11 billion a year – the heaviest regulatory burden in Canada.

Meaning, in order to move forward, Ontario simply cannot afford another McGuinty Liberal government.