A podcast on overcoming reading fluency problems

For anyone trying to help children (or adults for that matter), the Brannigan/Margolis website on reading disabilities has just what you need.

Also, here is a link to podcasts by Dr. Timothy Rasinski on how to help students overcome reading fluency problems. Please note that the link to Dr. Rasinski says the information is free. However, it will be up to those downloading the material to make sure that really is the case since I have not personally evaluated the materials. Nevertheless, since Brannigan/Margolis have, I believe the materials will be of enormous help to teachers and parents.

In all the years I ran my private reading clinic, I found that the key to effective listening and reading comprehension were strong fluency skills — being to identify letters, letter combinations and words (both phonetic and otherwise), as well as know what all the words mean, and then be able to string them together in smooth sentences.

So, whether the fluency problems are due to central auditory processing or verbal comprehension problems, a lack of vocabulary development or the challenges of learning a second language, they must be completely automatic before more complex skills can be acquired –such as identifying main ideas, making inferences or drawing conclusions.

For further help, see my multi-sensory dyslexia help series on my Header Bar.