Harper Government accomplishments 2012-2015

This Harper government accomplishment list is a continuation of my 2006-2011 list which can be found here.

  1. Adult “Basic” Education initiative — announced by Prime Minister Harper on Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 in Iqaluit, to improve the lives of many Aboriginal people living in the three territories; (Link)
  2. Agri-Recovery Initiative — An additional $280.6 million were added to the program to help farmers recover from recent disasters (Link) (Link)
  3. Beyond the Border Agreement with the U.S. — passed in late 2011 which included the agreements on perimeter security that ensures economic competitiveness and another on regulatory co-operation (Link)
  4. Canadian Wheat Board Monopoly Ends — Bill C18 removed the CWB’s single desk monopoly regarding decisions made by many Western farmers to market their wheat (Link)
  5. Cigarette labelling regulations — passed on September 22, 2011 that give manufacturers six months to put negative labels on cigarettes and little cigars (Link)
  6. Consumer Product Safety Act — came into effect June 20, 2011 to ensure manufacturers do not market dangerous products (Link)
  7. Corporate tax rate — reduced from 18% to 16.5% effective January 2012, with another 1.5% reduction in 2012 to 15% (Link)
  8. Eeyou Marine Region Land Claims Agreement — between Canada, Nunavut and Grand Council of the Crees (Link)
  9. Fair Representation Act — Bill C-20 became law on December 16, 2011 and will come into effect for the 2015 federal election which will mean 338 seats in total rather than the current 308 (giving Ontario 15 more seats from 106 to 121, Quebec 3 more seats from 75 to 78, B.C. 6 more seats from 36 to 42 and Alberta 6 more seats from 28 to 34) (Link)
  10. Family Caregiver Tax Credit — Bill C-13 established a new $2000 tax credit on December 15, 2011 to help families dealing with challenging medical expenses (Link)
  11. Gun Registry scrapped — as the legislation passed Third Reading (Link) (Royal Assent)
  12. Immigrant pilot project to recognize professional qualifications quicker — announced by Minister Diane Finley to assist newcomers with obtaining a job in their field of expertise; (Link)
  13. Japan-Canada Free Tradenegotiations started as a result of PM Harper’s recent trip to Japan. (Link) See also the video of Mr. Harper’s short speech on the topic.
  14. Mega Trials Legislation — Bill C-2 passed at the end of June, 2011 to allow large trials (particularly those involving organized crime) to be heard more swiftly and effectively (Link)
  15. National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy — $33 billion dollars in contracts awarded to shipyards in Vancouver and Halifax to build Coast Guard and Royal Canadian Navy ships (Link)
  16. Quebec Sales Harmonization Agreement — Signed with the Government of Quebec in recognition that, in 1991, it was the first province to harmonize the GST with the Quebec Sales tax but had not received compensation at that time (Link)
  17. Red Tape Reduction Commission — set up just before the May 2, 1011 federal election and not on my previous list, it was established to help small businesses create and sustain jobs (Link)
  18. Safe Streets & Communities Act — passed March June 13, 2012 to protect children and communities against terrorism (Link) (Link)
  19. Thailand-Canada Declaration of Intent — a bilateral arrangement on youth exchanges (Link)
  20. White Collar Crime Act — Bill C-21 was reintroduced after the May 2, 2011 federal election and became law on November 1, 2011 and included a minimum penalty of 2 years for fraud over $1 million (Link)


Endnote: As of May 2012, I am no longer keeping this list up to date since policy and legislative changes are happening so quickly, it is impossible for any one private person (volunteer) to keep track.