Andrew Coyne on the truth about EMD & Caterpillar

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Yesterday I wrote that Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak was right to suggest that the McGuinty Government’s tax and related policies were not sending the message that Ontario was open for business. As the header on the Toronto Sun article stated: Ontario business climate pushed Caterpillar out!

Well, it appears that the demands of the CAW and some media coverage of the issues surrounding EMD (Electro-Motive Diesel) and Caterpillar are, even if not deliberately undermining Ontario’s marketability, making sure Ontario stays closed.  For example, as Blame Crash wrote in a comment on yesterday’s thread:

“All this fire breathing commentary from the left-wing politician’s, media and unions that is being spewed at Caterpillar and, by extension, all manufacturers and business, is absolutely toxic for the economy. It actually makes it easier for businesses to make the hard decision to pull up stakes and move somewhere a little more hospitable. After all, it’s pretty obvious that they are hated and despised. Same goes for businesses that are thinking about setting up in Ontario.How can these characters not see that? They are blinded by their ideology. They know not what they do.

However, it is what Andrew Coyne has to say today in the National Post about Caterpillar and EMD that is perhaps the most explosive. Certainly great investigative journalism! 

Coyne tells how journalists have allegedly been exaggerating and misleading the public as to the ownership of the company and equipment. (H/T Catherine, a regular reader). Here, for example, is a sampling of what Coyne has written:

“It’s a compelling story – foreigners buy “our” plant, steal “our” technology, and all with our money! Except:

– EMD is not a Canadian company, and never was. Caterpillar bought it from a pair of American private equity firms in 2010; they bought it from General Motors in 2005, who bought it from its Ohio-based founders in 1930. Since 1935 it has been headquartered in La Grange, Ill. The London branch plant was opened in 1950.

– Caterpillar didn’t buy the London plant. It bought the whole company, including its La Grange operations, which is where EMD does its design and engineering work, as well as making parts. It seems unlikely it would have stashed its most valuable intellectual property at a far-off final assembly plant.

(Incidentally, as the economist Michael Moffatt points out, GM moved all final assembly work to London from La Grange shortly after the Free Trade Agreement went into effect. The jobs we’re worried about losing to the U.S. are jobs we took from them.)”

And, then there is this paragraph:

“- EMD never received any subsidies from the federal government; certainly not since Caterpillar bought it. Indeed, looking through the hundreds of pages of “grants and contribution” in the Public Accounts, it may be the only company in the country that didn’t. The Harper visit to which Olive refers was to promote a tax break for the purchasers of locomotives, not the manufacturers. The visit occurred in 2008, two years before the Caterpillar purchase.” [My highlighting.]

Wow! Has the Canadian public ever been duped! Any doubts? Check out this Google page.

Which makes what Hudak said yesterday even more important, as well as yesterday’s threat of occupation by the CAW that much worse!!! Clearly, those kinds of threats and demands are not conducive to making Ontario open for business.



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  2. I just noticed that the Vancouver Secrets blog also wrote about this topic today. Check it out here.
  3. C/P at Jack’s Newswatch.

12 thoughts on “Andrew Coyne on the truth about EMD & Caterpillar

  1. Ok. I’m trying this again Sandy.
    I am close to this issue because we have a friend who worked at EDM and Caterpillar for several years. I remember when Caterpillar bought it 18 months or so ago and our friend saying that word was that it spelled the beginning of the end for that company in London. It had been speculated about and telegraphed from the inside for a while. Same kind of thing happened also when a major company existed my region a few years ago.
    Coyne’s piece is stellar in the truth it reveals.


  2. of course, it was never McSlippery’s intent to actually save Ontario jobs (except his own) – it was always an attempt to divert public anger from his endless broken promises, as he cruised to 3 majority (almost) governments, and his ability to pay off his crony backers without being called on it – so far he has been perfect at his chosen career, and Ontario is much the poorer


  3. You said it antfrm. Have you noticed lately that there’s little mention of McGuinty and or the sorry state of he LPOC on the Liberal blogs? No surprise as to why they’re not championing their guys, right? What’s to champion?


  4. Coyne ‘s is a voice in the wilderness. I just read all the articles at NN and the narrative hasn’t changed one iota,it’s STILL Harper’s fault, 5 million dollars to CAT,OUR company stolen,our technology stolen, CAW wokers as victims, etc.,etc.

    Unfortunately,none of the MSM seem the least bit interested in anything BUT bashing Harper. The Canadian Left is becoming as insane as the American Left was with their Bush Derangement Syndrome. Most Canadians will never see the truth about CAT and the London plant,and four years from now,it will still cost the Conservatives several seats in Ontario.

    On the good news front,Toews says the Government is going to finally push the LGR Bill through next week,so Tory supporters will at long last get some satisfaction.

    Next, close the Marketing Boards and sell off the CBC,then enshrine Property Rights in law.


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  6. dmorris — I would recommend Internet users send this or Coyne’s URL to all the media outlets, including SunNews, and all their friends, particularly those who live in or near London, Ontario. It is obviously the only way we are going to get the truth out there.


  7. dmorris — I just looked and Coyne’s article is up at NN now. People must have complained. But, speaking of narrative at National Newswatch. Wow, all negative towards the Conservative Government and especially the PM. The myth of the Conservative gov’t’s economic success, by none other than Lawrence Martin? Pardon me? It’s no myth. I don’t even want to give the link so as to give Martin and the G&M traffic. Definitely a Harper Gov’t Derangement Syndrome out there!


  8. Look at the name “Lawrence Martin” and turn the page unless you want to read his rabid anti-Conservative/anti-Harper rhetoric which is far from fact and merely the opinion from his closed Liberal mindset.


  9. Sandy @ 12:59

    Thanks Sandy- You could be up next in West Lincoln. From what I can tell, your getting the big ones.
    The best advice is once up, have a baseline medical done before they’re operable, make your doctor knowledgeable about windsyndrome and give permission for medical records to be made available for litigation purposes. The biggest arguement made by the wind companies is to prove the before and after affects.


  10. People actually read NN? Wow.
    Must have high waders and no sense of smell.
    I would thank you for doing the dirty work, but NN has nothing to offer.


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