Conservatives to support NDP motion to end Aboriginal education funding?

So, now we know how this robocall issue is going to end — with a political compromise. Yes, the NDP’s Interim Leader Nycole Turmel and Pat Martin are still playing good cop, bad cop, as this column by PostMedia reporter Linda Nguyen indicates.

However, something else is going on as well. For example, check out this somewhat low-key column by Tim Harper in the Toronto Star (H/T which indicates that the Conservatives might back NDP MP Charlie Angus’ motion to end the federal Aboriginal education funding gap.

Could, in fact, that be where the rubber hits the road and the NDP backs away from Bob Rae’s near hysteria? Well, only time will tell of course, but as Nguyen writes: 

“On Friday, Rae sent a letter to House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer, asking him to allow an emergency debate on the matter when Parliament resumes Monday. But interim federal NDP leader Nycole Turmel says approval for such a debate is unlikely because it is not the responsibility of the federal government to probe these kinds of situations. Instead, she urged for a thorough investigation by the RCMP and Elections Canada.”

A thorough investigation by the RCMP and Elections Canada? Absolutely. Of course, even without the results of such an investigation, Bob Rae and his Liberals continue to allege a connection between the robocalls and the Conservative Party of Canada  — even while voters like me are willing to sign an affidavit that we too got such calls.

As I wondered at the time I received my call, why on earth would Elections Canada call an individual voter. Or, for that matter, why would any political party call someone on or just before election day. The reality is that no one can predict how a person will vote on the basis of their telephone number. For example, as I mentioned in one of my comments on my previous thread, I also got automated calls during the Ontario election campaign as well, but they were identified as coming from the provincial Liberal candidate in my riding. However, at no time did I actually say who I was planning to vote for. 

Meaning, no political party can know how a person is going to vote strictly based on their telephone number. And, for Bob Rae and the federal Liberal incumbents who lost on May 2, 2011, to suggest electoral fraud is truly magical thinking, albeit dangerous thinking given how the confidence in our government is being eroded purely out of political desperation.



(1) Here is another Toronto Star article (H/T Ontario Girl) about a private Thunder Bay call centre company supposed to get out the Conservative vote. Obviously mistakes were made, but mostly by the call centre workers. But I am also very suspicious. Why are we not hearing anything about Liberal and NDP attempts to get out their vote. They had to have made those types of calls. Whatever mistakes were made, in my opinion, it is far more shameful what the liberal media and Liberals are trying to do now — take down a duly elected government on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations. No, the call centre workers do not prove voter suppression. Rather, they prove that call centre workers themselves decided to say they were calling from Elections Canada.

(2) Here is a Globe and Mail article about Senator Mike Duffy complaining that there are also third parties who get involved in election campaigns and likely use automated calling and call centres. Makes a lot of sense.

(3) CBC reporting that Peter McKay saying robocalls an isolated incident.

11 thoughts on “Conservatives to support NDP motion to end Aboriginal education funding?

  1. Looks like a screww up by this call centre…more then one of them….

    She remembered the polling station script specifically instructed the callers to identify themselves as calling “on behalf of” the Conservative Party, “but not every call centre agent said it.”??????????????
    And why not??


  2. Rather, they prove that call centre workers themselves decided to say they were calling from Elections Canada

    Would be nice if someone in the Conservative party would quote this girl from this call centre saying ” they directed the calls as from Elections Canada themselves :…today in question period before the fire storm I’m expecting from the coalition.


  3. What will those complaining do next election when 30 ridings will be split up to allow for the new seats.
    Voters in those ridings will be moved to one of the new ridings.


  4. Mary T — I think those new ridings are what the Liberals fear the most and why they are trying to undo a valid election now. My goodness but they are desperate. If there has been wrong doing, let the authorities check into it instead of allowing Liberal MPs to be judge and jury. The last I heard people were still innocent until proven guilty in this country — although that issue with the father and the gun in Waterloo makes you wonder.


  5. This all reminds me of the child’s game where one person starts a story and the next person ads their own twist or flavour to it. What we’re seeing is a copy-cat and piling-on for attention by the opponents of Harper.

    I think you’re right about this all ending in political compromise. I also understand that the Robocoll copy in Edmonton has filed a lawsuit against the NDP – that may be tempering them also.

    PS – you replied to my email messages the other day but I could not read them as they were in software and technical fuzz so couldn’t respond to you.


  6. Catherine — So much has happened in the last few days, I have no idea what our e-mails were about. So, not to worry.

    I didn’t watch QP just now in order to keep my BP in a normal range. 😉 So, if anyone has news to report, just leave a comment here or in the previous thread.


  7. Yes, Catherine, it definitely has made my day. I just published an update to my last week’s post on Vikileaks. Like you and I suspected. All this garbage is to take away the gov’t’s accomplishments and the coming budget.

    However,that said, this was one time not ignoring it all got the turn around. It is not over yet either. I am sure the Robocall will come back to bite both the Liberals and NDP because all parties use automated services and call centres.

    But, I have to give it to Bob Rae for taking it in the chin and doing the right thing. Credit where credit is due.


  8. CBC has new comments…scrum AGAIN with Pat Martin and his nasty mouth….a bunch of liberals saying their ridings were hit and Cotler is having a press conference about his riding. Cover up material for tonights CBC The National to cover up the Vikkileak culpert Adam Carol found guilty and fired…..pushed under the bus??

    They showed a snippit of dean Del Mastro from QP saying they redirected cons. to proper polling booths but stopped there….didn’t show all of what he said. Trying to make him look guilty. Then they showed PM Harper..a small snipped when he stumbled over one word. He was great today but that clip from Julie Van Dussen was made to have the PM look bumbling. Looks like CBC has a lot of staff on this .


  9. If the call centers where part of a “conspiracy”, would they not have to have an accurate list of liberal supporters to target?
    Don’t thosae usually reside in liberal campaign offices?
    Could this be an inside job by liberals themselves?
    This theory is no less hairbrained than the one the liberals are running with right now.


  10. well if pepole don’t check there elections card that they get then thats there own dumb mistake isn’t it . saids rite on your card. where you vote . and if your not sure call the damn number on the card to get it verrified. besides if your voting for the same mp. you can vote at another polling station if you haven’t voted at your home station. not hard to do . and I’m sure the other polling station will find the rite one for you.


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