Media bias: Forum poll says ONPCs ahead, Radwanski says ill-equipped

Now we know the Toronto and national media’s game. Pick the poll results that are unfavourable to any conservative party in Canada ( federal or provincial), in this case, the Ontario PCs, and splash those results across the land. Conservatives are bad. Liberals and NDP are good.  

End of story? Not quite. Canadian conservatives are fighting back as we are witnessing in Alberta. I mean, read the latest spin that the Alberta race is allegedly tightening, from CTV. Predictable to say the least. 

Anyway, back to Ontario. With the vote on the Liberal Budget 2012 due this coming Tuesday, things are heating up. Will the Liberal government fall causing another Ontario election after only seven months? Or, will it live for another day, to continue wreching havoc on Ontario taxpayers? Well, it seems that the national media has decided that it should continue ruining Ontario.

On the one hand, you have the Hamilton Spectator reporting that the latest Forum Research Poll (H/T Jon) puts the ONPCs at 41% compared to the Liberals at 33% and the NDP at 20% — a solid 8 point lead. On the other, Adam Radwanski writes in the Globe and Mail about a Nanos poll that proves the ON PCs are ill-equipped to govern.

I mean, the Globe actually expects Ontarians to believe that 73.3% of us think Premier Dalton McGuinty is doing a good job. 

Which begs the question: Where on earth did Nanos get its sample? People living in the heart of Toronto or Ottawa?  Because the reality is, there is absolutely no way any pollster could get those results outside of the main urban centres (where there are no wind turbines). I mean, in the rural areas of Ontario, PCs dominated last October, dumping many former Liberal Cabinet Ministers. 

Why were they dumped? Primarily because of the Green Energy Act and McGuinty’s obsession with wind energy projects that are approved over the rights of property owners and those who have concerns about health (e.g., how the constant whirling noise can adversely affect children and adults with an autism spectrum disorder).    

However, the real issues here are the faulty assumptions that somehow Dalton McGuinty and his caucus are better equipped to govern than Tim Hudak and the PCs and that Hudak was wrong to say he was voting against the budget. How can the PCs vote for a budget that is guaranteed to increase the current deficit from $16 billion to $30 billion and counting by 2017? And, remember, that is not the Ontario PCs projection, that was what Don Drummond said.  

So, Forum Research says the Ontario PCs are ahead. Nanos and Radwanski ignore that poll and try to convince Ontarians that Hudak and his PCs are ill-equipped to govern. Well, they would be wrong, very wrong.

Hudak already has experience governing Ontario when he was a Parliamentary Secretary during Mike Harris’ first mandate between 1995 and 1999 and Minister of Northern Affairs and Mines and Culture, Tourism and Recreation during Ernie Eves’ term from 1999 to 2003 — during the same time period I should point out that McGuinty was the Liberal opposition leader.   

The reality is, then, that it’s all about spin and, for some unexplained reason, whether in Ontario or Alberta, and no matter how bad they govern, the consensus media prefer progressives, whether they are NDP or Liberal. And, that reality is not only sad but potentially ruinous!

2 thoughts on “Media bias: Forum poll says ONPCs ahead, Radwanski says ill-equipped

  1. There is something I would like to ask all those Ontario conservatives who don’t think PC Leader Tim Hudak and his party are conservative enough. Had John Tory been elected back in 2007, would we be in the fiscal and wind energy mess we are now?

    No, we wouldn’t. The FB funding would not have gone forward and neither would the Green Energy Act. Sure, there might be a deficit, but not as high as it is now.

    Meaning, Ontario conservatives are stuck on stupid, allowing themselves to be hoodwinked by progressive spinmeisters, who call Hudak a liberal or left leaning progressive and PCs have bought it hook, line and sinker.

    Yet, nothing could be further from the truth.

    But, as a blogger, there is little I could do about it in 2007 and five years later, little I can do about it now — that Ontario conservatives would simply sit back and allow the McGuinty Liberals to destroy the province because they don’t believe the PCs are conservative enough.

    So, how has that worked out for Ontario so far?


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