Montreal students hindered by thugs who break law with impunity

Click for Sun Media video.

What kind of society allows student law breakers — naive thugs — to take control of post-secondary schools and city streets without any consequences whatsoever?

Mexico? Syria? Somalia? No, actually, it is the City of Montreal in the Province of Quebec in Canada.

Strange, just a week ago, Matt Gurney of the National Post wrote that the Quebec government of Jean Charest had boxed the student’s into a corner. Well, who is in the corner now?

For example, check out this Sun Media link.  This morning some students, armed with a court injunction that would allow them to attend school, tried to enter Lionel-Groulx in Ste-Therese.

However, they were unable to do so because they were stopped by masked protesters. And, as readers can see in the photo above, the police just seem to be standing in front of the masked protestors doing nothing. 

So, what is going on there? Are we seeing another potential Caledonia when there is one law for most of society and one law for the thugs?

Well, in my opinion, it’s long past time for some tough love in Montreal.  Millions of students in other cities in other provinces are watching. What is the official inaction teaching them? What is ignoring injunctions teaching them? Plus, what kind of message is the inaction sending to terrorists around the word?

In other words, the Charest government has to stop the pandering and pussy footing around. Confirm the tuition fee hikes. Support the police to do their jobs.  And if protestors get hurt, or they lose their academic year, so be it. Such are the consequences of the students’ own actions!

No society, particularly a Western democracy can allow the continuous thwarting of the law.


Update: The Quebec Education Minister, Line Beauchamp, resigns. Here is a Google link to several sources that confirm that update. What difference her resignation is going to make is hard to understand given that many of the student groups want their own way — no tuition increases, if not no tuition fees period.  Like I said in this post, some tough love is needed because the Quebec students cannot get their own way given the tuition fees in rest of Canada are much higher. Plus, Quebec gets billions in equalization!

14 thoughts on “Montreal students hindered by thugs who break law with impunity

  1. As I have said before, nobody wants to bell the cat. And now the students have had another victory with the resignation of the minister.

    More distractions, more time wasted. Meanwhile my son’s semester is just about over tomorrow if nothing is done. Nobody gives a damn about the students who want to continue their students and keep their summer jobs.

    Shame on every level of government here, the college administrators, the judges who forgot to tell the police to inforce an injunction, the media who are making heroes of these thugs.

    Today the protestors outside the court where the four terrorists were to appear before a judge (postponed til next week) held up a banner saying “Police brutality; media terrorism”. George Orwell’s world with words meaning their opposite here.

    Parents are supposed to wear white squares to show they support a moratorium on these confrontations between the two groups, but oh no, the white doesn’t mean the white of surrender. You can’t make this stuff up.


  2. I have a nephew that was a part of the degree in ‘History, Sociology, Artsy…’ crowd and was completely entrenched with the mindset of these bratty, entitled kids. In fact he was/is a chronic demonstrator over absolutely anything and he hasn’t spent a dime for his education nor worked to any great degree.
    He was probably there for the first few weeks because that is how he thinks. However he has gone back to school to get a degree in Engineering and now his past idiotic mindset is showing it’s hand.
    What goes around comes around and eventually people are forced to become adults, even in Quebec and even if it takes until they are 30-> something.

    Quebec and Canada needs a wake up call and for many, perhaps this will be it. We can only hope.


  3. `What may not be realized, is that CEGEP tuition fees for Quebec students are free. If you graduate from CEGEP and don’t go on to university, your tuition for education normally will not have cost anything. I assume the students protesting do intend to attend university, but some probably do not. So there must be some of these students protesting for the thrill of it.
    What they do not ralize that free or greatly subsidized edducation has a corresponding value upon graduation. Corporations in Quebec looking to hire graduates, surely cannot be impressed with the antics of these students. It is really shameful that serious students in some of the more serious diciplines will be targeted by the same brush.


  4. What kind of society allows the government — elected thugs — to eliminate constitutional human rights without any consequences whatsoever?

    Uganda? Syria? Nazi Germany? No, actually, it is the City of Montreal in the Province of Quebec in Canada.

    Strange, just a decade or two ago, Canada was world renowned as a leader in defending human rights. Well, where is that defense now?

    For example, check out this YouTube link ( ). Earlier this month some students, decided they want to exercise their constitutional right to expression, association, and assembly by protesting legally in Montreal.

    However, they were unable to do so because they were stopped on the way by police. And, as readers can see in the description, police did not inform them if they were under arrest, and if so for what charge. They were detained, searched, and eventually released despite never being charged with a crime.

    So, what’s going on there? Are we seeing another fascist state when people can be detained and searched for no reason and with no recourse?

    Well, in my opinion, it’s long past time for some tough love in Montreal. The whole world is watching. What is the mass suspension of constitutional rights showing the world? What is the fact that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is apparently just a suggestion and not a law showing them? Plus, what kind of message is this fascist behaviour sending to the neo-Nazis and Mussolini-sympathizers around the world?

    In other words, someone has to step in and reaffirm the supremacy of the constitution over all other laws. Confirm that a law which defies the Charter is no law, and can not be enforced. Support the police to do their constitutional jobs (enforcing the true, supreme law, not one which defies it) and not being the pawns of the fascists who sit up top. And if the Premier of Quebec has to be charged with treason for violating the constitution so vehemently and thousands of police officers have to be charged with assault and other charges, so be it. Such are the consequences of their own illegal actions!

    No society, particularly a Western democracy can allow the continuous thwarting of the law.


  5. Plus Jem — My post yesterday: Marching for freedom in 1944 versus marching for free tuition in 2012. What they were fighting in 1944 was against fascism not what is going on Quebec. Could there be corruption? Possibly. But, that still doesn’t make it out to be without human rights. I have no patience for this type of hyperbole. Shameful and naive to say the least.


  6. If freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, and freedom of association are not human rights to you, and it is completely acceptable to quash them (despite being enshrined in our constitution)… then I don’t think we’ll even be able to agree to disagree.


  7. Jerm — When you stop people from making a living with daily protests and drag on a protest on until you either get your own way, or you destroy the tourism industry in Montreal, that is NOT a right enshrined in our Constitution. Oh, and when you interrupt the majority of students from attending classes, that is not a right either, nor is it lawful assembly.

    Not only protestors have rights you see.

    So, true, we definitely are not on the same page.


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