Jacob, blind & with autism, bonds with busker Tyler Gregory

What a heartwarming story!  An eight year old blind boy, who allegedly suffers from a severe autism spectrum disorder and known on the Internet only as Jacob, stopped to listen to Tyler Gregory.

Gregory, a regular busker in Lawrence, Kansas, at first doesn’t seem to notice Jacob. However, as the song goes on, Jacob starts to sway to the music, and the busker becomes aware.

Then, Jacob does the unthinkable for a child with severe autism, he moves very close to Gregory, a stranger, to experience the sound and feel the vibrations.

In fact, you can see Jacob touch Gregory’s leg as the musician taps his foot to keep time. Then, perhaps most touching of all, at the end of the video Jacob goes so far as to put his entire hand over the guitar strings — something he does a couple of times.

Fortunately, Gregory does nothing to stop Jacob’s exploration which was great. 

Which tells me that Jacob is very aware of his surroundings and his family might want to look into using music, particularly the guitar, as a means of helping him interpret and engage in his world.

My sincere thanks to the unknown person who taped this incident!

H/T reddit.com and gawker.com