Manitoba teachers’ union want to stop parents taking kids out of sex-ed

Read this National Post news item (H/T JNW). It is a concrete example of progressive neo-Marxists teachers’ union officials trying to tell parents what to think about sex education.

Social engineering wrapped up in a politically correct agenda.

For example, the Post article states: 

“Sex education in Manitoba’s public school curriculum begins in Grade 5 with an introduction to puberty, the reproductive systems, sexual intercourse and sexually transmitted diseases. There is also an exploration of how factors like family, friends, media, social trends and fashion influence sexuality and gender roles.”

The last grade I taught in elementary school, before I moved to the high school level, were Grade 5s. They are wonderful. Still keen and open to new ideas. They are only ten years old! Still innocents. Some mature earlier than others depending on when they were born. Be a January baby and you are almost eleven. It makes a huge difference at that stage.   

So, by all means, teach them parts of the anatomy but specific details about sexual intercourse, sexually transmitted diseases and gender roles? Leave that to at least Grade 8 when the children are 13 going on 14. Because, while some may be ready in Grade 5, others are not.

All are impressionable! 

But, isn’t that the entire point? 

Look, I have no issue with SSM or anything else about sexuality. But, taking away a parent’s right to how they bring up their children?

Which brings the following questions to mind:

Who gave teacher union officials the right to tell parents how they should bring up their children?  

Who elected teachers’ unions officials to the Manitoba Parliament?

Whatever happened to the parents’ and children’s right under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms — to the freedom of religion?

Would the teachers’ unions treat parents of the Muslim faith the same way they are treating the Christians parents?

And, last but not least: 

Whatever happened to childhood?

8 thoughts on “Manitoba teachers’ union want to stop parents taking kids out of sex-ed

  1. ” Still innocents.”

    I used to wonder why someone could be innocent, but not nocent. (Sortof like how you never hear about “gruntled employees”, but I digress). Quite by accident, I found that the word nocent has been used in English in the past (at least by Thomas Hobbes). It means “harmless”, or “doing no harm.” I think children can remain innocent without being ignorant.

    This reminds me of a couple of lines from Tom Stoppard’s play, Arcadia:

    Brice: As her tutor you have a duty to keep her in ignorance.
    Lady Croom: Do not dabble in paradox, Edward, it puts you in danger of fortuitous wit.


    For the record: I think taking kids out of sex ed is a mistake. But I also think it’s a mistake that parents have a right to make.


  2. Doesn’t matter what faith you are, Christian or Muslim, parents of both religions would be upset about this being taught to their children at a young age. This has the smell of some leftist thinkers, most likely NDP, who believe this should be taught to children at this age.

    There’s nothing innocent about 10yr olds these days, the other day a grade 5 student brought a air cartridge powered pistol to school and was shooting other students. Children these days have no respect for other people or their elders.


  3. Archie — I hear you but you can’t judge all Grade 5s by one or even a few. At that stage in their lives, they mature at different times. For example, some females have actually reached puberty and all that entails. Yet, usually boys at that stage are behind a year or two. Plus, there is family influence, incuding religion.

    So, let’s not judge all ten year olds by the example you gave.

    My point is that Grade 5 is still childhood and the time for kids to be kids — not worry about what their sexual preference is.

    Should they be taught the basics? Of course. I am just against a politically correct agenda.


  4. The problem now a days is most children get stuck in front of a TV or computer and see all sort of things. They don’t need sex education to learn about the birds and the bees. Sandy your behind the times, children are growing up faster and a lot of your immigrant children had too. It’s not just one or two incidents, its ever growing and with the gangs recruiting these children it’s getting to be a problem. Grade 5 is still too early to teach sex education to these kids, but the problem is do they learn it at school or learn it from TV, internet or the gangs. The question is how would you rather have your kids learn about the birds and the bees.


  5. Archie — I have no objection to kids learning about the birds and the bees. Plus, I’m not really very far behind the times because I still work with kids and their parents. As well, its not that long ago since I was supervising “student teachers” — where I observed from the back of classrooms and went over the curriculum being taught. Also did research on elementary school students on a regular basis.

    But, I get your point about the Internet.

    No, maybe I didn’t make myself clear. I’m only against teaching ten year olds about sexually transmitted disease, how to have intercourse and not get pregnant and all the politically correct info regarding lesbian, gay, transgender choices. At ten they have enough to just try to navigate this new world, let alone if they will want a sex change in the near future.


  6. ” They don’t need sex education to learn about the birds and the bees. ”

    I think they do. Yes, there is far too much information out there that they are exposed to, but that’s the very reason why sex ed at that age is called for. It’s important that they get accurate information. Some of the things people (adults) believe about sex are just plain wrong. And that sort of ignorance can be dangerous (e.g., it can lead to the spread of STDs, unwanted pregnancies, etc).

    Of course, the content of sex ed is something that matters, and as such will be something that people disagree over. What to teach, when to teach it, etc. I think when they should be taught something should depend on when (generally speaking) they are getting (bad) information about the topic outside of school.


  7. I just want to make it clear we are not talking about where babies come from and how they get planted. Parents should respond to questions on that topic as soon as they are asked. We are talking about politically correct information about why and how to have a sex change — long before that kind of topic should be discussed. Let them have a few years as they are first.

    I am been ridiculed by one of my regulars who just won’t go away even though I no longer approve his comments. He feels like a lot of conservatives, I am simply old fashioned. Well, then, so be it.

    And, that folks is what I dislike about progressives, even though I have been a progressive conservative most of my adult life. Far too many have an inability to respect another person’s opinions. They scream for tolerance on anything they believe. Yet, they can’t be tolerant themselves on what others believe. Just bully and make fun of them.

    Doug, just take your arrogance and no-it-all attitude and just go away.


  8. Sandy things have changed, a lot of these kids fend for themselves or the parent place them in front of a TV or computer and leave them there and they never learn any social skills. They never learn how to interact with other people. A big problem in the schools these days is a majority of ESL students have no respect or any social skills what so ever. In most cases they never left their problems were they came from. They’re still fighting the same war, but here in Canada.


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