Latest allegation against Sentor Mike Duffy absolutely stunning!

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Courtesy Microsoft Clip Art

Whether he wants to or not, Senator Mike Duffy is likely going to go down in the history of the Canadian Senate as the guy who broke the camels back. I mean, who in their right mind could defend reforming the Red Chamber now? It needs to be abolished!

Pigs at the trough, if not all of them, most of them, regardless of their political affiliation or which prime minister appointed them.

In reality, it is our Governor General who appoints Senators, on the advice of the Prime Minister. However, the prime minister is not their boss! In fact, according to this Wikipedia description, Senators are above MPs in the House of Commons in order of precedence — which is actually a scary thought given they are not elected.

Anyway, I have no intention of making excuses for Senator Mike Duffy if the latest allegations against him turn out to be all true or even only partially true.

So, what is the latest RCMP allegation?

According to this Globe and Mail piece, the allegation against Duffy is that he paid a “consultant” approximately $64,000 out of his Senate budget over a four-year period of time for speech writing and web development services — services that the alleged consultant is saying he only did in part for income he is denying having received.

Anyway, who or what to believe. “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. (Link)”

But, make no mistake about it, if this allegation is found to be true, Duffy is going to be spending a considerable amount of time in jail. And, frankly, if the allegations are true, he will deserve to be there.

Why do I say that? Because what is good for the goose (Liberals) is good for the gander (Conservatives).

Take a look at what happened to ex-Liberal Senator Raymond Lavigne and why it happened:

“[Judge Robert] Smith found [Raymond] Lavigne guilty of defrauding the federal government of $10,120.50 related to false and inflated mileage claims for car trips between Ottawa and Montreal. In some cases, reimbursement claims were made when his assistant drove his own car and Lavigne wasn’t a passenger.

Now, look at what happened recently when Lavigne tried to get early parole. Not only was that denied but his behaviour was referred to by the Parole Board as criminal.

Let me repeat. Lavigne is serving six months in jail and six months on probation for misusing a little over $10,000! Wrong, yes, but pretty small change when compared to what we are hearing out of Ottawa and all the huge Senate expense repayments.

Entitlement gone amuck!


Updates Wednesday, October 9th:

(1) It occurred to me that some readers might think I am criticizing Prime Minister Harper and his Conservative caucus in this post. I am not. See my latest post.

(2)  What has also occurred to me is that the consultant in question could simply have been on retainer. $64,000 over four years would work out to about $16,000 a year which is average for a contract for that kind of status — be available if I need you kind of thing. In fact, I have had those kinds of contracts. Usually, however, I do plenty of work but being on retainer is not unusual, particularly for lawyers, for IT professionals and/or communications consultants. Was that the case? Only time will tell but having someone on retainer would not represent illegal activity.


10 thoughts on “Latest allegation against Sentor Mike Duffy absolutely stunning!

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  2. The latest allegations create even more distance between Duffy and the PMO,
    clearly Senators act on their own.
    If the Senate can’t be reformed, abolish it.


  3. Wilson, what I found interesting in the CBC Andrew Thompson link. There was not one mention of Mr. Chretien. Nor should there have been. But, the CBC sure are trying to link Mr. Harper to everything.


  4. Yet, Trudeau said that he plans to keep the status quo in senate so why is the media so hype out of their minds in insults towards the CPC when their lover boy plans to keep it as is.

    The only reason I come up with is that, -Anything closely remotely conservative whether those at the senate or for that matter the CPC in the HOC , are NOT WARRANTED in any of those positions.


  5. CBC sure are trying to link Mr. Harper to everything.
    ….everything of wrongs since the dawn of man.

    CBC are muzzled to tell the truth about the liberals whereas you have the freedom to voice your opinion.
    Like Glenn Beck keeps saying – you dont have to believe what he says , do your own research.
    That is exactly we are doing -research.


  6. Jen — Michael is correct to bring up Nigel Wright. Without his involvement, it is not a Conservative Government issue. So, they will keep trying to make his giving a gift a big deal. Did the PM know before hand and when did the PM know? It’s the only thing the media have. I hope Wright gets released from the investigation soon so that this fake connection to the PMO is removed.

    So, Wright wanted the media attention gone. So what? That is not criminal activity.


  7. Maybe journalists, who are of questionable moral character and intelligence, on a good day, are not the best candidates for senators.


  8. Well Stan, I don’t think we should pick on journalists. We could say the same re most professions. Even some doctors, dentists, chiropractors or pastors are of questionable character. Then, of course, there are used car salesmen. Oh, and let’s not forget lawyers. I’m joking of course. My apologies to everyone! 😉


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