Hudak Townhall in NOTL proves PCs have a plan for prosperity!

Town hall in NOTL

Niagara-on-the-Lake Community Centre

Last night Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak held a townhall meeting in the Niagara-on-the-Lake Community Centre with local PC candidate (and former two-time MPP) Bart Maves.

This riding is formally called Niagara Falls and includes not only the City of Niagara Falls but the geographic area from Niagara-on-the-Lake straight through to Fort Erie.

Traditionally a bellwether riding, how it goes, the province usually goes. Federally, for example, it is held by Conservative MP Rob Nicholson, who is also the Minister of National Defence.

And, with local Liberal MPP Kim Craitor, a well liked man, regardless of his party affiliation, retiring not long ago, it means that come what may, there will be a by-election here very soon.

Hopefully, Maves can be re-elected because Niagara needs help. As Hudak reminded us last night, fully 40% of the local manufacturing sector has left the area over the past decade leaving thousands unemployed regionally to add to the more than one million unemployed provincially.

Doubt the problem in Niagara had anything to do with Liberal policies? Well, checkout the Town of Fort Erie. It has suffered needlessly under the Liberals.

So what exactly would the Hudak-led PCs do to stop the bleeding and return Ontario (and Niagara) to prosperity?

Well, for one thing, they would put a plan in motion to balance its books, reduce taxes so Ontarians had more money to spend, and create an investment climate that is business friendly.

As I mentioned above regarding how Fort Erie has suffered under the Liberals, here is an open letter from PC Leader Hudak to Premier Wynn about what should be done for the provincial horse racing sector — proving beyond any shadow of a doubt, an Ontario PC government would not only be about cuts, it would be about RESTORING prosperity.

The PCs would also reform the education system to make sure student excellence is rewarded and that the funding formula is fair to rural communities that are located far from their urban school boards.

The reality is the Province of Ontario is experiencing a reduction of some 250,000 fewer children, yet education costs under the Liberals have gone up $8 billion dollars from a decade ago. That kind of increase simply doesn’t make economic sense and, in the long run, is unsustainable.

In the final analysis, the crux of the matter is that Ontarians need to get ready to get rid of the spend thrift, promise-breaking provincial Liberals by replacing them with the responsible and pragmatic Hudak-led PCs.


Update 5pm November 14th, 2013: I just heard that Heinz is going to shut down soon in Leamington putting up to 800 people out of work. Energy costs? Corporate taxes? Red Tape? What did the Liberal Government do that would cause this to happen? This company has been in that community for over a hundred years. Just think of the domino affect on the tomato farmers, the pickers, the farm equipment and seed suppliers and many other secondary industries! My thoughts go out to all those adversely affected.

9 thoughts on “Hudak Townhall in NOTL proves PCs have a plan for prosperity!

  1. Maybe the last manufacturing/processor left in Ont can turn off the lights as they leave. This is just very bad news for the community.
    These are the kinds of reliable jobs the Liberal government should be supporting and trying to attract. Instead they are doing everything to drive such positions away. These types of jobs are not fashionable with the McGuinty/Wynne set, yet they do help support families in a region with few alternatives.


  2. A change of government in Ontario is sorely needed.
    Hudak is our only current option. I do have worries. After repeated requests, I have been totally unable to get a definitive answer to where he and the PC’s stand on Agenda 21. If Hudak supports this one world government socialist plan, he’s no better than any other leftist. If he opposes Agenda 21, why not just say so?


  3. Mark — I cannot imagine Hudak and the PCs supporting anything the UN was supporting. I would imagine he doesn’t say so because it would bring up topics you may want to talk about but not the party. He wants to concentrate on the PC jobs plan message because that is where it is at for more Ontarians. Like the 800 who are losing their jobs at Heinz in Leamington.

    I don’t say that to be sarcastic. I was a communications strategist for the Tories in the late 90s. They focus on “their” message, not denying what they don’t believe in. That would be a complete waste of time. And, given the Liberal debacle we have in Ontario with the Green Energy Act and the FIT program, even mentioning the term sustainable development would cause people to roll their eyes.

    If you want to know what the PCs believe, check out their website and all eleven white papers. There are thousands of pages that will tell you they are middle of the road pragmatists that on fiscal matters lean a bit to the right, but definitely not far right as some liberals like to portray them.


  4. Mark –One more link. Here is a Google page using the name Maurice Strong and Agenda 21. That is all anyone needs to know what Agenda 21 is about. The very idea that you are holding the PCs to account on the basis of their answering your question about Agenda 21 is unbelievable.

    In the final analysis, Agenda 21 is about income redistribution, socialism at its core. Agenda 21 is also anti-human, anti-development and anti-progress, disguised as some kind of compassionate undertaking to save the planet. That was in 1992. So, the whole issue is now likely connected to AGW and no politician in his or her right mind would delve into that right now — unless, of course, they are Elizabeth May of the Green Party.


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  6. I think Hudak’s biggest mistake last time around is he didn’t define himself so the unions and those who wanted to keep him out of power defined him and they defined him how they wanted the public to see him not who he is. The unfortunate thing is people don’t pay attention outside of elections so it will really be when the writ is dropped the Hudak will have to make the case why he is the best choice. That’s when the poll numbers have the potential to move. Certainly he is doing all the right things and I really hope he does win although I suspect it will probably only be a minority government nonetheless that might not be a bad thing as much like with Harper this would allow him to show he is not the scary dangerous person coalition for the working families make him out to be and with the Liberals after losing likely going through a leadership change that would at least give him a year to turn things in the right direction.

    I would argue though to hold off on tax cuts until the budget is balanced, but make it a promise to do once balanced and also don’t advocate slash and burn government, advocate government should focus on its core areas like health care and education and get out of other areas it doesn’t handle well instead of doing many things poorly, do a few things well. And contrary to what many on the left say, Mike Harris in his Common Sense Revolution actually said the same thing. Health care and education under Harris were not cut, rather federal transfer payments were cut thus hurting health care, while the unions rather than working with the government did everything to destroy them on education. Off course Harris did make many mistakes and should have may be better appreciated what he was up against and better explained how he was not a slash and burn libertarian as his opponents made him out to be but one who simply wanted to make government operate more efficiently.


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