Conservative Party of Canada responds to email with platitudinous twaddle?

Dismissive and platitudinous twaddle describes exactly the response I received yesterday from the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) regarding a personal email I wrote to them on December 9th, 2013. I was very pleased at the time that the party had released the ten Harper Government’s accomplishments on the party’s tenth anniversary. But, of course, I wondered why they didn’t have other longer accomplishment lists.

Here is what I wrote:

I wanted to thank you for the 10 accomplishments published today but wonder why you don’t have a list that is longer. I made such a list, between 2006 and 2011, that was used by thousands of people during the 2008 and 2011 elections. That should be your job. Get the message out there, please. You are welcome to use my list. I stopped in 2011 but plan to start again now with the WheatBoard changes and the EU trade deal.

Notice I included a link to the “Accomplishments List” I have on this blog’s header bar and told the party that it was free to use it. I had also included my full name, municipal address and postal code and phone number. So, you would think that whoever was assigned to read and respond to the CPC’s email would reflect what I wrote in their reply.

Yet, here is the response I received last night:

Dear Mrs. Crux,
Thank you for taking the time to contact the Conservative Party of Canada and for sharing your kind words of support with us; we truly appreciate your input as a concerned Canadian. Please be assured that your comments have been noted. Once again, thank you for taking the time to write and for your continued support.

Yours truly, Jesse
Fundraising & Membership Services Department
Sections des Activités de Financement et des Services aux Membres
Conservative Party of Canada
Parti conservateur du Canada
Tel/Tél. 1-866-808-8407
Fax/Télec. 613-755-2001

Which makes me wonder:

  1. Does anyone at the CPC actually read the email?
  2. Why did it take ten days to answer an email that was current?
  3. When they finally did reply, why is the reply from what is, essentially, an anonymous writer?
  4. When “Jesse” did respond, why did he or she use what is essentially a dismissive form letter?
  5. Lastly, if the staff or volunteers at the CPC cannot take the time to respond to what is actually written in an email from a known supporter, how do they respond to Canadians who have concerns or complaints?

Needless to say I am annoyed and disappointed. In a political climate that is currently so partisan, form letter responses from the CPC that reflect platitudinous twaddle just don’t cut it!

23 thoughts on “Conservative Party of Canada responds to email with platitudinous twaddle?

  1. I totally agree with you and find it disturbing that whoever is responsible for responding to e-mail and letters showed such immaturity and lack of judgement. This does not help the CPC.


  2. Sandy: I suspect like in the US those of us who are true Conservatives are not welcome with this bunch. I have felt for a while now that the leadership of the Conservative party is trying to actually be a form of Liberal lite. For some reason no one in the party is standing up for and defending true Conservative values and beliefs, I fear that unless we get some strong people who will defend and articulate our values we will be more like the mess that is in the Us today..Steve O


  3. I agree Alain, that the response was immature.

    I am not sure though, Steve O., if I would be as specific as you are that it was because I was this or that kind of conservative. The interesting thing is I am usually accused of being a CINO. In this case, however, I just think the party needs to have someone answer email who has a clue. I spend years keeping the Harper Accomplishment up to date and this “Jesse” doesn’t even mention what I wrote about. The reality is that the CPC party does not do enough between elections, other than the odd ad. That all they could come up with was ten accomplishments in ten years is an absolute disgrace!!!

    Coincidence — I just got an automatic email from John Walsh, the President of CPC, looking for a donation. I unsubscribed!


  4. Sandy, how right you are about the CPC not doing enough between elections when it comes to communicating to the public about what they have done, what they are doing and what they plan to do and to explain the reason each time. This allows the opposition, which includes all parties on the Left (Liberals, NDP, Greens etc.) to put the Conservatives on the defensive rather than the opposite taking place.

    I also get regular requests for donations via e-mail and snail mail, but I refuse to donate unless they get their act together. Once I even replied explaining why I could not bring myself to donate, and no one bothered to reply one way or the other. That suggested to me that no one even bothered to reach what I had written. By the way my correspondence was civil and polite and not some unhinged rant.


  5. Sandy, I volunteer for Cathy McCleod and will bring this to her attention in early January.

    I agree this should never have been responded to with a form letter. Merry Christmas and will send you an update on my antics soon. Cheers. SOR


  6. Thanks SOR. That is very thoughtful of you. I imagine an awful lot of people get form letters and it might explain the declining numbers. Mind you, since there is no alternative, I will still vote for the CPC in 2015. But, continue to use this blog to support them? Time will tell.


  7. Welcome to the “brush-off club. Misery loves company. I frequently E-mail my CPC MP, whom I know on a personal basis, and the Minister relevant to the issue at hand. For the first two years, my queries were answered promptly and professionally , and a couple of times my MP even phoned me, but now I get the “thank you for your input” brushoff, same as you just did.

    I believe Ottawashing has set in,and they’ve grown “comfortable” in their position.

    The Senate scandals have angered and disappointed CPC supporters to an extent the Party seems unaware of, to their peril in 2015. I intend to tell my MP, next time I have coffee with him, not to take it for granted they have the same support they enjoyed in 2011,and I hope he listens.


  8. Hi Sandy,
    Sorry to hear your very important blog contributions about the Harper Government accomplishments from 2006-2011 were not acknowledged by the Conservative Fundraising and Membership group. They reached right across Canada! Let’s hope your email was actually directed to a person who has a clue.
    I can’t tell you how important your list of accomplishments was to our campaign team in the last election. I am in the Esquimalt/Juan De Fuca riding near Victoria, B.C. and we reprinted your information and had it available at every fair, fundraiser, and in our campaign office. It inspired our team and informed them as well.
    I hope that you don’t give up on this great idea because of a few nitwits in the Federal Party–I will donate to our local riding (which gets 100%) rather than the Federal Party (they give local ridings only 10% of your donation) precisely because of the disconnect loyal supporters are feeling.
    Having met Stephen Harper on a number of occasions, let me tell you he DOES genuinely appreciate grass-root supporters! Let’s hope his CPC organizers figure it out as well.


  9. It’s late in the “Season”, perhaps the Big People have gone home and left the “elves” in charge.
    Whatever, I’m willing to give them a break from donations until they get back to business and start to get smart about communications, IMO they’ve failed badly in that department.
    If they want donations they need to show us more than platitudes and clap trap. Form letters are an insult.


  10. Merry Christmas Sandy,

    I noticed a telephone number at the bottom of their form response.Have you phoned that number? And if not do you want a few of us to start the phones ringing..I am getting a little P (put in your own word) off that the party itself does not blow it,s own horn more than it does.I know the MSM won,t print good news about them,but I am sure that PM Harper and the Conservatives could buy air time nationwide (forget CTV & CBC) ,perhaps 15 minutes a week to educate Canadians on the economy and accomplishments and perhaps a few snippets from question circus in the house ( to show Canadians what the opposition is really like). *Then people could never say we didn,t know that.Just a thought.


  11. Liz this comment should be returned on every letter they send asking for donations.I myself get about 3 or 4 a week.They are sending us letters as if we didn,t know what was going on.What in hell are they using the money on.Useless ads that the press all call attack ads.Which in turn make the CPC look bad.Only way to go is directly to the Candian people via TV.As the Prime Minister, Harper should have some sway getting time on publicly owned CBC to address the public since the MSM make up scandals and will not report any good news.


  12. Of course, we are all complaining about the Conservative “Party” here — not the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). They are quite separate yet both have severe “communications” deficits. The PMO cannot blow its own horn in quite the same way as the party can because, once elected, represents all Canadians, no matter how they voted. However, the party can brag and while it has some details on its website doesn’t do enough IMO and their ridiculous email response to me shows it.

    Like some of you have said here, they are taking us for granted. Just the thought of the NDP or Liberals is enough to keep us as supporters but that could change for a lot of the undecided who voted CPC in 2011.

    I saw this happen to the Mike Harris Gov’t’s Premier’s Office and the ONPC Party as well. In the first mandate (1995 to 1999), when I worked for one of his MPPs, communications from the party to members and staff were excellent, as were communications between the Premier’s office and MPPs and their staff. They were out in front of issues every single day as was Harris himself. Communications 101 — get out immediately and take the hit and hit back. Sometimes issues were very hot — like the tuna fish matter and the hoola hoop — but didn’t last long. If you were 20 or older in 1995, you will know what I am talking about. LOL

    However, around the time Harris resigned and Ernie Eves took over, things were very bad. What happened was the original staffers had moved on, burnt out as it were, and the newbies didn’t have the institutional memory. I’m being kind when I say that because, while I no longer worked for the political branch, as a member of the public I could see that communications during the SARS crisis, were nearly non existent. Essentially, they were so passive, they let the McGuinty Liberals win in 2003!

    The federal Tories have to get after the CPC now. They have enough money to pay for more communications staff, people who can research and be proactive. Plus, people who pay attention to Twitter and the Blogosphere.


  13. JMW — Thanks for that feedback. Prior to the spring 2011 election campaign, I knew the list was being used widely because the opposition hammered me about the list. In fact, I took a lot of ad hominem attacks but it was worth it.

    So, I want to be clear, when I sent this email I wasn’t looking for personal feedback per se, what I wanted was the CPC to take over the list for me. I am just a volunteer.

    The CPC needs to take responsibility to get the message out between elections, since the PMO cannot do it in quite the same way. Instead of attack ads right now, two years away from an election, what is needed are some “reminder” ads reflecting the gov’ts important accomplishments. Like they did with the ten on the CPC’s 10th birthday. But, by now, there are well over 100. Bragging about 10 accomplishments in nearly 8 years is not enough!


  14. Hi Sandy, and a Merry Christmas to you! I can relate exactly to what you are saying, as I myself have received those sort of “cold and automated” replies in response to certain concerns or helpful advice I have offered in the past. I endeavour to “soldier on” in spite of it, since I realize our “brand” is still by far the best; but it’s true it can be a downer and can be a cause a sense of “disunity” when they don’t seem to care and come across in a passionate fashion only to solicit financial support. I guess it’s a reality that ALL political parties have this in common, but sometimes I think we give better than we get. They should show a better Christmas spirit too… A bit off-topic here, but I wanted to make sure you saw a nice little article by a friend of mine’s niece’s husband, Les MacPherson, lead writer for the Saskatoon Starphoenix for the past 20 years or so. He paints a very vivid picture of PM Harper’s chances in the next federal election, and I sure enjoy the way he tells it… >>


  15. Merry Christmas to you Tripper and all my readers. Tomorrow my extended family celebrates Christmas, so I will be away from the computer. Then it will be busy for a few days. However, I will try to approve comments as often as I can.


  16. Hi Sandy we all ALL appreciate your hard work.
    I think that PM Harper’s Conservatives want to illuminate the 10 big accomplishments. They expect the rest of us to illuminate all ALL that they have done and I personally used your list in the last two elections and won great battles with your list and hope you will find the time to continue your hard work.
    we must not fall for the Maggot Media as they try at every turn to bring forth their back pocket scandals.


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