Grant LaFleche wrong to say Hudak selling pixie dust with jobs plan

Well, well, well. Put out a positive plan to create jobs in Ontario and mainstream media journalists like Grant LaFleche put it down by calling it pixie dust and magical thinking. Talk about cynicism and pessimism!  What are the Ontario PCs supposed to do, just roll over and let the NDP and Liberal naysayers continue to ruin Ontario?

Well, thankfully, Tim Hudak responded to LaFleche almost immediately. I think the key point in Hudak’s rebuttal is the following:

“As an economist, former minister in three different economic portfolios and now the Ontario Progressive Conservative leader, I know the only way for the economy to produce more jobs with better take-home pay is for the government to create the right environment for job creation. That’s why I put forward fresh ideas in my Million Jobs Act. This legislation focuses on the fundamentals of lower taxes and less debt, freer trade and more skilled workers, fewer regulations and affordable energy prices. It is grounded in facts and the confidence that with a long-term plan, we can put Ontario on the right track.”

I hadn’t read LaFleche’s article when I wrote my post yesterday, using the Stats Can numbers to prove that creating a million jobs over 8 years COULD be done because the Harris era PCs had done just that between 1995 and 2003. And, remember, the Harris PCs came to power at the end of a severe recession. So, I was surprised to read LaFleche’s sarcastic comment:

“Hudak claims about a million Ontarians are unemployed. (Stats Can reports the figure to be just south of 600,000. A huge number, but significantly less than what Hudak claims, using what amounts to voodoo math.) And he claims he can create just as many jobs. I don’t have a degree in mathology per se, but even I can subtract a million from a million. Hudak is essentially claiming he can wipe out unemployment in Ontario if we would only elect him. Twice.

Just how stupid do we look, Tim?”

Look, no one can guarantee one million jobs. But, even if only 100,000 were created over a term, is that a bad thing? I mean, we are hemorrhaging jobs now. Is a million jobs act and plan such an impossibility? Pixie dust? Magical thinking? I mean, ask the person who is currently unemployed and I am sure they will tell you that trying to put government policies into place that would create the conditions for new full-time jobs is certainly not a stupid plan.

So, what is the alternative? As Mike Moffat (an economist at the University of Western Ontario) wrote about the Kathleen Wynn job plan, not a single job would be created under the Liberals and the NDP (other than more unaffordable union public sector government jobs).

The crux of the matter is that, apart from LaFleche’s naysaying and put down, I would vote for a political leader and party that actually has a jobs plan and in Ontario’s case, its Tim Hudak and his PCs.


24 thoughts on “Grant LaFleche wrong to say Hudak selling pixie dust with jobs plan

  1. Heck! Sandy Wynn has a plan too.
    Ontario will build 9,000 more wynn-mills, don’t forget the solar panels.
    Mr Hudak deserves a chance IMO.
    Ontario also deserves a chance to actually elect it’s Government of choice.
    Right now all they have is a coalition of progressive tax and spend delusional enviromentalists.
    They deserve better.


  2. Hi Bubba. I have received a tweet from Standard reporter Grant LaFleche. I hope to be able to publish it as an update or as an entirely new post. We shall see when I read what he has to say. I just found his rant (and he is entitled to his opinion of course) really negative. As a taxpayer, I want some hope for tomorrow.

    You’re correct of course. Lot’s of wind turbines whether the municipality wants them or not. Wainfleet is a Niagara community that should get noisy during the NF by-election.


  3. I look forward to a reply from Mr LaFleche.
    Is it not possible thay the 400,00,000 “missing” unemployed, have either moved, Fort Mac is hiring.
    Given up, or run out of benefits.
    The status quo is unsustainable IMO.
    A job is the best way to lift up people and transform Ontario back to have status.


  4. Great post Sandy I look forward to your reply to Grant’s reply when (if) it comes
    I appreciate all your hard work now everyone get out to help elect Tim Hudak’s PC party
    the Ontario election is long overdue
    we need everyone to keep talking to as many Ontarians as possible
    my trick is to speak a bit loudly to my spouse about the Liberal mess at the coffee shop Tim’s of course
    soon we are bombarded with question’s good discussions ensue with complete strangers


  5. fh — Will do re LaFleche. We sure do need to talk to as many people as possible. I’m noticing something very strange though. Even people I know are conservative are hesitant to talk politics in public. I think it the fault of the media.


  6. Here is something I ran across Sandy at CTV Re Youth Unemploymen in Ontario.
    The numbers are downright depressing.
    Mr Hudak has a plan to change that, the only plan the Liberals have is to keep their own jobs, by any and all means.
    Perhaps Mr LeFlech can quit throwing negative comments and fartcatching for the unelected Wynn and explain these numbers.
    Mr Hudak has a plan Ms Wynn has flim flam JMO


  7. Ontario’s population will increase by more than 1 million people over 8 years, which puts the basis for LeFreche’s editorial in a pile of dust.

    As well, LaFreche cites Statscan as saying there are 600,000 unemployed in Ontario. Maybe he should also cite how Statscans gets that number and how the actual number is actually about double.

    Here is an excellent article on it:


  8. The fact that the name “LaFlèche” means “an aggressive offensive” fencing technique, or a “lofty spire” atop a prestigious edifice, gives us some symbolic congruity for the illegitimacy of his baseless and sarcastic criticism of Tim Hukak’s job creation proposal. Is it not good for an Ontario premier-in-waiting to have zee plan?? We have seen enough of the failed ventures and broken promises of the current administration, the McGuinty-conceived and Wynn-propagated toxic menu of recurring disasters. It is time for responsible representation and an atmosphere of positive change, in an environment where decent employment opportunities and a flourishing economy will benefit all of Ontario. Bubba’s right. Hudak does deserve a chance, and no more Wynn-mills.


  9. Good Morning Sandy; I have indeed signed up for 24/7.
    Perhaps someone was listening when you suggested the PMO should be getting the good news out.
    The squawking we are hearing is the MM circling the bowl, they have been irrevelant for quite a while, endless opinion and tourque on the news.
    People are noticing and have tuned them out.
    the bubble they and the pollsters live in has shown just how out of touch they are over the last 3 elections.
    Who could forget P. Mandsbridge and his “day XX of the Spence hunger strike”.
    CBC is all over the old Niel Not-Young rant also.
    They hate Conservatives more than they love their Canada. JMO


  10. Bubba and Tripper — I really do think you are both right. Whether it is legitimate criticism or anti-conservative slanted news, people are fed up. We are also fed up with the constant put downs on all things positive or good in Canada, including our PM. Of course, they cover Trudeau in a positive light.

    The reality is that they think our criticism is simply partisan paranoia. But, that is simply not. True, we mustn’t forget there are lots of excellent journalists and academics out there who, like Moffat, Blizzard and Lilley, as well as many others, are politically incorrect, balanced and fair, but there are more who are not.

    Hearing Rex Murphy, for example, on a video from Calgary last week at an oil company’s 20th anniversary event (held at the end of November 2013), was a highlight for both my husband and me for sure. He spoke of how important the oil sands are for the economic health of individuals, families and the country.

    Then, Hudak comes out this past week with an honest to goodness job creation plan, a very proactive piece of proposed legislation, and writers like LaFleche and Regg Cohn at the Star, tear it and him to shreds. Truly, they don’t seem to realize that: (1) Ontarians want hope to be prosperous again, and (2) Ontarians are tired of Liberal corruption being ignored?


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  12. Grant LaFleche gives his rebuttal to all of us who complained that he was being unfair. The link is here and immediately above at 7:22pm.

    Frankly, I am not sure it is a rebuttal at all. My analysis was hardly emotional as he suggests since I used the Stats Can numbers. As well, LaFleche simply didn’t get my point that 100,000 jobs is better than what the Liberals are doing now with losing an equal number of jobs.

    What LaFleche needs to write about at some point is the economic issues in relation to government policy. Political parties do make a difference in terms of fiscal and labour policies — the core of how private sector jobs are created. If the Liberals have a plan, it hasn’t worked too well, has it. If the NDP have a plan, I have yet to hear it, other than saving public sector union jobs — which is fine but it doesn’t offer employment to the unemployed.

    But, hey, credit where credit is due. LaFleche has, at the very least, opened up a debate. And, he has responded to my critique fairly and with respect to me as a blogger, which is a lot more than most professional journalists.

    I get his point though about labelling him communist or right wing or whatever depending on the position he takes. It happens to me as well because I am not a radical partisan. As a result, commenters have been known to call me a CINO — conservative in name only.

    Anyway, thanks Grant, for at least responding. Oh, and by the way, I don’t know if you’re mentioning that my post was articulate was patronizing or a compliment but I’ll take it as the latter. As a former teacher and teacher-educator, my writing had better be articulate. 😉


  13. It was simple, Sandy. You were trying to construct and he was trying to destruct. A fundamental difference, reflecting each one’s attitude, sentiment, and level of optimism. I guess you have to respect as a journalist where Mr. LaFleche is coming from, but we certainly won’t be waving his banner or a white flag either. I’d rather move forward with an improved strategy for Ontario, which I feel Mr. Hudak has, disregarding the timing and dramatics of his “actiony” claims.


  14. Interesting fh because I just got a Tweet saying I did my analysis, not based on the numbers, but on my heart. Huh?


  15. I’m just saying I wish if someone has a line to Mr.Hudak then I’d suggest he doesn’t leave himself open as much to this stuff. If he says this province has the potential to do much better ( gives a rah rah about our wealth of resources and hard working folk ) on jobs and then says we won’t allow our business hydro rates to exceed those in Michigan or Ohio, etc. and If that means that we freeze public servants salaries above 75K indefinitely I will sign off on that. Who is going to fight that? The public service already figure that will happen. So does the press. It will continue to rally the Conservative voters and anybody else who agrees with the idea. I’m not sure this all matters much. But Tory blew it with his universal education funding. Why take these chances?


  16. Sorry Bill K. I couldn’t disagree more. John Tory has no political sense, that’s true, but he would never have put FB funding into place. It was only a platform.

    No, those who blew it were Tories who didn’t vote in 2003, 2007 and 2011. Thank about it. Had Eves won in 2003 or Tory won in 2007, FB funding would never have happened and neither would the Green Energy Act and everything that resulted from that fiasco. We have only ourselves to blame. We let the Liberals win three times and, as such, we let the Liberals nearly destroy our once prosperous province.

    I just hope the same phenomenon doesn’t happen again because some PCs don’t like Hudak.



  17. He is right…you do put emotion into it. I have to say you could allow a little. I don’t know if Mr.Tory would have implemented universal funding. He made the mistake bringing it up at all. I don’t think you just lose your vote because your not warm and fuzzy. So if we both want Mr.Hudak to take over the province I’d like there not to be any bumps that could stop that. That is why I would have preferred he didn’t go for the 1M jobs announcement. Did you get a chance to hear him today on that business program I mentioned?


  18. Bill K –I was busy with family today and didn’t listen to any business programs. Re the emotion. I am a retired researcher. I used the numbers. The defence of my argument might have had emotion. People who know me say I am too analytical about everything. So, I find this whole argument funny.


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