Remembering Jim Flaherty’s humanity…

As Prime Minister Stephen Harper said in the above video, our condolences and heartfelt prayers go out to Jim Flaherty’s wife, Christine Elliott, and their three boys.

one of the men who played on the legislative hockey team with him. As a result, I spoke with Flaherty on several times.

What was amazing was that from the time of my first introduction, Flaherty always called me by name. That was his magic and his humanity and no doubt why, today, so many immediately feel his loss.

Jim Flaherty cared about people.

What a giant of a man!

5 thoughts on “Remembering Jim Flaherty’s humanity…

  1. Jim Flaherty will be missed He was a true statesman
    He was voted number one and deserved that honour
    I pray for him and know he was welcomed into heaven after his years of hard work devoted to all Canadians I pray for his family
    that they find the strength to get through this tremendous loss


  2. I’m having a tough time with the unfairness of it all. And how many times have we seen it before?
    Works his tail off, does great and selfless things, finally retires to have some time to himself…and gone.
    Makes one question a lot of things and beliefs.


  3. RIP Jim. I was watching the various news channels last night and the degree of hypocrisy I witnessed almost made me gag. while I did not always agree with every action he took I think his primary interest was in doing what was best for the country.


  4. As someone who lives in a border riding with Jim, all I can see since the news is the amount of respect and love we have for this guy. RIP Jim you are and always will be the man!!


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