Judith Miller on left-leaning media as liberal propaganda machines

Judith Miller 1030Western democracy is at risk because mainstream journalism has become nothing more than a propaganda machine for all things progressive and liberal. And, it has happened so slowly that those in their 20’s and 30’s today don’t even realize the extent they are being brainwashed.

They are being brainwashed into thinking that everything progressive-liberal is correct and everything conservative is wrong. End of story. Well, it should not be the end of the story because true democracy requires debate and discussion.

The good news is that some current mainstream journalists are attempting to wake us up regarding this one-sided philosophical reality. One of them is former New York Times writer and Pulitzer Prize winner, Judith Miller.

Like Margaret Wente in Canada, progressives who disagree with what she has written, look for ways to vilify her.  Regarding Wente, for example, check out Terence Corcoran’s column about the latest pile-on (H/T NewsWatchCanada).

In Miller’s case, she learned about truth in media the hard way. Both before and after the 2003 Iraqi invasion, she wrote in the Times that Iraq had a stockpile of weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s). Of course, when no WMD were subsequently found, she was severely blamed for the misinformation, even though she was using the same intelligence sources as U.S. government analysts at the time.

So, it comes as no surprise to me that she has just released a book about the lack of truth in today’s journalism.

While I haven’t read Miller’s book yet, I have no doubt what she says is true given the current progressive-left-liberal bias that I have personally experienced as a conservative leaning blogger for a decade.

For example, during an interview at Newsmax, Miller says: (H/T Jack’s Newswatch):

“‘Be very skeptical of everything we in the press say. That even the most respected, reputable organizations do things that are often times contrary to the truth and that they ought to question everything they hear from everyone … I wanted to take people inside journalism and to make them understand what a really shabby shape the profession is in today.'”

Thankfully, yes, there are some journalists in Canada today who are true professionals and I have linked to one of them in this post. However, he and others like him are the exceptions (like Rex Murphy and Christie Blatchford).

Yet, the reality is that today most mainstream journalists are left-leaning liberal propaganda messaging machines, rather than representatives of a respected fourth estate and free press.

The crux of the matter is, then, that professors of journalism and journalists need to understand that democratic societies require dialectic between opposing political sides in order to function as they should. And to do that they need to be able to write or talk about various political world views without displaying their progressive liberal bias.

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Update 3:30pm EDT:

An excellent example of what I mean by progressive liberal bias is displayed in this tweet. Anti-Semitic protestors at San Fransisco State University scream at the Mayor of Jerusalem — “Get the f— off our campus.” Meaning, they not only want to protest, which is their democratic right, they want to shut him down completely. Why? Because they don’t like what he represents or what he might say. Which means, they are absolutely clueless about what their demands means to democracy and free speech.

10 thoughts on “Judith Miller on left-leaning media as liberal propaganda machines

  1. Excellent article. What scares me the most is that the argument will fall on deaf ears. Your example of the San Francisco State University students demanding that the Mayor of Jerusalem NOT be allowed to talk is more than puerile progressivism. That kind of closed mind-set is incapable of comprehending what freedom of speech really means – and ready and willing to be led by anyone who speaks in terms that they understand. In short, they are primed and ready for dictatorship.


  2. Well said Sandy. I think that most on the right have realized that the media has become increasingly left over the last few decades and basically an arm of the Liberal Party of Canada and of the Democrat Party in the US. Even when reading the commentary by the main journalists in the National Post during the run up to the federal election last fall I was sometimes confused as to whether I was reading the Globe or the Star. If Judith Miller, who I considered to be a somewhat objective Democrat based on listening to her on Fox, has felt the need to talk about this then it must be becoming an issue for journalists like her.
    It is not just in the media that this is apparent, as many of our higher educational facilities have basically become Komsomnol breeding grounds. One of our sons-in-law is an elementary teacher and has discovered that he has to keep his mouth shut about his conservative views in the school teacher’s lounge. In fact, he already learned this while taking his teacher training at the University of Saskatchewan.


  3. I agree Ken. When I was in the education system, up to 2002, I didn’t feel the need to keep my beliefs quiet. Neither did my husband. But, then, I didn’t talk openly either. As I look back, I really don’t think things were as partisan as they are now. In elementary and secondary, however, in Ontario at least, it became very bitter during the Harris years and the illegal strike. I was working for the Harris MPP then and couldn’t believe the lies and exaggerations coming out of the teacher’s unions. Still don’t.

    But, contrary to popular opinion, in my experience, there are lots of conservatives teaching in universities. So, don’t agree with generalizations. It depends on the discipline. For example, departments that are strongly progressive are the humanities (especially the arts) and social sciences. However, business, computers, engineering, medicine and the sciences are different in that they have an equal balance between progressives, liberals and conservatives — as in society.


  4. Ken — I didn’t mention journalism which is obviously progressive-liberal leaning as well — as I talked about in this post.

    In education faculties, there used to be a mix. Don’t know any more but I suspect they are mostly liberal environments now. Which doesn’t have to be a bad thing as I would not recommend going back to the grey book curriculum of the 1950s and desks in neat rows. Times have changed. It is now impossible to learn “everything” so kids have to be taught how to find information. That said, math basics should be compulsory. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that using progressive techniques in the classroom does not equal progressive political ideology. Thankfully! 😉


  5. I actually think with the internet and social media becoming the new norm the mainstream media is losing some of its clout. The real problem I think is there are a lot of negative stereotypes of Tories, which I don’t feel many have been vocal enough about dispelling. Common stereotypes I hear of small c conservatives, which as we know are false are that conservatives are selfish and greedy while progressives are compassionate and caring; conservatives are uneducated hicks while progressives are educated and enlightened; conservatives only care about the rich while progressive care about the weak and disadvantaged. I also heard this a lot said both in the last federal and provincial election that if you voted PC or Conservative you were either in the top 1% and selfish or you were part of the 99% and voting against your own interest. These descriptions are absolutely false, but I feel a better job needs to be done in explaining we are not those negative caricatures. Too many people I feel take the most reactionary and extreme elements in the tea party in the US and then wrongly equate all conservatives being like that. I also feel progressives are more upfront with their views while many who hold conservative tend to keep their views more to themselves so many don’t realize that there are millions of conservatives in Canada and they are decent, hardworking, compassionate people who want to make this a better country. It also doesn’t help the media is very downtown Toronto centric which is overwhelmingly progressive and they forget most live in suburbs, smaller cities, or rural areas which are not uniformly progressive. I live in downtown Toronto and conservatives are a rare species here, but I also know once you go west of the Humber River, north of Eglinton and east of Victoria Park Avenue that is not the case.

    On the media elsewhere, I’ve found in the US, print media and television has a strong liberal bias, but radio by contrast is generally quite conservative as well as Fox News and Americans by and large only listen, watch or read whatever plays to their views, they aren’t interested in hearing the other side and I don’t think this is a good thing. I think its important to hear all sides when making an informed opinion. In Britain I’ve found its pretty well established which papers are conservative and which are labour, i.e. Guardian is left wing while Telegrah is right wing whereas in Canada the media is less upfront about which way their bias leans. I generally try to look at how many complaints about bias there are and if there are equal numbers coming from both sides I tend think they’ve found the right spot but if like the Toronto Star and CBC you only hear calls of a left wing bias or with the Rebel Media only right wing bias, I tend to think they lean in that direction. I do this just as a way to make sure my own bias isn’t influencing what is biased or not that being said I just try to research the issues which you can do with the internet and make my arguments based on that not what the media says as I find they seem more interested in glossy headlines than in depth analysis.


  6. I plan to in the next few years once I have my own business as right now my schedule is pretty hectic.


  7. If I am still blogging when you do Monkey, I will do a short post to get your URL on the search engines. As my posts go up very quickly now after ten years, you should start getting visitors. Maybe you can replace me as I am getting tired.


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