Senate Continues Persecution of Mike Duffy

Mike Duffy 1030It’s a rare day when I agree with Michael Harris of iPolitics on anything (particularly his anti-Harper obsession) but I agree with what he wrote about the Conservative Senators who continue to go after Mike Duffy for the very expenses for which he was acquitted. As Harris writes:

“Ripley’s Believe it or Not might take an interest in Sen. Leo Housakos and his ill-considered attempt to add double jeopardy to the Senate’s list of ongoing, abject failings. Despite Duffy’s sweeping acquittal last month by Justice Charles Vaillancourt on all 31 criminal charges, the Senate’s current chair of the Committee on Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration continues to consider having  Duffy’s “dossier” reviewed by his committee.

In terms of Duffy’s “dossier,” it is my understanding that he wasn’t acquitted simply because his expenses were not criminal. He was acquitted because the Senate rules were either non-existent or so iffy, any number of interpretations could be used.

So, before Housakos and his fellow Senators review anything, they need to reflect on their own behaviour and ask themselves why the Conservative Party lost the last election and what the Senate debacle had to do with that loss.

And, remember, even though I was a supporter of PM Harper and the Conservative Government during all those years, I frequently complained about the lack of communications strategy and near paranoia coming out of both the Senate Conservative Leadership and the PMO.

Anyway, the sad reality is that the anti-Duffy betrayal and “evening of scores” seems to be continuing. Personally, since Duffy was treated as though he was guilty from the start, I think he should demand the Senate pay him what they owe him — his back salary from his suspension and his legal expenses.

Remember, many of the same Senators wanting to review Duffy’s dossier, had incorrect expenses in their own files as well.

The crux of the matter is, in my opinion, that by continuing the Duffy persecution, Conservative Senators are doing exactly what Harris is suggesting, trying him twice for the same allegedly improper Senate expenses.

Surely, they do not believe the Senate is above the law.

Whatever these Tory Senators believe they have become an embarrassment to many Canadian conservatives.

4 thoughts on “Senate Continues Persecution of Mike Duffy

  1. I think the Tory senators want Duffy to step down like Mac Harb of the Liberals did; they think he is a black mark against them. My opinion would be to audit the whole Senate, then rewrite some of the clauses causing problems of understanding in finance for them. Maybe it is time to abolish the whole Senate!


  2. IMO Lyn, the whole Duffy battle is about payback. As you say, those Conservative Senators want Duffy gone.

    Yet, Duffy travelled millions of miles doing CPC fundraisers for the PM. If anyone got stabbled in the back, it is he.

    I looked up budgets yesterday and found a Sun Media link that showed his lawyer put together a list that showed Duffy was number 23 or 24 in terms of spending. Where are all the others?

    Hope they soon drop investigation into Wallin, another scapegoat.

    There is no way to drop the Senate without Quebec.


  3. I was just thinking of Pamela Wallin, she was another doing CPC fundraisers for the PM and was hung out to dry. I like her she is a good person. Like you said Sandy, Duffy was number 23 or 24, I think we know where the others are, in our hearts at the feeding trough of no accountability. This Liberal gov’t is going to be worse than any other Liberal gov’t on accountability and we as taxpayers will pay. Run away spending the only good thing I can say is that I’m old and won’t be around to see what happens to Canada in the future.

    We just might need a person like Trump in the next election to get back to basics….our freedoms are getting eroded away.

    Sandy, What do you think of Gerald Butts and his influence on Trudeau? I just don’t like the man call it women’s intuition and what I have read. I think he could do a lot of damage to our system of gov’t…..what do you think?


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