Kellie Leitch has forced debate re immigrants & Canadian values

kellie-leitch-2A few days ago, I wrote a post explaining how Kellie Leitch, a CPC leadership candidate, was right to want a national discussion about Canadian values in relation to whether or not immigrants and refugees should be vetted for those values. I was hardly alone. Many others have written the same message, including Candice Malcolm.

While it is true that immigrants coming legally into this country are screened for health and financial considerations, as far as I know, they are not asked whether they accept Canadian values.

For example, are they asked whether they agree with the value of free speech, the equality of men and women, and the rule of law under our Constitution (as opposed to Biblical or Shariah law). Certainly, refugees are not asked those questions. I mean, more often than not, they have no papers at all.

Yet, I watched the Power Panel of four journalists on the CBC’s “Power and Politics” earlier today and it was like there was something very wrong with Leitch asking a question related to immigrants and values. For sure, Host Rosemary Barton seemed nonpartisan and just asked the questions, but the journalists certainly were not. They all seemed to agree that, because a few of Leitch’s  fellow Conservative MPs disagreed with her opening this discussion, that she should just quit.

Talk about progressive bias. That journalist panel was suggesting, in effect, that Canadian politicians shouldn’t even talk about Canadian values — with the hint that anything goes or that to have such a discussion might offend someone.

Which makes me wonder how progressives like the four journalists on P&P view our military who are training foreign troops and/or risking their lives on behalf of Canadians. In fact, David Krayden has an excellent column on that topic today in the Toronto Sun. The military at home and abroad have a Canadian flag on their arm. He legitimately asks: Does that flag mean nothing?

Well, obviously to the military, it does mean something. It means that Canada values:

  • Freedom of speech,
  • Gender equality,
  • The rule of law under our Constitution,
  • Tolerance towards other views,
  • Freedom of religion, and
  • Freedom of political affiliation.

The crux of the matter is that today’s CBC P&P panel was wrong to suggest that Leitch simply quit the Conservative leadership campaign so that everyone will stop talking about Canadian values.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is only common sense that new Canadians, immigrants and refugees, not only know about our values but be willing to integrate into our society with a clear understanding of how those values will affect their lives.

For example, Muslims coming to this country have to understand they can only have one wife. Yet, as Tom Godfrey wrote in Sun Media in 2008 and updated in October 2015, Muslims were claiming social benefits for more than one wife. (H/T NewsWatchCanada).

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Endnote: While the Canadian media want Canadians to think that we don’t have an immigrant problem in terms of conflicting beliefs, the truth is out there on the Internet thanks to Google. For example, check out Jack’s Newswatch for his main entry on  “Canadian Values” by Candice Malcolm (also linked in my post above). His many sub-links under that main entry are all related to this topic as well. It may be inconvenient to the CBC but there “are” journalists who are asking the same questions as Leitch.

  1. In one recent column, The CBC compares Leitch to Donald Trump in the U.S. I agree with Leitch that such a comparison is unfair in that it has ntthing to do with who Canada accepts as immigrants and refugees.
  2. In another column published in 2010, Gerry Caplan of the Globe and Mail talks about Honour killings being worse than we thought.
  3. In yet another column, published sometime n 2012, Tobi Cohen, an expert on honour killings, says most such killings are done in the Muslim community. Specifically, he states:”The killing of one’s own child — usually a daughter — because her behaviour is believed to have brought shame to the family. It [can also be] the fate of some rape victims, as well as women accused of infidelity or premarital sex in countries such as Pakistan. But in the West, it’s increasingly popping up in courtrooms as first-generation Muslims struggle to balance the strict old-world ways of their parents with a desire to fit into a more liberal society.”

So, while I did not include the Canadian value of treasuring life and not believing in killing our loved ones for any reason, many immigrants still hold to these barbaric beliefs. Surely, they can be screened on this topic.

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  1. Thanks Robert. I am convinced that the silent majority feel as both of us do.

    It’s too bad the election were not being held this fall instead of last fall.

    The previous Tory government just talked about it wrong. For example, instead of allowing the media to call Leitch’s announcement a “snitch line” the Tories should have said, no it is not a snitch line, it is a Help Line for those facing genital mutilation. The sad part is that no one has ever dealt with these victims.

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  2. I wonder what Canada means to Justin Trudeau and CBC when they announce over and over that Canada is back now??? It is time the CBC tells us exactly what the Liberal party values are now!

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  3. I think an easier solution that is both politically correct and would avoid a lot of issues is to focus our immigration on skilled immigrants as opposed to family class and refugees. Most of those who are highly skilled no matter where they come from tend to assimilate well. Part of the problem in Europe and the US is their immigration is mainly based on bringing in low skilled ones for the jobs no one wants. In many ways that is probably the biggest reason we have done much better on immigration than most. With a world of 7 billion people, there are millions of highly skilled talented people from all corners of the globe who can easily learn one of our languages and greatly contribute as immigration has in the past so lets try and make Canada magnate for the best and brightest around the globe. I’ve been to three majority Muslim countries myself (Indonesia, Malaysia, and Turkey) and I can say while there were some issues, by and large those countries were fairly moderate never mind almost all the radical or more conservative ones tended to be the less educated ones, amongst those with university degres most were quite moderate and tolerant. In general I find its ignorance that breeds intolerance regardless of where one comes from. Having been to 41 countries and planning to visit a total of 50 in the next year or two it’s pretty tough to have negative views against any group considering I’ve met many wonderful people in each country I’ve visited.


  4. Kelly Leitch is fighting for ALL young women with the use of a Help Line. Kelly Leitch is a doctor and knows about privacy. My personal view is that the media saw a way to disgrace this doctor by using the words snitch line. The LIBERALS ate this up. And are still using it today along with some Conservatives…..way to go Canada!!

    All immigrants should assimilate. This is why they come to Canada to get way from a way of life they didn’t like or they come here for our social programs, some send the money home to the country they left. This has to stop. A muslim man brings over his wife and children, then brings over his other wife’s as visitors……then they claim welfare. Why are visitors visa’s allowed to claim any money’s using our social programs. They haven’t paid taxes to take any out….they are classified as visitors!!

    CPP is a good example….if you don’t put into it, you don’t get CPP when you turn 65 yrs. It’s as simple as that!!! Immigrants get OAS after being here 10yrs even if they have never paid income taxes. The Land of the Free!!

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  5. It isn’t relevant to the discussion that you’ve “met wonderful people in each Country I’ve visited”. Of course you have,the world isn’t peopled by monsters. The people who you have NOT met,however, are something entirely different,and they are determined to utterly destroy our way of life and force us to submit to Sharia Law. They ARE the type we want to keep out of our Country, and to do that we are going to have to ask questions on their views of US before we let them immigrate to Canada or the U.S.

    Most of the leaders of radical Islam are well educated, Bin Laden and the current Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri both attended university,AA-Z graduated from the U. of Cairo . Many of the other radical leaders,such as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, (BS in mechanical engineering from NC Ag) Zacarias Moussaoui ( Master’s Degree Business) are well educated Muslims leading groups of Muslim hillbillies to jihad against the rest of the world. ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has a Doctorate in Islamic Studies from good ol’ Saddam U. in Baghdad.

    It is much more complicated than just blaming ignorance and lack of education for radical Islamic beliefs.

    We owe Islam nothing,we built this Country with no help from Islam. Our pioneers suffered severe hardships carving a Nation out of the wilderness,we fought and died in many wars to protect and preserve what we built. We ordinary citizens endured great deprivation over the centuries and fought against our own elites to gain the Country we now have.

    We are under NO obligation to give it all away to anyone who comes here and does not respect our laws and culture, and for the sake of our own survival, we must tighten up the immigration rules, and ask the un-pc questions that have to be asked.

    Kellie Leitch has done the unthinkable in our progressive world, by stating a truth that doesn’t fit the fairy tale agenda of the liberals.

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  6. Well said, Don.

    On another political level, when Madam Wynne has her throne speech delivered., she may be generous with money she doesn’t have to boost her chances, cover her butt, in preparation for the next byelection. She may wear a red and white suit and hand out some goodies, which of course will add to the debt, that’s how it goes when you are in the red. She could start with handing out food stamps
    /coupons to keep the wolf from the doors of her subjects after they pay their hydro and utilities and taxes on everything need to survive. Yeah,she may be in mortal fear of losing her crown. She should be, there’s been an awakening with the loss of a long held Liberal seat.

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  7. Off course we should screen individuals and while we do not ask beliefs, we do check histories and in fact Canada has a very tight screening for immigration. We may not owe Muslims anything, but I believe Canada must stay true to its values and tolerance is a key value and we do not win but descending to their level, otherwise hate no matter who it is from and who it is directed intolerance is wrong. In addition like anything we will never get perfection, but I feel focusing on this issue is just a divisive one that will cost us in 2019. The reason Trudeau is popular now is not because of anyone policies, but rather people seem him as a uniter rather than divider. I believe his biggest weakness if his economic and fiscal policies and that is where we need to aim squarely on him because Canadians care most about economy and jobs and fiscal conservatism is something that unites all conservatives whether Red Tories, Blue Tories, Libertarians, Reformers, Populists, Social Conservatives so we should focus on issues that keep the party united not divided.


  8. Just so this doesn’t get into a war of words this will be my last post on this issue. I will have a blog up in the new year which everyone is welcome to visit. Depending on how big a deal this is in the leadership race, I may raise it there, but I am hoping lowering taxes, a stronger economy, more free trade deals, reducing the deficit and balancing the budget, a stronger private sector with an efficient but lean public sector, and improving health care and other programs are the focus of the next leadership race. I believe economy and jobs are by far the most important issue facing Canada and I think the Conservatives have a real opportunity to use this to their advantage. If you follow 308 blog you will notice fiscally conservative parties are leading in the polls in every province save the Maritimes (note in BC and Quebec the Liberals unlike in Ontario and federally are generally fiscally conservative) so I believe once people focus more on substance rather than style there is a real opportunity here. That doesn’t mean other issues shouldn’t be discussed just thats what I believe is the most important issue and its one I think you can find support amongst all lives of Canadians.


  9. Well said Don. My grandparents were screened as to Bolshevik sympathies in the immigration process to Canada when they escaped from the Soviet Union in 1926.

    I just sent Kellie Leitch a donation. I will not support Liberal Lite candidates whose only claim to leadership is a slightly better fiscal policy than the Liberals have. Liberal Lites remind me too much of what occurred in my immigrant grandfather’s country where all the candidates were members of the same party and had only fiscal or mild structural policy differences. Another Joe Who is not in my cards.


  10. Interesting that Wendy Mesley’s Panel tonight on the National were discussing this topic. It was good until the very end when the obvious Muslim on the panel suggested to even talk on the subject was racist. The other two strongly disagreed. In fact, Adrianne Batra barely had time to say something to the effect that “no to say that is just a way to stop us from talking about the subject.”



  11. Another point of view is that for most conservatives, law and order and security are most important because, without that, lower taxes and a strong economy aren’t possible. So, yes, many of us are looking at the leadership candidates for leadership potential that pulls no punches.

    I have heard it said we didn’t treat the Irish like we are treating Middle East Muslims when the IRA was bombing people. That was true. Why? Because the violence was concentrated in England and Ireland. They IRA weren’t out to kill all non-Irish or all Protestants. What we are experiencing now is a world wide Islamic jihad.

    Would the larger Canadian population vote for Leitch as PM? I don’t know but I have a feeling that many centrists who voted for the Liberals in 2015 won’t be so quick in 2019.

    Time will tell.


  12. Monkey, I can’t believe you would say that Muslims in Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey are moderate. It depends of course, where in those countries you are talking about. The urban areas can be secular while the rural areas are much more traditional and home to insurgencies.

    Anyway, the purpose for this post was to bring this issue out in the open where we can have a national debate. I don’t think you realize that your first sentence is exactly what I think we should not allow. You say: “I think an easier solution that is both politically correct and would avoid a lot of issues is to focus on …..” No, I don’t think that would be the easier solution. It would simply be politically correct avoidance.

    But, thanks for sharing. The essence of blogging is to have an open debate.


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