Trump & Leitch prove progressives are actually regressive


White Black Lives Matter Protesters in London.

One thing Donald Trump and Kellie Leitch have in common is their ability to shake up liberal progressives and their assumptions about everything.

To the point, for example, that Hillary Clinton calls Trump supporters deplorables — because they are supposedly homophobes, Islamophobes, racists, misogynists and bigots. Never mind that they simply might not agree with what the progressive media wants them to believe.

For example, a couple of weeks ago, Conservative Party of Canada Leadership hopeful Kellie Leitch suggested that newcomers to Canada should take a values test before they are admitted. Without a doubt, you would think the sky had fallen. Of course, the epithet we heard the most was that Leitch was a racist. In fact, many in the media were beside themselves attacking her for even wanting a discussion of the topic.

Yet, the reality is, as I wrote in three previous posts (here, here and here), there are millions of Canadians who agree with Leitch — traditional liberals and conservatives both!

Of course, when talking with progressives, they can’t avoid bringing up the famous phrase “white privilege.” What white privilege? Many of us come from backgrounds of poverty. The difference is our families did not whine and snivel and protest about their victimhood. They scrimped, saved and worked and made their ways into society, just as many blacks have done.

A perfect example of the misunderstanding of white privilege happened recently in the U.K. Some whites who were involved in the Black Lives Matter movement held up air traffic at the City of London Airport (per featured image). Later, in court,  they got off with a slap on the wrist and a warning — thus convincing themselves that it was their white privilege that got them off.

Actually, no. What got them off was the fact that it was their first offence. Regardless, judging from the looks on their faces, they could have cared less who they inconvenienced or endangered with their actions.

Now, what would you call racial equity when opportunities for blacks are made even worse?  Take, for example, this story: Valeria Silva, the former “white” Superintendent of St. Paul Minnesota public schools declared teachers to blame for black on black violence — be it in the hallways or classrooms.

As a result, black students with negative behaviour towards others were to be understood and not disciplined. The result of course was absolute bedlam, in addition to lowered reading and math scores and parents pulling their kids out of Silva’s schools. (H/T Halls of Macadamia)

Which brings me to my purpose for this post. How do you cook a lobster? By boiling it ever so slowly it doesn’t notice a thing. And, judging from the high poll numbers Mr. Trudeau is still getting, that is exactly what is happening to our country — a change that will be complete if the federal Liberals unilaterally — without a referendum — change our electoral system.

I used to call myself a progressive conservative. Not any more. The crux of the matter is that progressivism has become socialist neo-Marxism and, as a result, is becoming as regressive in the West as it is in today’s China.

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Endnote: Given the Trudeau Liberals regressive progressive federal policies related to man-caused climate change and the role of activists, we can now anticipate just how the pipeline approval process is likely going to end. Not well!

12 thoughts on “Trump & Leitch prove progressives are actually regressive

  1. Well said, Sandy. I have this and it will go up in two days (I was out of town today taking care of business and had prepared my entries for tomorrow yesterday because I didn’t want to deal with it when I got home.)

    Catch you later…


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  2. Progressive in politics has come to mean rot and stagnation.

    The pomposity of Wynne shutting down the Legislature for a long weekend to announce a few baubles amounting to a few Halloween treats is the absolute insult of all time. How dumb does she think we are? Maybe we don’t want an answer to that one!

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  4. There is a burning question I’d like to hear answered: How do you keep Canada Canadian while pushing and touting Multiculturalism and it’s policies the left are so enamoured with?

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  5. We have to deal with ever increasing taxes and the outrageous cost of hydro and utilities we all require to survive in Ontario without the palpable, supreme arrogance of the architect of the whole mess, one Kathleen Wynne. This is bar none the worst government in the history of the province and even the country. Makes you want to shut it all out and say “wake me when it’s over”…but when and how can we end it? She gets booed at a plowing match and fobs it off. No one does arrogance better than a Liberal with a majority government.

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  6. Patrick Brown step down? Good luck with that. The polls are very good for the PC’s right now, we know that means squat, it keeps the PC fold happy and they will stay with Brown until it’s too late to make a change. Meanwhile, this corrupt Liberal government will be ready to move in for the kill when it counts.

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  7. I think most who favour multiculturalism generally fall into two categories. While I wouldn’t call myself a left winger considering I am appalled at Trudeau’s big spending, favour lower taxes, and smaller government, I am generally pro-multiculturalism with off course limits as nothing is ever black and white. The first one I agree with and I think is the most common while the second I strongly disagree with but fear Trudeau and Butts favour.

    1. Identity, culture, and values evolve and are not carved in stone so each immigrant group that comes simply enhances and adds to the Canadian identity. Pretty much every wave of immigrants we’ve received; we’ve had people say how they wouldn’t fit in yet in each case they were proven wrong. Maybe this time will be different, but because It’s worked in the past it makes sense to be skeptical of claims it won’t work. Europe has no history of immigration unlike Canada so that could be partly why they have so many issues.

    2. Nation states and national identity are out of date for today’s world and we should just all identify as human beings. While I can understand how someone who spends a lot of time outside of Canada might identify themselves as a global citizen, the reality is most of us are tied closely to a certain identity and the idea of everyone seeing us as one globally is completely unrealistic and certainly not something I support. For all their flaws nation states make sense and should continue to exist. After all that was a big part of the Brexit debate as the EU’s goal was to become a single superstate and while many Eurocrats think this is a great idea, your average European is less keen on it.

    Otherwise in sum that is I think the main reasons. Not saying I necessarily agree with them in totality just saying what they are. Identity is always subjective and different people will have different views on what it is although certainly there are certain cultural practices that I think you would find most Canadians don’t find acceptable.


  8. Obviously Monkey, I agree with some of what you say and disagree with some as well. However, I appreciate your opinion nonetheless. Although I would appreciate you make your comments a bit shorter as they are hard to follow sometimes.

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