Crux of the Matter taking a break.

happy-canadian-beaverJust letting my regular readers know I am going to take a short blogging break until the Canadian Conservative leadership campaign gets underway in earnest and the U.S. election is over.

While on break, I can be reached via my Contact Form and Twitter @sandycrux.

5 thoughts on “Crux of the Matter taking a break.

  1. Going to miss your commentaries but I surely understand a lot of nastiness going on out there. I truly get fed up with it also, then do not read any blogs or news for awhile. Looking forward to your return!


  2. Thanks Lyn. I’ll be back if there is anything useful to write about on conservative issues. At the moment, there is nothing that inspires me. And, I have no intention of complaining about Trudeau for the next three years. It just gives the Liberals more print. I sure do miss Harper. He is obviously a hard act to follow. My hope ad been for MacKay but since he opted out I now hope for Andrew Scheer. Steady boring works. Just ask Ontario’s Bill Davis.


  3. It’s funny when I was replying to your article I was thinking about Harper and how are we going to get back to that point. I was also thinking of Andrew Scheer, we can only hope. I to was hopeful for MacKay but knew his family came first. Our elections is being stolen from the people by the elites just like what is happening in the states e.g. Soros and Buffet… rigged!! My thoughts only!


  4. Hi Sandy, you might not get this because you at taking a break.

    I have an observation, the slime media here are pikers compared to the utter disrespect for the truth and undisclosed political incest between the media and the Dem party. A quick read of Victor Davis Hanson’s article of today in the National Review today shows the depth of nepotism and depravity they have sunk to, where they see their job, at any cost or lie, as ensuring only “progressive” views are considered acceptable, when what is unacceptable, therefore not to be debated, is open borders, higher taxes and selling out the security of their nation via common markets & massive influxes of refugees, which will surely be infiltrated by terrorists, so overall less freedom, safety and prosperity via Clinton, but fueling her globalist views, utter disrespect for the common people and sociopathic pathology.

    The majority of Americans oppose those ideas, so they cannot be permitted to make informed decisions and votes on these issues. Nevertheless, the American people need to step up to the plate, due their election due diligence, without relying on a biased, dishonest and unethical media.


  5. Hi Phil. I agree. I have been watching Fox News everyday and am amazed. But, keep in mind that the Liberal Party of Canada had Democrat operatives working in Canada during last year’s election campaign. And, the media hammered Mr. Harper relentlessly. Think of the “barbaric practices act.” The mainstream media here in Canada is still going on about that in terms of both Leitch and Alexander. Yet, what was wrong with trying to help young girls who knew they were going to be mutilated? No, this anti-conservativism is related to what you say that only progressive thoughts are acceptable.


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