Trudeau Liberals & CPC leadership candidates misread Trump win at their peril

trump-wins-the-us-electionI found it interesting that Canada’s current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, our selfie and sunny ways PM, thinks he will get along with U.S. President Elect Donald Trump, no problem.

Talk about naivety and arrogance!

In fact, just visualizing the two of them together makes me smile — a mature accomplished billionaire versus a trust-fund middle aged man who got to be our PM because of his last name and through the same type of media manipulation that the U.S. media used for Barack Obama — but failed to do for Hillary Clinton.

However, most of the Canadian media doesn’t seem to have learned anything from the Trump vote result. For example, I watched Rosie Barton (who I like) and her Power Panel on CBC’s Power and Politics last night just to see what they took from the Trump election result.

Well, her liberal and progressive partisan guest panelists (Ian Capstick and Amanda Alvaro) seemed to be absolutely gob smacked. Tim Powers, the token conservative on the panel, did well however, explaining what the Trump could mean for Canadians. But Capstick seemed to have an overblown emotional breakdown right there on live TV. In fact, Rosie herself seemed positively stunned and seemed to tear up when she watched a few seconds of Hillary Clinton’s concession speech.

Good grief! The sky in North America is not falling!

Interestingly, I can still remember that some of those same panelists constantly suggested, even after they got a majority in May of 2011, that the Harper Conservatives were illegitimate because they only had 39.6% of the popular vote.

Yet, somehow the Liberals under Justin Trudeau received a “mandate” to do whatever they want — including completely changing the way we vote —  with 39.5% of the popular vote — a point less than the Conservatives got.

It’s called bias and intolerance because liberals and progressives truly believe they are right about everything. So, anyone who holds a different vision to theirs is unjust, racist, misogynist, bigoted, narrow minded and hateful.

Meaning, that when anyone holds a different view, they are supposedly guilty of spewing hate speech. For example, Vox writes that the Globe and Mail actually wrote a “Dear America” piece asking Americans not to vote for Donald Trump. And, I have heard that some university students in California had to skip classes they were so upset.

Good grief! As a former academic all I can do is scratch my head. Do their professors not teach them how to debate any more? Obviously not.

True, Trump has made lewd comments. But all the complaints against him regarding sexual misconduct are allegations and nothing more — complaints alleged to have been instigated by the Democratic National Committee.

Regardless, in spite of those questionable complaints, millions of American women voted for Trump because of his message of hope for jobs, as well as his rejection of elites and insiders. Frankly, I also think the women who voted for Trump looked at his children and figured the way they turned out was more of a true measure of the man than off hand comments he made years ago.

Anyway, the metaphor that comes to mind regarding that kind of liberal peripheral blindness is a group of horses with blinkers on hauling a large group of people in a wagon. Since the horses can only look straight ahead and don’t see what is actually going on around them or what is happening to the people in the wagon, they push ahead regardless.

Which brings me to the current lackadaisical Conservative leadership race. Apart from Kellie Leitch, who is thankfully ignoring a trashing by the Canadian media for her stance on Canadian values, most candidates seem oblivious to the reality that what conservative leaning Canadian voters want —  a leader that is VERY different from Trudeau. Yet, read this Brampton Guardian piece and it seems that what bothers most of the CPC candidates is not what the Liberals are doing but fear of offending anyone.

The crux of the matter is that I am sick and tired of liberals crying shame whenever a woman openly supports Trump. I am also sick and tired of PM Trudeau and his caucus claiming they have a mandate to do whatever they want and the Canadian liberal loving media usually agreeing with them.

Millions of Canadian conservatives are watching and waiting. Whether it be the First Passed the Post voting system (FPTP) or some other Canadian system, 2019 can’t come soon enough! I can only hope that the CPC leader elected in 2017 is ready to do and say what is necessary to win.

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Endnote: Welcome Jacksnewswatch and NewsWatchCanada readers. Want to read a liberal media hatched job on President Elect Trump? Read Andrew Coyne’s column in today’s National Post.  I used to like Coyne’s columns but unfortunately he has become a liberal shrill.

26 thoughts on “Trudeau Liberals & CPC leadership candidates misread Trump win at their peril

  1. Well said, Sandy and thanks for cross posting to my site. It will appear tomorrow morning with the proviso that I made a few subtle changes in order to make it work with my site. I hope you don’t mind.

    Take care….


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  3. Enjoyed your comments,as always,Sandy. I believe the CPC is hobbled by the fact that Canada doesn’t have the impossible social problems the Americans have in almost all their large cities, so there is no outrage to tap into. Unfortunately,the election of Trump will probably force Trudeau to drop his vaunted and much beloved by the Left carbon tax, lest we fall further behind America in the view of business investors. Should he arrogantly go ahead with his anti-economic programs, we might get to the point of enough citizen outrage to unseat the Boy.

    I would imagine his Brain,Gerald Butts, will have some persuasive arguments for Justin,though.

    Our candidates are also hindered by the fact that they MUST speak fluent French,or they are non-contenders.Had Trump been required to speak Spanish fluently, he’d be just another candidate who lost.

    Canada has successfully placed the inconsequential language barrier in front of our politicians and many important appointments,such as the SCC, for no good reason other than politically correct pandering to the ever overactive Quebec political lobby. Quebec has hijacked our political process and made us pay through the nose for the privilege. The tail in this Country wags the dog.

    The CPC’s best hope is Maxime Bernier, but the best hope for the ordinary people of this Country would be Kevin O’Leary, Canada’s Trump without the bad toupee, also a successful businessman who understands economics and negotiation. My personal preference is Kelly Leitch, but doubt she has a hope.

    We are currently led by socialist/globalist fantasists who have never made a business deal in their lives but are now expected to negotiate multi-billion dollar trade deals with the likes of China,Russia,the U.S., and EU! We will get “taken to the cleaners”!

    As to Andrew Coyne, he has always been a Liberal shill,but with a strong sense of denial of his true feelings. The man actually pens a good column on occasion,but when the chips are down, always reverts to his through-and-through liberal self.

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  4. Great reply Don. Thanks.

    I am not sure about Bernier. I honestly don’t think Western Canadians would want another leader from Quebec. Ändrew Scheer speaks fluent French and others, like Leitch and Raitt are improving. Remember, Stephen Harper wasn’t fluent early on either. I just wish the candidates would stop apologizing all the time.

    Canada actually has had at least one Donald Trump — at least in Ontario. Certainly not for lewd or inflammatory comments but as a tough politically incorrect leader.

    I was hired by an Ontario Mike Harris MPP before the ONPC were even sworn in and can tell you that Canadians sometimes do want someone who is aggressive. Yet, just as with Trump now, the protests started even before the Harrisites did anything. I can remember, for example, that two weeks after the election, the caucus was sworn in while protesters yelled “shame” outside. It was so very strange.

    Same thing happened two months after that 1995 election. Just before the first legislative sitting, there were more protesters and a bomb scare. Hundreds of us ended up in Queen’s Park, the actual park that is. It became very obvious that the left really do not understand the principles of democracy because they frequently won’t accept the result if they don’t agree with that result.

    I mean, Wynne and company are ruining Ontario but there are no protests. Same in Ottawa. Hypocrites all of them.

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  6. Trump and Trudeau are but two sides of the same populist coin. Trump won despite intelligentsia opposition going all in, while Trudeau couldn’t have won without them. The fact that Trudeau’s populism was an utter fraud, that he was the epitome of elite entitlement and excess, was unknown therefore irrelevant to the voter hungry for change.

    Trump’s victory stalled the hegemonic PC globalist kleptocracy of the American “progressives,” while Trudeau’s election saved the day for ours here, as another Harper majority would have spelled the end of the entitled political rent seekers, including the CBC and many other parasitic institutions created for one existence but spending tax$.

    We got faked out with a fake recession, a fake budget deficit, a fake Duffy conspiracy, and a fake middle class in crisis.

    We got change; for the worse no doubt as the entitlement state is at an end anyway, we are only hearing its death rattles as their political bedfellows in print media go down with them. In Canada and the US these elites were prepared to go down with their ships, and they did so in the US, while we were spared reality by the Grits here.

    We’ve done this before – sabotaging ourselves. When the short-lived government of Joe Clark was ousted by the elder Trudeau’s palatial comeback, Canada entered an era of constricted growth with larger budget deficits followed by punishing inflation and interest rates while in the US and UK, though in the same difficult markets, growth burgeoned under newly minted Ronald Reagan and the inestimable Margaret Thatcher, so irrecoverable economic losses here.

    So folks, here we go again. The state with no theory of costs. Times can get too good and we drop our political guard, assuming we care at all. That’s when these folks get in and milk the cow, when we’re fat and happy, and napping.

    Enough American voters woke up so they maybe dodged their fiscal bullet. Enough here didn’t. We copped out with a temper tantrum against the great Stephen Harper. Remember, bigoted attacks in this case were OK, a civic duty.

    Besides that though, we’re too nice to drain the swamp, not being deplorables who don’t know “what Canadians want.”

    Government is poor at picking winners, but losers are good at picking government; so here we go.

    As for Trump the winner dealing with our PM? I think Trump will surprise a lot of people and will school our lad.

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  7. Well said Sandy. The MSM are STILL utterly clueless as to the popularity of Trump … and their role in creating him. Blinkered, indeed. For Canadian Conservatives, time will tell if the Trump effect will spill over into Canadian politics. I think (or at least, I hope) that he’ll govern better than anyone’s given him credit for; that said, I fully expect the establishment and MSM to begin a non-stop propaganda war against him to belittle his every achievement and constantly drag his previous life and mistakes through the mud. Expect slapp lawsuits, innuendo and smiling lawyers and professors spouting precedents on TV … very much like the campaign against Rob Ford.
    Will he rise above it? For now, yes … the MSM has been crying wolf for so long their credibility is shot. If Trump can keep his head above the fray, it WILL act as a beacon to Canadian conservatives and transform Canadian politics and hopefully lead to the rise of a pro-Canadian, anti-Trudeau movement in Canada. Time will tell.

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  8. I agree FredR, the media has been crying wolf for a long time. In Canada, the media did a good job of bringing down the Harper Conservatives. We called in the Harper Derangement Syndrome. I can see, given the protests, that there is the beginning of a Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    In Canada, I find too many of the Conservative leadership candidates are afraid to tell it like it is regarding Muslims from the Middle East. Yes, I know this country was built by immigrants but they were immigrants who came here for freedom and grasped our way of life. Yes, they were able to keep some of their traditions privately but they all tried to fit in, whether they were from the UK, Europe, India, Korea, China and Japan.

    However, Muslims from the Middle East are different and need an opportunity to learn what our values are all about. IMO, having fought for equality for women since the early 1960s, what Canada does not need are women who completely hide their faces and Sharia family courts where women are second class citizens. And, to me, that is all Leitch is saying, not to reduce immigration but to ascertain that Muslims and others understand our country’s values before they get here, not after they get here and start to demand prayer rooms in schools and separating the sexes in public YMCAs. To agree to those things is simply political correctness that has forgotten our history.

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  9. Don, that was a great comment. I agree all around. Kellie Leitch is also my first choice and Maxim is second. The rest either have no chance at all or are tripping over themselves trying to portray themselves as Liberal Lite.


  10. Well said Phil.
    Darrel Bricker and John Ibbitson were wrong when they wrote in their book, “The Big Shift”, that the control over Canada by the Laurentian Elite was over with the elections of Stephen Harper and the increased wealth and population of the west. The Laurentian Elite took back Canada through subterfuge last October and they are going to make sure through wealth stripping and electoral changes that the west remains in a serf status.
    Signed: Deplorable, Unredeemable KenKulak

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  11. Sandy, that was a great commentary. All of it. Especially the following, “It’s called bias and intolerance because liberals and progressives truly believe they are right about everything. So, anyone who holds a different vision to theirs is unjust, racist, misogynist, bigoted, narrow minded and hateful.

    Meaning, that when anyone holds a different view, they are supposedly guilty of spewing hate speech.”.


  12. Thanks Ken. The names that liberals have called Trump for speaking his mind on immigration covers all those descriptors. It’s crazy.

    From what I have witnessed, according to liberals and progressives, if you disagree with a woman about what she says, you are either anti-female or a misogynist. Similarly, if someone is black and you disagree with them about a topic, they will call you a racist for the disagreement. I don’t get it now and never have.

    I remember, for example, a number of years ago, we were in London England. My husband and I were standing in line at a famous restaurant waiting to be served. A lovely black couple were behind us. We got to talking and the male said he was from Northern Africa. At some point, say after standing in line for about 30 minutes, he yelled at the hostess that she was a racist and discriminating against them by keeping them waiting. In fact, he made such a fuss that they got served before us — even though we had been waiting 15 minutes longer than they did.

    Their waiting had nothing to do with his skin colour. Yet, his touchiness was amazing and I believe he truly believed what he was saying. Conservatives just wait patiently and or give the hostess a tip.

    The people protesting in the US right now about the Trump win are similar. It is their way or the highway. Everyone is wrong but them. And, educators are not helping things by giving them therapy time to deal with their anguish. Poor dears. They are going to get a huge shock when they have to face the real world.

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  13. Interesting take, I would say I learned three things from this and the bottom two which apply to the Tories.

    1. The media messed up badly on this but if you look at the map it makes a lot sense as you have a very divided country. The places where most the media are stationed went massively for Clinton and even many traditional Republicans didn’t vote Trump, but in the heartland of America, he not only won the backing of the GOP, but even many traditional Democrats. Buried in the back pages of the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star, there were a few reporters that actually went on the road to talk to people and what they reported was quite different than MSM, otherwise I think the media needs to travel a bit more around the country to get a more accurate picture as the geographic divides are bigger than ever. In fact those reports visited some of the rust belt states and talked to many people who were registered Democrats but voting for Trump including some who voted for Obama both times.

    2. Elections are in both countries are about figuring the winning formula. Trump won by picking up the rust belt states and I believe the big reason he won those was his trade message since he promised to bring manufacturing jobs back. The political correctness issue neither helped or hindered him as people don’t care about that, they care about who is going to help make things better for them and Trump answered this, Clinton did not. For the Conservatives are keys to winning in 2019 is Lower Mainland suburbs and 905 belt and I do not see a Trump like message selling well there. The only area where it might sell well which we don’t hold is rural Quebec and considering Quebec is far less predictable than the other two that is a real gamble.

    3. By 2019, who knows how popular Trump will or won’t be and the same with Trudeau, but if there is one thing that I’ve learned people care most about will your plans help improve things for me. So we need a conservative plan that will help improve things for most Canadians and find someone who can sell it to the public (if you cannot sell it it is worthless). My choices now are Michael Chong followed by Lisa Raitt, but I also like Maxime Bernier just not sure if his libertarianism will sell. Yes those two are more Red Tories, but they still want to cut taxes and reduce the size of government which is I think what matters most.

    Anyways it will be an interesting four years and with the next federal election almost three years away I think taking either a strong pro or anti-Trump stance for Conservative leaders is a bad idea as we have no idea how popular or unpopular he will be then so best to focus on areas we know generally work and adjustments can always be made closer to the election. We don’t have to reveal our full platform until September 2019 so lets of time to watch and decide based on what has happened.

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  14. I agree with some of the things you said Monkey but not others. I believe Trump won primarily because he paid no attention to political correctness, which average voters are sick of, and understood the distance between ordinary people and the elites. So far Kellie Leitch is the only one in the CPC race who has picked up on that.

    Rex Murphy got it right with his column this weekend. When the Harper Conservatives won in 2006 people thought the Laurentian Elite had been shoved out. Well, with Trudeau et al, the Laurentian Elite is back in power and now want to change the voting system so that they will always be power. Climate change! Carbon taxes! Etc. Etc. Not good for national unity. IMO, by 2019 the silent majority countrywide may be ready to get rid of them again.

    I used to think being a progressive conservative was what was needed. I no longer think that way.

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  15. “I used to think being a progressive conservative was what was needed. I no longer think that way.” Great awakening.
    As you said in September, “The crux of the matter is that progressivism has become socialist neo-Marxism and, as a result, is becoming as regressive in the West as it is in today’s China.”

    I have thought this for a few decades now. When you are a history buff and when most of your family has lived under communist Marxism you can see the signs of the political shift in that direction. Hopefully you can understand my thinking.


  16. I ‘m thinking we don’t need to worry about Trump and Trudeau. Who can take Trudeau seriously after his glowing Castro eulogy for all the world to hear? One US commentator said Trudeau “has the intellectual heft of cotton candy”.
    I’ve gone from asking who is running this country to who is minding the store? Who is guiding this incompetent twit?

    Also, would the Queen approve of her Canadian representative attending Castro’s funeral?
    Fasten your seat belts, things will get worse. Trudeau is really just settling in from his selfie phase, he’s not up to
    the real job, that is already apparent.


  17. Agree Liz. I am try to avoid spending capital as it were on writing about Trudeau. Yet, what do I write about the Conservatives? The only two leadership candidates who are interesting at all are Kellie Leitch and Andrew Scheer. The others, including Lisa Raitt, are just too worried about being politically correct. What I am waiting for is one of them to finally poo poo “climate change” and “carbon taxes.”

    Unless we conservatives have an alternative to talk about, there is always the U.S. and Trump. I find the whole process fascinating and loved watching liberal media fall apart on election night. Fox had the best coverage by far but flipping through the other channels, including CBC, was hilarious.

    Anyway, if you see anything really interesting, leave the link here and if I get motivated enough, I’ll write about it. 😉


  18. Liz — I just heard that Trump will be in Indiana tomorrow to announce Carrier not going to Mexico. Now, that’s action on keeping a campaign promise! Will write more about that good news tomorrow.


  19. I’ve had it up to here with political correctness, it’s dead, Trump proved it.
    I agree with you on Leitch and Andrew Scheer. Right now I’m disgusted with the Ontario PC’ leadership as well


  20. Ms. Wynne is going to be doing some high octane stammering attempting to explain away the AG’s scathing report. It’s got to be the worst ever for any government for gross mismanagement. Unbelievable!


  21. What a mess is Trudeau’s plot on electoral “reform”, Monsef’s performance in the HOC is arrogant gross incompetence, she has no clue and should be removed from Office pronto. We are not in good hands.


  22. I was in Arizona for the Presidential election. Interesting how wonderful the Electoral College is to winners, and how terrible it is to the losers.
    I also wonder if Trump’s win will signal the return of a more conservative mood in Alberta and Canada in the next elections.


  23. Margie — Re whether Canada will be more conservative in 2019, I sure hope so. I have talked to a lot of people who are following the Trump story with interest simply because we need such a movement here for sure. Yet, the CPC leadership candidates don’t give me much hope. Apart from Leitch, they are always apologizing for offending someone.


  24. To me, the plus side of a Trump win is that the other side gets to have a turn at expressing what it believes without fear of reprisal from the ruling idealogy – such as the opportunity to discuss Climate Change ‘Science’. I think the majority of people believe the climate is changing, but are not convinced it is all caused by mankind. It would be great if all the cards could finally be laid on the table.


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