Hamilton cast insult to VP Elect Pence why voters fed up with “diversity”


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On Friday night, November 18th, 2016, U.S. Vice-President Elect Mike Pence went to the Broadway play “Hamilton.” In spite of being a paying customer like everyone else, not only did he get booed by the audience, but preached to by the lead actor — Brandon Victor Dixon — from the stage at the end of the play. (H/T NewsWatchCanada).  See also this link with video.

Dixon’s message? “We, sir, we are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights….We truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us.”

Such arrogance! Pence goes out with some family members for a relaxing evening to watch a historical play and he is booed and trashed. Some tweets that I saw related to the matter said Pence had the abuse coming to him because he was a public figure.

Talk about dehumanizing someone — the very complaint liberals have against conservatives. Which makes me wonder what happened to the “love trumps hate” mantra?

Anyway, let’s look at Dixon’s statement. I interpret his “diverse America” phrase to refer only to people of color and minorities (including those in the U.S. illegally). Has it not occurred to Dixon et al that maybe all those whites out there in the interior of the U.S., particularly white males, you know like those who voted in droves for President Elect Donald J. Trump, don’t feel included?

We conservative Canadians understand liberal arrogance and the “we are the only ones who have the correct values.” Our current Liberal PM Justin Trudeau, who the mainstream media got elected a year ago after trashing former Conservative PM Stephen Harper day in and day out for ten years, travelled around the world after the October 2015 election telling anyone who would listen that “Canada is back.” Back? From where? What everyone knew, however, is that Trudeau meant the “Liberals were back.”

Anyway, my point to compare this U.S. electoral issue to a Canadian context is the similarity of the role of the media calling, implying or hinting that conservatives are not only nasty people, but racists, misogynists, homophobes, xenophobes, Islamophobes and bigots.

Not true, any of it, at least for most conservatives, and we are fed up with such negative stereotyping. I mean, when voters are beat up because they voted for Trump, they were afraid to put up a Trump election sign for fear of vandalism, or were afraid to even admit they supported Trump, it is the liberals who have a diversity problem, not conservatives.

In fact, in my opinion, the crux of the matter is that conservatives are actually more inclusive than liberals because to us, the concept of diversity actually encompasses everyone — including white males, college educated or not, and Christians.

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Endnote: This is what tolerance sounds like — Pence responds that he wasn’t offended by Dixon’s message at Hamilton play.

7 thoughts on “Hamilton cast insult to VP Elect Pence why voters fed up with “diversity”

  1. The hard, aka alt left, are the true intolerants, not allowing openness, because their “ideas” can’t sustain scrutiny, discussion or logic: that the state taking from her productive enriches society, that identity politics are tolerance but now true acceptance, without the need for homage or celebration, becomes intolerance; that half-baked science in favour of global statism that raises the political class to regency status by increasing depravity and coercion is “what people want;” and that anything but their views are indicative of ignorance at best, criminal racism at worst.

    In short, they just can’t stand intolerant people and have given themselves permission to shut up all dissenters.

    And make no mistake, progressives, the melding of the failures of socialism with the utopian and counterintuitive neo-liberalism, are not interested in debating their ideas and seek to insult, marginalize or eliminate any who disagree, as VP-elect Pence found out, again, but not likely to his surprise – just chagrin, and perhaps a good laugh later.

    They lost touch with the people whom they say their were fighting for, and so lost their votes; now they cry foul.

    To the radical moderation is seen as extremism, that common sense ideas such as self-reliance, compassion and real world accomplishment are antithetical to the idea of the leviathan state, which they see as virtuous, without ever giving the matter thought because their belief, at lease outwardly, is based on their emotive surety they’re correct, so entitled.

    So they blame, blame, blame, whether it be Comey, or the deplorables, or the sudden divergence to ignorance from enlightenment, aka those voters who became racists since they voted Democrat in 2012, but went GOP or stayed home in 2016. Above all, failure is always someone else’s fault. That is their creed, and their only hope is when they are removed from power by limited government, the resultant prosperity and burgeoning freedom make people again drop their guard on the statist who ever seeks to impose their influence on every area of life, for their enrichment.

    It seems their impatience is getting the best of them again. Next time, their compliant media friends may have gone out of business, or at least slipped into the abyss of the 5th estate, now unable to control the message and mandates.

    So it sucks to be a progressive in the USA. It sucks here too but our media generated Toronto centric political culture, despite the abysmal failures of the ON government, thinks the lad is actually a populist or agent for change, when the converse is true. It will take some serious pain for enough voters to delineate between populism and political platitudes. Meanwhile incredible leaders like Stephen Harper get tossed aside; how good does he look now?


  2. I absolutely agree Sandy. Our nation would have a chance of competing and succeeding in the new rough and ready world economy; instead we will fall further behind as tax, borrow and spend Grits erode confidence and performance, which is already underway despite the pain of tax increases via present permanent deficits (remember when Harper warned about this, to deaf ears grinding their personal axe against the man), still a few years away.

    As stated in earlier posts, we’ve sabotaged ourselves electing a progressive dilettante whose only talent is wasting taxpayers’ dollars, while delivering a miniscule benefit through politically harpooned “infrastructure” spending and shipping off $billions so others in the world can combat climate change as our working poor flounder.


  3. I think Phil that Trudeau et al will show their true colours when they are faced with approving Keystone XL. If they don’t …… the west, and possibly the East if Energy East is not approved because of Quebec sensitivities, will give Liberals the boot in 2019. Can’t come soon enough for me.


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