Is political correctness frightening Canada’s conservative leaders?

happy-canadian-beaverI am getting sick and tired of Ontario’s Patrick Brown and most of the federal Conservative leadership candidates shrinking at media condemnation of the conservative principles they supposedly believe.

I mean, Kellie Leitch can’t even talk about wanting newcomers to our country to be screened for such values as freedom of speech and gender equality, without being labelled a racist and a bigot.

Yet, thankfully Leitch doesn’t shrink from those firmly held beliefs. Follow her on Twitter and you will see what I mean. The woman has courage.

In other words, what I am talking about is the need for conservative leaders in this country to have the courage of their convictions even while under opposition and media fire.

Yet, at the moment, the opposite seems true. For example, Sam Oosterhoff was recently elected in Niagara West-Glanbrook for the Tories.  His leader, PC Leader Patrick Brown had him wait an extra day to be sworn in because Oosterhoff planned to vote against Bill 28. Why? Because the Bill, which was to make it easier for Lesbian and Gay couples to have children, did not include the words “mother” and “father.”

What did Brown fear? Was he concerned that one of his caucus might be labeled a social conservative? Probably.  Read this column from iPolitics, for example, about how social conservatives need not apply to be nominated a PC candidate. Obviously, Brown did not expect Oosterhoff to beat Rick Dykstra in Niagara. Ah, such is democracy!

Now I come to those running for the CPC leadership to replace former PM Stephen Harper.  It is just like a contagious disease. Just as in Ontario, federal Conservative leaders are constantly whining about political correct issues and their attacks on Leitch are unseemly to say the least. The reality is that Canada doesn’t need or want Liberal-Lite Conservative leaders anywhere in this country.

Which reminds me. All we heard from the media after the Trudeau Liberals won in October 2015 was about the nasty hateful tone that the Harper Conservatives had encouraged. Absolute nonsense! Just listen to the hate being thrown at US Republicans and you will know who really was responsible for the negative tone in Canada’s House of Commons and it wasn’t the Conservatives!

The crux of the matter is that Canadian conservatives need leaders that they can support. Just as Jason Kenney is doing in Alberta and Brad Wall in Saskatchewan, conservatives across this country need to know what Conservative leaders would do differently from their Liberal or NDP counterparts.

Yes, I get letters nearly everyday in my inbox from the federal candidates and ONPC Leader Patrick Brown. In the former, even including Leitch and Max Bernier, I have yet to hear a vision that could beat Justin Trudeau in 2019 and one that I can support on this blog.

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  1. Conservatives prattle on and on about “Conservative principles”, which seem to be so vague that every conservative I’ve spoken to has a different version of what exactly, they ARE. I believe most politicians who run under the CPC banner are no different than those who run under the LPC or NDP banners, their leading principle is: get elected,stay elected for 6 years and collect the best pension in Canada.
    Another principle many conservatives seem to adhere to is; offend no one,try to please everyone,make no un-pc statements and if you do,apologize immediately. Exactly the same as all the other Parties.

    Kellie Leitch,my favorite of those declared, made a sensible statement concerning immigration and while we expected the liberals and the Press to excoriate her,didn’t expect it from other conservatives. The members of the CPC should get out of their comfort zone and talk to the real conservative base in this Country,just as Trump did, to find out what their base is really interested in. Currently,many of them don’t have a clue,and are just as much a part of the Ottawa establishment as the DNC is of the Washington establishment, iow,the political elite of the Country.

    The current CPC leadership campaign has far too many fringe candidates who take up too much debate time, by the end of the last televised debate,I was mentally exhausted, ready to vote;”none of the above”. Raitt,Ohbrai,Chong should drop out immediately,none of them have a hope and just take up space.

    The main contenders, Leitch, Bernier, Scheer, Alexander, Blaney, are at best,uninspiring,some of the self-declared social conservatives such as Lemieux and Trost merely muddy the Party brand and give the liberal/Press ammunition to fear monger about abortion,gay marriage, and marijuana.

    None have the charisma to excite the voters, as Trump,Obama or Trudeau did, though I believe Leitch or Bernier would be a very competent PM.. These days,”competent” is a euphemism for dull,staid, and boring, and won’t win an election. We have to hope that the Liberals screw up SO badly that Canadians turn on them and I just don’t see that occurring in this “Little Brother” of the USA,the much reviled Nation to the South of us that has carried us on their economic back since WW2. It is very much to the USA’s interest to keep us economically viable,so we won’t go the way of Greece.

    We need a better choice of Leaders than the current crop of contenders. We also need a leader who is not forever apologizing to the media. Is there another televised debate of CPC leadership contenders coming up soon, so maybe I can guzzle enough coffee to stay awake through 14 candidates quacking and try to find some hope in one of them?


  2. I’d rather not wait out economic disaster as the only opportunity to unseat the Grits. I agree Sandy the current Conservative parties in ON & federally are hopelessly attached to the politically correct construct, thinking they can be Grit-lite, thinking some scandal and incompetence will win them power back, without a friendly media to make it up.

    It’s already here. Frankly, none of the current CPC crop excite me in any way. Maybe one will grow into the job, but they seem the bookend to the moribund Liberal candidates following Mr Harper’s initial victory, today’s Stanfields.

    Perhaps they can learn something from Mr Trump, by first making it clear they won’t be judged by a co-opted, biased media who are linked at the birth certificate and marriage license with the LPC and its Laurentian elite derivatives.

    What would I like to see from the CPC leadership? Checking with Canadians would be a good start.

    Ask Canadians if they think bigger wasteful government is good government, which the fathers of Confederation, honouring our fine British parliamentary traditions, guaranteed along with peace and order.

    Ask them if they would like to make their own decisions rather than having their preferences decided for them, by someone else hired with their taxes.

    Ask Canadians why the current LPC long ago abandoned the finest tenets of liberalism on which this nation was founded; that the individual is endowed with inalienable rights to their life and property, which cannot be taken away without due process.

    No, we have the top down Just Society redux, where we’re free to think like them, or shut up and pay up.

    Is Justin Trudeau providing that political due process, with his ridiculous deficits and carbon taxes that hurt the middle class he was elected to save, but the poorest the most.

    Is it OK to screw our Air Force with a replacement fighter which is at best a vestige of yesterday?

    Is it OK if Canada gets economically whipsawed with negative bond yields and punishing inflation, a maxed out debt machine and monetary policy unable to maintain stability? How will economics from the heart fare in this?

    Three years is a long time in the life of a country. We are heading towards Chretien debt wall territory, without the benefit of baby booming economic growth. Now 25 years older, they withdraw their productivity and begin to demand pension and medical services. Our PM says interest rates are low so it’s a “good” time to borrow. Some vision.

    Donald Trump excited millions of voters by telling them they had their voice in their vote, that they can rise above the partisan propaganda, false narratives and identity politics of the statists, rather than just adhering to self appointed and taxpayer funded elites tut tutting them with accusations of ignorance and intolerance.

    I see none of that fight from the CPC leadership candidates. What happened to Stephen Harper’s grand fusion of libertarians and conservatives, why do they now seem to move apart? The voters are over their media induced temper tantrum against them and are facing the consequences of the current PM’s feigned populism & crises.

    He will take us away from prosperity on the idiotic idea that Canada can do anything about climate change by taxing people or shutting down fossil fuels and a key industry. His Paris pipe dream becomes our liability.

    Hello, we are not the problem (2% of AGW emissions, low use of coal electricity), but what a great excuse to play hero while taxing & regulating us into the dumper.

    Here in BC our enlightened ones decided to force homeowners and contractors to become “certified” when they pull a building permit, requiring them to take costly government courses on how to do what they already know.

    What a counterproductive policy, but I’m sure some crony capitalist somewhere is snickering!!

    So concern for improper work, despite existing inspection requirements, will result in permits not being pulled and … well you know the rest. More of the same to solve the caused problem.

    I heard from a friend a fellow who, a pro who built 300 houses, was told he would have to pay a $25,000 developer’s fee, after completing a 6 month course at his own expense!!! We must deprive the mandarins of our money, or they will continue to come up with counterproductive ideas that build their empires on our dime.

    That’s the kind of insanity that must end, somehow. The US is probably moving away from that as we move towards it, as we pay climate reparations to nations who’s growth in emissions equals our total output. How will that work out?

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  3. I can attest to the sad, stacked deck scenario which the PC nomination contest in the new riding of Carleton amounted to. In addition to Jay Tysick two other male candidates were discouraged from running, one outright, and the other a long standing city councilor, warned off because he was too old, out of date for the party of P Brown. This paved the way for a Muslim woman from Ottawa, not a resident, to prevail over a token candidate, recently graduated from university. She was also active in busing out a team of supporters from Ottawa to establish the new riding executive in Aug. Local conservatives, long time supporters of Lisa MacLeod, (who chose the adjacent riding in the split) ) are left to accept the designated candidate, or to lump it. Not even close to a fair, democratic contest at all. This riding is one of the surest bets in Ont for the PCs.
    I also read of the experience of Mr Duval in Glengary and the reasons for his banning from the nomination contest are even murkier to understand. A video of some guys drinking beer and acting foolish at a hockey rink, what horrors!
    My take is that P Brown is simply terrified of saying anything, doing anything that will give the Toronto media reason to label him “extreme” His strategy obviously is to lie low and let the Premiership come to him; Ontarians are so sick of the ruinous policies of K Wynne that they will anoint him to the position.
    I can assure him that said media will demonize him anyway, whether he opens his mouth or not.

    As opposition leader he should be compelled to articulate some policies and ideas why people should support him, simply being alive and an alternate to the Liberals is not reason enough.


  4. Very depressing Martin. Patrick Brown is Liberal Lite. He may win simply because people are so fed up with the Wynne Libs but I sure hope he is fiscally conservative at the very least.

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  6. Great post, Sandy! You’ve come to the same conclusion as have I. The Liberal Left, the enviro-fascists, and the usual gang of suspects in the MSM have pretty much beaten all opposing forces into whimpering, hardly subtle submissive acquiescence. I can’t remember ever being more disheartened, if not disgusted, with politics in this
    country. When so-called “Conservative” candidates start pimping carbon taxes, and kneeling in, if even feigned, reverence before the altar of AGW/Climate Change to gain public acceptance or avoid controversy, we might as well pack it in ’cause it’s all over but the crying.

    This is exactly what I want to hear from a CONSERVATIVE leadership candidate…

    And until I hear this, I’m sitting on my vote, either for the leadership or in the next election. I’ve had it! This, IMHO, is the biggest scam in the history of western democracy, bar none! I’m fed up with being lied to, with distorted (think “adjusted”) data, with literal inquisitions against skeptics (meaning “heretics” to the faith), and quasi-religious enviro-fanaticism that is threatening to bring Canada to its knees. ( ) But mostly I’ve had it with mealy mouthed, gutless wonder politicians lacking any semblance of backbone to stand up for good common sense and honest truth.

    These are dark times we are in. Our universities are disaster zones drenched in Marxist ideological twaddle, maintained by heavy-handed censorship of political correctness that is making a pathetic joke out of any notions whatsoever of the right and value of free speech. Wealth creation in our resource sector has been brought to a virtual standstill by leftist and environmental equivalents of Nazi Brown Shirts smashing, burning and terrorizing in our streets. Good people, qualified and capable, are turning their backs on political involvement and leadership because they have no taste for the unmitigated garbage that now goes hand in hand with it, primarily from the MSM that has turned political service into a GD farcical gong show.

    I’ve never been a fan of Trump, but…

    If he actually manages to “drain the swamp” in Washington, and put an end to this asinine climate crap, he will have accomplished a great deal more than any other president in living memory.


    Al in Cranbrook

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  7. No offense here but I seem to remember sandy shortly after the last election you were hoping for a red torry because you felt that it’s time to stop being so nasty. Did you come to realize that no matter what policy positions a conservative adopts short of adopting the liberal party red book we’ll be labelled as racist, sexist bigot homophobes. We could run a lesbian transgendered black woman and they’d be labelled as a racist sexist bigot homophobe unless they came out in favour of every liberal policy and even then they’d probably stick with the usual playbook. The people we are up against are not reasonable. They are not fair. They do not even like this country. They don’t even like themselves for the most part.

    It’s time to stop falling into the same trap over and over and over again. The answer is not to cower in the corner and hope they leave us alone. The answer is to hit back twice as hard. I’m personally sick and tired of being called names for not subscribing to leftist ideology.

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  8. Yes James, that is true. Up until recently I always called myself a Progressive Conservative in the tradition that Stephen Harper and Mike Harris were considered progressive conservatives — middle of the road pragmatists. That is obviously no longer the case regarding ONPC Leader Patrick Brown and most of the CPC leadership candidates who agree with AGW and carbon taxes.

    I would remind you and other commenters that in order for me to approve comments I MUST have an identifiable email address — for legal protection reasons.


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