Trudeau Liberals returning to “entitlement” roots in just over a year?

piggy-bank-3Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Ministers have been having questionable fundraising activities and the media basically yawns.

Not only that, Mary Dawson, the Parliamentary Ethics Commissioner, who so easily and quickly went after the Conservatives, symbolically yawns as well when she suggests there is no obvious reason for an investigation into those activities.

For example, a CBC column states (H/T NewsWatchCanada): “In a letter responding to requests for an inquiry from the Conservatives and the NDP, Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson said there is no evidence to date that demonstrates Trudeau … violated the Conflict of Interest Act.

‘While the information provided in support of the allegations is not sufficient to cause me to initiate an examination under the act at this time, your letter and media articles leave me with concerns …. Consequently, I will follow up with Mr. Trudeau regarding his involvement with the fundraising events …. I will inform you of the outcome in due course.

So, Dawson will do an Opposition “follow-up” but not an investigation under the Conflict of Interest Act? Why not? Is not following up on the allegations an investigation?

Let me help the Dawson Ethics researchers with facts that we know.

(1) We know that PM Trudeau attends fundraising receptions that, according to a Globe and Mail article, cost $1,500 a ticket and are held in homes of well-heeled business executives where up to $120,000 can be collected in a single reception. As the Sun’s Lorrie Goldstein writes, Mr. Trudeau has admitted that he is lobbied  (H/T NewsWatchCanada) at those events.

As Rona Ambrose, the Conservative Interim Opposition Leader says in the Globe column: “Everyone knows they [the donors] are not writing … cheques out of the goodness of their hearts … [but] to buy access to him.”

(2) We also know that some Chinese billionaires are donating to the Trudeau Foundation because, not being Canadian citizens, they cannot donate to the Liberal Party. Why would they do that suddenly now? In the Globe column linked above, Ambrose says she believes it is so that they can gain influence with the government.  

Paying for access? Sounds very close to similar allegations against the Clinton Foundation in the U.S. when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. See this link, for example, at JacksNewswatch.

Pathetic whatever it is and shades of Ontario Liberal arrogance. Remember, right after being elected, Trudeau said his Liberal Government would do things differently. Now we know that is not true and actually was never intended to be true given Trudeau’s expectations for the Foundation prior to his party even becoming the governing party. On that earlier history, J.J. McCullough has something to say at Loonie Politics. 

Anyway, talk about double standards! Can you just imagine if the government involved in this sordidness was the Conservative Party of Canada and the PM was Stephen Harper? There would be non-stop 24/7 hysteria — as this Google page reminds us.

The crux of the matter is that there is obviously one standard of ethics for Conservatives and another, much lower standard for Liberals — which might explain why Mary Dawson doesn’t see the need for an investigation yet.

As the popular expression goes — “same old, same old.” I can only hope that Canadian voters will not be fooled in 2019 and will reject Trudeau and his Liberals, not only for his and their arrogant entitled attitude once in power, but their lies to get and stay there as well.

6 thoughts on “Trudeau Liberals returning to “entitlement” roots in just over a year?

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  2. This would be the same Commissioner Dawson who exonerated Trudeau for accepting lavish speaking fees to charitable organizations prior to becoming Liberal leader. She saw nothing amiss in him traveling to Bruce Co. and charging Kincardine School Board $10,000 for addressing students for an hour or so.

    There is little evidence the member for Papineau even knew where Kincardine was before going there.
    There were about 17 such organizations, none of who received any refund after the story broke in 2013.
    (One may be local to you, Can Mental health Association Burlington $20,000.)

    As you say the thought of a CPC member doing this and getting away with is is impossible to imagine. A much lower ethics standard for Liberals is a permanent feature of our political structure. The only up side is that the return to arrogant ways makes Liberals that much more vulnerable in 3 years; this assumes that a CPC leader will target these excesses with focused determination. One can hope anyway.


  3. Paying for access, the very words are scandalous pertaining to politicians who have been elected to serve. The amounts are obscene as well, wealthy people donating to politics to get tax breaks and possibly garner favours as well.
    I agree, no Conservative government would ever get away with this nor would they even think of doing it.
    We’ve heard from Trudeau as he uh, uh, uh’d his way through, they are playing by the rules.


  4. I am not too surprised myself. I find when parties fear they might lose they are more careful while when they think they have the next election in the bag they get arrogant. Almost every liberal poster or liberal I talked to went on how the Tories were too right wing and would be in opposition for a decade or longer and that the Liberals had united progressives so the NDP was irrelevant. Off course this is nonsense but when you have that type of arrogant attitude, it follows things like this will happen. The good news is the Liberal honeymoon seems to finally be dissipating. Yes the Liberals are still ahead, but not sky high like earlier and are showing signs of difficulties in the provinces West of the Ottawa River (unfortunately still quite popular east of it). One scandal doesn’t sink a government, but if it becomes a repeated pattern it does and with almost 3 years left in the mandate they could be in trouble if they keep this up.

    Off course Conservatives should not take the next election for granted either. I’ve always said winning the next election is difficult but doable. Otherwise I believe you were a former professor, so think of it like a B student aiming for an A in terms of challenge, otherwise challenging, but if you work hard and set your mind on it, it can be done. In many ways using the sports analysis its like a top team playing a weaker team so they don’t bother trying thinking they will win and as is often the case they end up losing and that is how I see the Liberals acting.


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