Happy New Year Canada in spite of “10 Leading Misfires” by Trudeau Gov’t in 2016

trudeau-misfiresHappy New Year, Canada, in spite of the following ten leading misfires by the Trudeau Government in 2016. Are the CPC Leadership candidates paying attention?


# 10. Trudeau’s failure to show up for work. (If the Opposition was going to hold the PM accountable, Trudeau would make appointments at the same time as Question Period so that he didn’t have to be accountable.)

# 9. The massive Paris delegation. (Canadian taxpayers paid for 383 people to attend.)

# 8. The moving scandal. (Canadian taxpayers paid for Trudeau’s PMO staff to move to Ottawa. I can understand some expenses being paid, but $200,000?)

# 7. Cancelling Conservative tax breaks. (Ah yes, Conservative tax breaks are bad while Liberal ones are good.)

# 6. Refusing to call ISIS atrocities a genocide or Islamic terrorism. (Sure sounds like Barak Obama. Remember the Barbaric Practices Help line that Kellie Leitch was trashed in the mainstream media for, no one, that I know of, ever mentioned the reality that young girls were, and are, being mutilated.)

# 5. Praise for Fidel Castro. (I believe the satire Twitter page handled that issue perfectly. Trudeau learned that his cult of personality can disappear in a flash. Now, maybe we can read and hear the truth from our media about the dumb things Trudeau says and does. Well, at least I can hope!)

# 4. The reckless spending by Trudeau Ministers. (Not surprising, I suppose, as the Liberal Party are the Party of “I’m entitled to my entitlements.”)

# 3. Refusing to hold a referendum on our voting system. (May I remind Liberals, 39.5% of the popular vote does not give them a mandate to change anything without a referendum? Remember, Stephen Harper won with 39.6% of the vote and progressives and liberals would never have stood for such arrogance.)

# 2. The Cash for Access scandal (So much for a Trudeau Government doing things differently. Same old, same old. Just like in Ontario with the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals.  They are answerable to no one.)

# 1. The Crippling Liberal Deficit and Debt. (Nothing needs to be said here. Canadian voters should have known the Liberals would tax and spend their way forward.)

The crux of the matter is whether the CPC Leadership candidates are paying attention to the Trudeau misfires and deciding what they stand for as a political party. Because, come May, 2017, what we don’t need is another politically correct party and Liberal Lite Leader. There is a reason Kellie Leitch is ahead at the moment. She gets it. She is willing to name the reality facing us in 2017 — Islamic terrorism.

Think about it. Most of us older than 50 grew up with neighbours and friends from all over the world, from different cultures and different religions. We didn’t even use the words diverse and inclusive then. For the most part, we simply accepted our differences. Now, it has changed as some new Canadians want us to change to conform to the world view of their country of origin. That is something we cannot and should not do and the candidates should not be afraid to say so.

Yes, the Liberals have misfired. Yes, for the most part, the media overlooks all those misfires. But Conservative voters have not overlooked them, something the candidates should keep in mind.

26 thoughts on “Happy New Year Canada in spite of “10 Leading Misfires” by Trudeau Gov’t in 2016

  1. Great article Sandy, we as Canadians need to get our country back…free speech, Canadian Values, right to own fire arms, jobs and our natural resources get rid of the carbon tax. There is no global warming IPCC lied. And now with the Liberals spending we are BILLIONS of dollars in debt!! YIKES! This should scare all Canadians especially the young voters whom will be paying the bill. Trudeau thinks he is better than Trump to bad, he could learn from Trump.


  2. Nothing will change until voters realize they were coned and lied to by an unethical media, partnered with the Liberals, into believing Canada needed change from Harper because he ran deficits, put us into deficit, and caused a Senate spending scandal. None of those were true – talk about fake news! The fourth estate has become a statist fifth column, then they whine when others interfere with their monopoly on fakes news as their businesses fail.

    Unfortunately, it isn’t enough to just lie to voters, the results of those lies must be made clear, trebled deficits, Canada now slipping into recession, unable to weather the coming economic storm because governments at all levels continue to cripple recoveries with ever new taxes along with stifling regulations. They must feel that pain for change to occur.

    Here in BC do it yourself homeowners are told they must obtain certification before pulling permits for work. This is purportedly done to ensure safety, despite existing inspection regimes, and in fact will reduce safety because few will bother to obtain building permits, instead doing clandestine work during evenings and weekends, when the bureaucrats are snug in their homes and beds, or plotting further malfeasance for their entitlements.

    When will this madness end, when will government explain why they must continually erode our freedom? Until voters realize they were duped by rent seekers using government to force others’ preferences to them, we will continue to see Canada stagnate as GB, the USA & others move forward with limiting government, or at least arresting its growth.

    How will Canadians like the idea they were lied to about having additional taxes and regulations imposed on them, that deficits and Grit spending are now out of control, and sending $billions to international kleptocrats while kowtowing to socialist cum environmentalist fools who actually believe the earth has some thermostat they can control?

    Somebody needs to tell them, to inform them of the costs of selfish statism, as Trump did in the US, not only taking on the malignant media, but taking them down. Now they are left licking their wounds and searching for others to blame as they cannot escape their idiotic identity politics posture that is so removed from reality as to be only detectable by the Mars rover as it trundles along on that dead planet while statists kill the very ideas of our nationhood here.

    As the world is forced by frustrated voters to move away from establishment failures, we move towards the very worst of them due to a malignant media malevolence of anyone who doesn’t rely on the state, who doesn’t understand the egalitarian wisdom of spending other people’s money while destroying productivity. The media lied to us about the so-called populist Trudeau who actually represents the worst excesses of elitism, arrogance, ignorance and self interest.

    Listing the broken promises and incompetence will not be enough as our media will tell us that is all we’re entitled to, that Harper’s formula for success through a fusion of libertarianism and conservatism removes their control over us, which they decide for us means Harperism was mean and nasty instead of our economic light and indeed birthright given our British roots guaranteeing peace, order and good government. How good does Harper look now?

    Does anyone think big government, including the leftist sycophantic pablum served up by our new Grit overlords in Ottawa, Toronto or elsewhere, is good government? I think not. The connection must be made between establishments serving themselves at the expense of the people, as Trump did with his simple message to jettison the elitists in favour of common sense. Let the media crow and ruminate, call them for the incompetent liars they are.

    We know the media and governments lie all the time, and that mediocracy carries their water to try to assure the continuation and legitimization of their false narratives. That is not particularly new, the economic woes now and the statists feeding off what’s left of the fat is newish, as Trump showed and exploited, showing we can do better.

    I see no evidence the current CPC leadership crop can change that; indeed they seem ready to abandon and deny the amazing legacy of PMSH and prefer the “we are part of government” and “you didn’t build that” statist fallacies.

    In any event, even fools like Trudeau and Wynne, despite their worst statist excesses, can’t bring this great country down, though they can cause some pretty significant damage if we don’t stop their political pollution.

    After all we did survive the first Trudeau era. It will take a second term to approach his damage, which we continue to pay for today, if the boy blunder has any chance at his father’s economic depravity.

    Happy New Year everyone and God bless Canada. In fact given, we drove out the best PM in generations, God help Canada. A grassroots approach which clearly shows how statism is driving down our prosperity is all that’s left.

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  4. Happy New Year Sandy. There is hope and life in spite of the political scene in Canada and Ontario but we do need to keep our ears to the ground, things are not looking good politically as we start this new year. I also think the air is slowly leaking from Trudeau’s balloon, even the media are showing signs of It. Looking forward to his first meeting with Trump, the uh, uh, uh’s will really flow.


    • Happy New Year to you too Liz.

      It’s really hard to get excited by most of the CPC leadership candidates. Even those I used to like have caught the political correctness fever and trying too hard to get liked by the media — which is a lost cause. Same with Patrick Brown. Yet, he’s the ONPC leader and that’s that. So, I am going to start looking at individual policies I can support. If you see anything worthwhile, let me know as I plan to do more blogging this year for obvious reasons.

      Ha. Trying to sound excited. Not there yet!

      I will not support any of the CPC candidates from Quebec. We don’t need another one from Quebec right now. Trudeau is from Quebec and so is Mulcair. And, any candidate who is not going to be fluent enough to take part in a French debate needs to quit now. As well, both Lisa Raitt and Andrew Scheer need to practice more.

      I like Kellie Leitch but she will not be able to beat JT whether we conservatives like it or not.


    • Liz — One more thing. I wouldn’t be able to support Kevin O’Leary. He is not like Donald Trump. Just doesn’t have the ordinary person charisma that the latter has. However, if he does join the gang, I will simply ignore him to the best of my ability. LOL


      • I was about to mention O’Leary…funny that! He’s making a sideshow of the leadership with a side of arrogance. He wants to get into politics only if he’s assured of winning, otherwise what’s holding him back? He doesn’t speak French, says he speaks jobs! How does he say “jobs” in French? His personality is far from that of Donald Trump.


      • Agree Liz. What “jobs” does O’Leary think he can get when our biggest issue is the climate change agenda we are being faced with? It’s like O’Leary thinks he is going to be our Savior. Hardly. I have relatives in the Alberta oil industry, at least they used to be in that industry.


  5. Since December 23rd our hard working PM is having some personal/family time in the Bahamas. He didn’t feel necessary to be among his subjects for the beginning of our 150th birthday. This I heard in the news, I didn’t miss him at all. No word mentioned on when he will return. We need not worry, Mr Butts will have everything under control, it will be business as usual.


      • IMHO the longer Trudeau can be kept out of Ottawa, the better for the country. Keep him on vacation for the good of us all.

        BTW O’Leary simply doesn’t get it; his so-called points on the CF35 program show him to be out of his league with national policy requirements. But, the Grit lite versions we have vying for the CPC leadership simply don’t cut it either.

        Harper should consider returning, now that Canadians know they were lied to about him and the country and the stench of Laurentian elitism and its fatal conceit, in the taxpayers’ nostrils and the socialists disdain for the poorest of Canadians, raising taxes yet massively increasing the deficit.

        Like I said, Harper should look good to voters now compared to the statist sycophants we have here, shipping money to the poor in other countries while increasing our poor’s taxes with their ridiculous “carbon pricing” policies which are tax increases and excuses for statist excesses while buying carbon credits from China who’s increase alone dwarfs out entire output.

        When will politicians talk about actual pollution? Not soon imho, it’s easier to pontificate and just move the goalposts around to justify tax, spend and borrow policies, as our clean environmental record is vilified under false premises of CAGW and ignorance of how low our coal footprint is compared to the US, China, India and other nations.

        Forbes recently produced a study that argued demand for fossil fuels, even with coal slightly diminishing, will continue to grow to 2040. Meanwhile our PM looks for ways to suck the lifeblood out of our economy and deny our legacy as a nation which using our natural resources, our forests, our oil and our wheat, aka the staple theory of economics.

        I’ll start the cheer – Harper come back for 2019 and put the run to these liars and their unethical handmaidens in the media. If the Grits under their neophyte leader get another mandate, all bets are off concerning our prosperity.

        Except for Grit cronies and AGW rent seekers that is, they will do fine in their gated communities insulated from the fiscal reality and misery of their governments know best attitudes and policies and Zimbobrae redox.


  6. A recent report, buried by the feds before Christmas:

    “During the 2015 election, Justin Trudeau pledged to balance the budget before the next election, in 2019. Yet, in the fall fiscal update announced this past November, Trudeau’s Liberal government pushed the goal posts back and projected deficits until 2021 and beyond.”

    These new assumptions from the finance department now call all of the Liberal government’s numbers into question.
    This is not the only alarming figure revealed.”

    Another key fiscal promise of the prime minister’s campaign was to bring down the debt-to-GDP ratio to 27% by 2019. Yet the finance report also places this accomplishment out of reach.”

    It instead projects the debt ratio consistently hovering around 31% for the next few years, then dropping to 30.4% by 2021.”

    Federal debt is also assumed to cross the $1 trillion mark around 2031. It is currently $635 billion.”



  7. We have to remember some key statements by the Prime Minister, the budget will balance itself and he will grow the economy from the heart out. Now we have evidence that hasn’t kicked in yet, when he gets back form his private time maybe we will get some insight into how that will be applied.


  8. Something else we don’t need right now is candidates for the Conservative leadership fighting among themselves. This could be what we will see as O’Leary sits on the outside making remarks but not committing to run. They should ignore him, he’s not in the game, he’s a candidate but he can do damage.


    • I just read what Lisa Raitt is saying about Kellie Leitch. Unbelievable. I can understand the anger about O’Leary. He is either in or out. But, Leitch is not race baiting for goodness sake. Lisa has been hit by the politically correct bug we have been talking about.


  9. To my regulars: I am going to start doing a few posts a week re federal leadership race and in anticipation of the next Ontario election. I just have to figure out how I am going to do it. For example, do I write on all the things Trudeau is doing that I/we disagree with or do I write only about the CPC leadership race? Blogging just isn’t what it used to be, given Twitter and Facebook, so any advice would be appreciated.

    Liz, Phil, Don, Monkey, and others who come here, what would you like to read about?


  10. That’s a poser Sandy. Maybe the CPC leadership race is more important. Right now we can’t do anything about the government we have by critiquing their actions, we do have a chance to participate in the process of choosing the leader who can get rid of it.

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  11. This will be my last post under monkey and from now often I will post under my real name Miles Lunn, the reason for this is until last week I was employed so I felt it was better to post under a pseudonym as I didn’t want my postings to negatively affect any of my business dealings. I am now starting my own business this year so will be self-employed and starting my new blog hopefully in a few weeks.

    As for topics, I would be interested in hearing takes on the big news themes as well as perhaps any Conservative candidates. Trudeau’s popularity won’t come crashing down overnight, rather governments defeat themselves as mistakes add up so best to point them out as well as always interested in what alternatives others have to propose.

    A big news story today as that the government may not balance the budget until 2055. I warned people a year ago about the dangers of deliberately going into deficit when not in recession. With an aging population, its reasonable to expect slower growth in the future so going on a big spending spree on the belief it will kick start the economy is a bad idea yet the government seems to have ignored this. Japan tried this in 1998 and has had average of 1% growth per year and its debt to GDP has gone from 20% to 260%. Since Japan has the highest median age of any country in the world in many ways they are the best lead indicator of what to expect with an aging population and it looks like Trudeau hasn’t learned from this. Besides Germany has a balanced budget and is doing quite well debunking Justin’s idea stimulus is needed and likewise here in Canada, both BC and Quebec have fiscally prudent provincial governments and are doing better than Ontario and Alberta who have tax and spend ones like our current federal government. Anyways my suggestion is topics of the day related to our government and perhaps provincial too. I live in Ontario now, but I am moving to BC later this year, but still interested in the provincial politics, especially of any of the big four provinces.

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  12. Thanks for the suggestions Liz and Miles. Maybe you need to pick up the baton Miles because I am tired and unmotivated.

    Listening to Lisa Raitt today, I just rolled my eyes. She does not represent the Conservative Party I got involved with in 2005/6. Ten years, nearly eleven blogging and its probably time for someone else. I used to get close to a thousand hits a day. Now, after a post its a couple of hundred. One of the differences is that my domain is broken at the bloggingtories.ca and, as a result, my posts don’t go up on the aggregator. I have repeatedly asked Stephen Taylor to check on what is wrong, but he has not responded likely because he told me a year or so ago, I had made enough changes of domain over the years and he would not change anything else. The thing is, I didn’t change anything.

    Anyway, whether my posts go up on the BT aggregator is neither here nor there at this point because, thanks to Jacks Newswatch and NewsWatchCanada, who often post my titles on their news sites and Twitter, my post titles get exposed.

    Let us all know your domain Miles (Monkey) once you get set up so we can check out your blog.

    In the meantime, I’ll continue to post just once in awhile, although I will not get involved in the internal strife of the CPC leadership process. Instead, I will join the CPC so I can vote for the candidate of my choice and I recommend regulars to this blog do the same.


  13. Hi Sandy.

    I really believe the task is less about policies than exploiting the frustration and distrust voters feel towards politicians, something Mr Trump and ironically Justin Trudeau, the poster boy for entitlement, were able to successfully tap into during their successful victories over gobsmacked opponents. Trump overcame the media; Harper didn’t.

    Trudeau did it only with the media’s help, while Trump had to overcome it. In both cases the media allowed their candidate to misrepresent at whim, with not a whit of inquiry. In fact the media kept their powder dry for a run at their adversaries, breaching their trust with the public in the process.

    They had to allow falsehoods to be credible to pull of their false narrative, that Harper was establishment (nothing could be further from the truth), he was doing such a poor job that our economy was in recession and Canada’s better relative performance was ignored, and excellent budget performance disdained for not budgeting with the heart.

    Trudeau got away with his “modest” deficit promise partly by claiming the government was already in deficit, which was demonstrably false at the time and has been borne out since; until the latest bunch arrived, that is.

    On corruption, Trudeau’s fundraising speeches were ignored for fantasies of corrupt Tory government. They had Duffy (the Grits had Max Harb; again ignored, in fact Duffy’s trial substituted for his), to show Harper was as bad as they were, when he was never in the Grit’s league. No worries, free ride from Mansbridge for Trudeau on all of it.

    We now know that was untrue, as Duffy, while still scummy imho, was not criminal and indeed the so-called Senate misspending was dwarfed by even the NDP with the $3m satellite office shenanigans. Now the Grits are back.

    So my point is some Canadian politician somewhere has to draw a coherent line between voters being lied to for their support, to then find themselves unsatisfied with the result, saddled with carbon taxes, ridiculous regulation and shipping off $billions while hurting the poor the most. That – along with their idiotic kept promises and important broken ones, like a trebled deficit, again pointed out, again ignored and later proved to be so.

    Then they promised to balance the books. We can see that now that was false. That was never going to happen. How much mendacity is the voter prepared to accept? I know this; facts and figures won’t help in persuasion.

    What is does mean though is more hardship for all Canadians as profligate government cuts services, increases taxes and rustles the revenue collection bushes to unprecedented levels to cope with out aging population. That’s the change Trudeau has delivered us, and he did it by not being up front with the Canadian people.

    Harper should come back and kick his butt on that. He was fooled like the rest as to the depth of depravity our media was prepared to undertake to get him out. I haven’t watched a minute of mainstream Canadian news since.

    Why should he come back after that hatchet job, but if not him then somebody must remind voters they were misled and outright lied to and saddled with out of control spending and its deleterious effects, as boomers age.

    I would love to see this website develop the idea of communicating and reinforcing well founded distrust of big government, persuading voters that until dishonest politicians are politically defeated, it can only worsen.

    They must understand at a gut level this continuing maladministration is eroding their financial security.

    But we still need an alternative, and unless one of us or another is ready to step up, then it would all go for naught.

    But let’s try anyway. The key is forgetting the notion people think about politics. Harper told voters they had to batten down the hatches and not fly off the fiscal handle, while allowing Canada to fully exploit her resources.

    Trudeau and the media appealed to intolerance and victimization, telling them that wasn’t so, without foundation, instead mirroring their inadequacies on Harper, stating voters needed saving from false crises that only Trudeau and his philosopher king leadership could offer deliverance.

    Peace, order and big government. How tragic for our people to be fooled by such mendacity and self-interest.

    Already we know Harper was right and Trudeau, to be charitable doesn’t have a clue, and we’re getting hurt with stagnant growth and failing confidence as a result, and that pain has only begun as statism revs up again, saving us all from climate change and other imagined hobgoblins of the failure of liberty, except for our overlord milers.

    The key is – it’s really about emotion, facts have little to do with it and buttress feelings only, as Trump proved.

    He also showed you can inject enthusiasm into politics and convince people their vote is important. He tied his emotional message to making American great again, which resonated enough to attract new voters, while discouraged Obama Dems stayed home. Therein is the crux of the matter of his victory.

    Canadians pining for limited government can sculpt a very similar message for voters, backed by policy platforms.

    Goodness knows there’s lots of time to work on this, along with ever growing evidence to bolster our POV.

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  14. Wonder what’s really behind Trudeau’s winter trek across the country to meet with the regular folks? To see how the other half survives maybe? See how his middle class is growing perhaps? I hope he is as successful as Iggy was when he went forth to smell the barns.


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