Trump’s inauguration numbers prove conservatives must fight dishonest media

screenshot-inaugurationThe photo image to the left is of the actual crowd that viewed Donald J. Trump’s inauguration speech on Friday, January 20th at approximately 12 noon. In other words, the National Mall in Washington was packed.

Yet, right after the Trump inaugural address, tweets started coming out that claimed the Obama 2009 numbers were significantly higher than the Trump 2017 numbers.

The double image below is indicative of that early claim. While you can’t move my image, here is the CNN link to do so. How long that image remains online I don’t know but it was there when I wrote this.

Click for the actual CNN comparison.

Click for the actual CNN comparison.

Anyway, I retweeted repeatedly that the 2017 image was taken around 9 or 9:30am in the morning. I knew that because I had my TV on all day and personally saw that view at around that earlier time period.

That inaccurate image stayed on Twitter and the Internet for a couple of days — allowing thousands if not millions to call Trump a liar — until CNN released this gigapixel image which began to prove the truth about the actual numbers.

Interestingly, today CNN released (H/T Gateway Pundit) another set of images which, once and for all, shows that as many people heard the Trump inauguration speech in 2017 as those who heard Obama in 2009. In fact, it could be argued that even more heard Mr. Trump.

Unfortunately, such anti-conservative bias is not new to conservative Canadians. For ten years, the entire time the Stephen Harper Conservatives were in power, I wrote about what we called the Harper Derangement Syndrome. It now seems obvious that the US is experiencing a similar Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Which means that whether you live in the U.S. or Canada, conservatives are believed to be bigoted, racist and intolerant.

On Saturday, for example, a Conservative Rebel Media journalist was roughed up at a women’s rally in Edmonton — by a so-called male feminist who was then hustled away by so-called female feminists. Watching the speeches and mayhem in Washington also showed just who is truly intolerant.

In other words, the very hateful words screamed at conservative women, particularly pro-life women, is a reflection of the hateful intolerance of any point of view that is not the one held by progressives and liberals.

The odd thing is today’s feminists are not really feminists. In the 1960s many of us now of retirement age, fought for equality and choice for both men and women. Real choice. Not one point of view.

  • Women could choose to work in the home full time.
  • Women could choose to get a job.
  • Women could choose to go back to school.
  • Women could choose to have children and work.
  • Men could choose to be the one to stay at home if they wanted.
  • And, women could choose to take birth control pills because they were then accessible.

In the early days of feminism, we also didn’t call abortion a right to “reproductive choice” because that is what birth control was. Remember, prior to the “pill,” women did not have much control over whether they got pregnant, something young women today forget or don’t know.

Anyway, this is all connected in that progressives and liberals hate anyone who doesn’t think like they do and that includes the similarly minded mainstream media.

So, what can conservative thinkers do? They can:

  • Read conservative oriented news sites,
  • Write on or start a conservative blog,
  • Comment regularly on Twitter and conservative blogs,
  • Get involved in the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) Leadership contest,
  • Join and volunteer in a CPC riding association, and
  • Donate money to the CPC directly or a leadership candidate.

In other words, the crux of the matter is that the best way to fight the dishonest liberal media is to ignore them as Mr. Trump does and get involved in conservative politics — whether you are a former reform conservative, a progressive conservative or a conservative leaning libertarian.

19 thoughts on “Trump’s inauguration numbers prove conservatives must fight dishonest media

  1. Exactly, sourcing news from some alternate sites is very easy one doesn’t have to totally rely on any particular site. Juxtaposing stories among some different sources will point out which ones are interpreting events differently. That is if they report the story at all and I didn’t see the Edmonton assault story on mainstream media. I quit watching CTV/CBC news shows last year, except to monitor them occasionally. Watching now it is startling how many outright untruths are casually uttered by the personalities during a broadcast. This can readily be checked from an alternate source.
    After all, had CBC themselves looked at alternate sources like Drudge, they wouldn’t have been so completely at sea on US election night. Granted the outcome was surprising, but it was predicted or suggested as a possibility elsewhere, One poll (LA Times) consistently predicted a Trump win yet CBC posted Eric Grenier’s explanation why we shouldn’t believe this outlier. Being so spectacularly wrong on election predictions, major news organizations should be read with some caution when they report developing current events. Unfortunately a lot of them are just doubling down on the narrative, of illegitimate President etc. It is viewer beware for any news stories today.


    • Nate Silver actually gave Trump a 29% chance of winning and considering how many close states he won that sounds reasonable. What’s ironic is the RCP average was Clinton +3.3 while her actual was +2.0 while in 2012 it was Obama +1.4 while the actual was +4.1 so the national numbers were pretty close to accurate, it was rather people forget it is the electoral college not popular vote that matters as well as anyone with a degree in statistics, which Nate Silver has knows the typical margin of error for a poll is +/-3 points if 1,000 people are surveyed so most final polls despite having Clinton ahead were still within the margin of error. Also Silver pointed out the higher the undecided is, the more likely a surprise is which is why despite the fact Obama had a smaller lead in the polls in 2012 on final day than Clinton, Silver gave him a much better chance at re-election than he gave Clinton. Otherwise I think this more sloppiness in that a lot of the media don’t understand how polls work. I’ve found with people’s short attention spans the media in general looks for catchy headlines and tends to not investigate as much as they did historically. I though generally avoid the more ideological right wing sites as I am centre-right and I probably wouldn’t even be on the right at all in the US considering how much further right the median voter is than the median Canadian voter. I don’t think one has to support the Republicans in the US to be a Conservative in Canada, especially considering a sizeable chunk of the GOP don’t like Trump. I would describe the Conservatives in Canada as being to right of the Democrats while left of the GOP whereas the Liberals and especially the NDP both sit to the left of the Democrats. That being said I think the Tories are best to neither be too cozy or too hostile to the GOP as taking either approach will alienate one faction of the party. I think Trump was such an unusual candidate and said so many things that would normally sink a candidate that many just assumed he would lose without maybe looking a bit deeper. In some ways its sort of like Rob Ford only on a larger scale.


      • Trump not like Rob Ford &feel that an unfair comparison. For one thing doesn’t drink or smoke and never has. Also a deal maker with those he disagrees with. Trump ultimate deal maker.


      • I just used Rob Ford comparison even though different as both albeit in very different ways were unconventional politicians and MSM hated their guts. But you are right Trump doesn’t drink or smoke and certainly in policy is quite different.


  2. The Inaugural crowd size issue, while not important in itself, exemplifies the alt left media, which now includes all the major networks including CNN and MSNBC, will twist reality, outright lie and jettison any idea of an ethical 4th Estate, in order to gotcha Trump, in a desperate attempt to get him off message; despite that tactical failure in the election. Why, because that is all they have. Does anyone believe they actually think through their ideas, rather than emotive appeals and beliefs based on “it sounds right?”

    It’s not just about challenging or denying his legitimacy as POTUS, it’s about building a false narrative around Trump, to create an untrue image of the man, to foist up in the next election. This is what the Canadian media did with Harper, with their faked news on scandals, deficits, and recessions, along with the free ride given JT and the Grits.

    Trump and his team will not let the mediocracy get away with that and it drives them crazy. He will not let them define him, chipping away and blowing up their false claims (btw it’s accepted as fact by the lefties the Obama crowd was larger – contradictory evidence is simply ignored as “fake news” when the opposite is true.

    Meanwhile, the Oval Office is a flurry of activity with this discussion and that measure, along with statements of objectives, there being so many the mediocracy is unable to focus on any one item of “bad news;” instead they creep lower and lower, clutching whatever leftist life preserver they can. Soon they will retreat to their universities, seminar rooms and golden parachutes.

    It’s called misinformation, but like the climate change so-called debate, one piece is drawn out (yes Virginia the climate did change) to represent the larger issue, in that case real pollution. The waters, once muddied in this way, can be twisted to mean anything the propagandist wishes.

    Now these hypocrites wrap themselves in their faked news under the guise of saving us from fake news. Sure, the fox is going to save the chickens. Witness the TorStar latest flinch at what could happen in Canada, now that the mendacity, conflict of interest and outright incompetence of the media is coming to light and effect with voters.

    No that’s “fake news” according to this walking dead bunch of dinosaurs. Check out the garbage dump of self serving gems from a faked news media outlet:

    “Google and Facebook have come to dominate the information narrative on the Internet, even though they lack a “passion” for news and “actively” avoid the responsibilities of a publisher, the report said.”

    But as these Internet giants dominate information dispensed on the web, traditional media outlets, battered by double digit declines in their ad revenues, struggle to survive.”

    The situation is so severe that the “sustainability” of newsgathering in this country is now a question mark and the question for lawmakers is “whether democracy itself is being put at risk.”

    Adding to this troubled backdrop is the rise of fake news “laced with lies, hate and even possible manipulations by foreign powers,” the report said.”

    Perhaps a tax could save us from broadcast oblivion, like a carbon tax saves the oilfields. If they do not read, listen or watch, the advertisers do not come.

    You want to survive? Besides fishing for more funding and censorship, have they considered presenting news objectively without injecting their opinions as fact, despite the public determining they have no value?


  3. Trump is wasting no time in getting on with what he promised he would do throughout the campaign. He is not stupid, he will be consulting and taking advice along the way. We should be so lucky. It will be interesting to see how the first meeting between Trump and Trudeau goes.


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  5. Such a simple solution to the media that Trump is executing – call them out for the unfettered and unapologetic leftist propagandists they are, by using concrete examples (i.e Trump crowd fake photos as sandy has done above, or the MLK bust lie)

    Media then has two choices – it can continue to lie, and even double down on the lies, but Trump (please please please Conservative leadership candidates take note) will then simply continue to point out the lies, and the media loses what little credibility they have left.

    Or they can start to be what they are supposed to be and that is unbiased and objective. However that would mean telling the truth about both singular issues and broad ideological issues (they are attached).

    Problem is if the media tells the truth the left will never win another election. they cannot win without lying.


    • One of President Trump’s huge appeals is that he is the first politico in years to fight back at journalists, who are hectoring or misinterpreting him. He is pretty well the first to say what viewers mouth at home when he is being talked down to by liberal commentators.
      Canada is not the US, and differences apply, still had CPCs fought back more aggressively in 2015, could they have saved the election? Probably not, but individually Chris Alexander could have fought off attacks from Rosie Barton and A M Tremonti on the handling of the Syrian refugee crisis. The final numbers admitted were very close to what he was trying to get out in interviews; Liberals had no chance of admitting 25,000 by years; end and didn’t. Just one example, Alexander may have been able to retain his seat with a more determined effort. I would have relished seeing him at least try. I note that the aggressive interrogation seems to have vanished now that Liberal Cabinet ministers are the interview subjects.


      • Hi Martin – if the Harper government and Harper himself would have fought back – not just during the campaign but throughout his mandate, I think we would still have him as PM.


  6. There seems to be a bit of interest in the Conservative leadership race coming from the Dragon’s Den “stars” since O’Leary entered the ring. We have an opinion on O’Leary from Arlene Dickinson and now Michael Wekerle is supporting Maxime Bernier.


    • Brett Wilson is supporting Kevin O’Leary. Interesting as both Brett Wilson and Arlene Dickinson were seen as the nicer dragons while Kevin O’Leary got the reputation as the nasty one. Off course I suspect that was deliberate as the show would be far less entertaining if you didn’t have someone like him. While I do not support him for Conservative leader, I did find him quite entertaining on both Dragon’s Den and Lang and O’Leary exchange, but being a good reality TV personality doesn’t make one PM material. It’s not so much I wouldn’t vote for him (I still probably would), I just think there are too many dumb statements that could easily be used against him in attack ads as well as his lack of French. Nonetheless he is apparently a lot more popular amongst millennials than most Conservatives so maybe there is something there.


  7. The latest news is Trudeau will welcome to Canada immigrants rejected by the US . How will that play for the us when we want to visit the US? This might be the question to ask of our candidates for the leadership, how do they feel about it. This is a premature reaction, in fact it’s downright stupid. HELP!


      • Yes Sandy, PC will be our downfall and it’s alive and well with our present government and of course most of the media.I’m going to vote for the candidate who displays the least of it and I think I already know who that is.


  8. While off topic, Trudeau has abandoned electoral reform promise. This was a dumb promise so better he breaks a bad one that keeps it. We definitely dodged the bullet here as PR has been a disaster in Europe, while ranked ballots may not be bad per se, but it would definitely make it very hard to unseat the Liberals. For all its flaws, FTFP has served Canada well for the past 150 years so there really is no reason to change.


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