Violence at Berkeley re Milo Yiannopoulos & liberal fascism

Click for ABC video.

Click for ABC video.

What we are seeing in the U.S. regarding the protest and riot at the University of California at Berkeley (H/T is an example of liberal fascism, a projection of the very criticism the Left screams at conservatives.

For example, Wikipedia describes fascism as the belief that “liberal democracy is obsolete” and that there must be a “complete mobilization of society under a totalitarian one-party state …”  In the current U.S. context then, I don’t think it is an exaggeration to suggest the Berkeley protests are an example of fascism — albeit in reverse — the preference for a totalitarian state governed only by the Democratic Party.

Scary stuff! But, yes, in reality progressives and liberals in the U.S. want to do whatever is necessary to take down the Trump government. And, no as I said above, I don’t think saying that is an exaggeration.

Think about it. Ever since Donald Trump won the Presidency on November 8th, 2016, the pro Hillary Clinton Democrats — including elected Democrats in the U.S. Congress and Senate — have screamed and yelled that, because Trump did not win the popular vote, the Republicans should not do what they promised to do.

Which begs the question: What if the election result had been reversed? What if Clinton won the Electoral College and not the popular vote? She would be President and there would like be few if any protests.

Well, Clinton did not win the Electoral College and Donald J.Trump is President!

Which brings me to the Berkeley fiasco. What set the students and administration off? It seems that the students got upset because Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak. The problem? Is he a racist? Is he a homophobe? No, worse. He is a gay conservative who doesn’t like liberal political correctness. He also likes President Trump.

So much for free speech!

Yes, I can identify with what is going on in the U.S. I am a conservative Canadian who has been blogging for eleven years now and had to listen to the anti-Stephen Harper screaming and whining from the opposition parties in Ottawa, as well as the liberal media, for the entire ten years the Conservatives were in power.

And, like most conservatives in the West today, I am fed up with liberals and progressives constantly calling us evil simply because we don’t think like they do. I am also fed up with them constantly exalting their righteousness and demanding absolute conformity to their vision of the social good.

To put it bluntly, the crux of the matter is that protesting everything conservative is nothing more than liberal fascism.

13 thoughts on “Violence at Berkeley re Milo Yiannopoulos & liberal fascism

  1. The totalitarian fascist’s first task is to dehumanize dissent and opposition, to legitimize violence against them and refusal to grant due process or free speech.

    They do this mostly by mirroring their disgusting beliefs, tactics and actions on their opponents.

    Thus Trump is a fascist, therefore a Hitler and therefore violence against him and anyone perceived by them is fair game for violence from violent SA types who have never even given any thought to freedom of speech or critical examination of their ideas.

    Pure negative emotion, followed by temper tantrums. PC is velvet totalitarianism which has emboldened fascists everywhere that their perceptions are justification for violence and anything countering that is fake news. Fake news abounds all right, but currently on the left, and to their horror the voter has figured this out.

    Calling Yiannopolos a white supremacist makes no sense, except as a mirroring of left wing racist identity politics. But this man is charismatic and doesn’t fit the mould of a buttoned down conservative, so must be scurrilously labelled as some kind of violent fascist who can only be countered with violence.

    The left is destroying itself by showing any support whatsoever and their biased stories reinforce the image of an out of touch fascistic media.

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  2. The definitive read on this is provocative book Liberal Fascism, by Jonah Goldberg, columnist at National Review. He points out that the original Fascist philosophy was outlined by Mussolini an Italian Socialist and that the movement was and is identified with the Left. He offers comparisons between many New Deal programs and policies and those of Italian Fascists.
    In this sense the outrage against free speech is fascist all right, no need for the liberal qualifier. Goldberg’s columns can be read at Drudge readily, or bringing up his name. Always interesting to read someone worth listening to.

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    • Actually Martin, I believe the qualifier is necessary in my post because liberals are not normally anti-democratic and dogmatic. I simply will not tar everyone with the same brush that the Left are painting in the US at the moment — i.e., not all Democratic supporters are out there destroying property. The other reason I will keep the qualifier is because there is a tendency for liberal politicians to throw that term (or white supremesist) at conservatives. So, I want to be specific in this case.


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  4. Well said Sandy and Phil.

    The radical left has practiced the art of constantly attacking liberal democracy ever since their 1917 victory in Russia. When looking at the history of various countries that succumbed to the radical left we saw the same methods used everywhere. After decades of this thinking infiltrating through our universities into all our institutions and the steering of our “liberal” parties further to the left the left, after its eight years of Alinskyite control in the White House, thought it could achieve final victory with a Hillary administration. When this was frustrated in November 2016 they now hope to tear down the right of center administration by force in the streets and by obstruction in legislatures. Two days ago Senate Minority leader Shumer even said they will oppose even “in the streets”.

    I believe there is a civil war happening. The only thing missing is fighting in the streets, so far.

    In Canada, they have won, as we have no effective opposition among our politicians and in our media. Our university administration and student leadership allow no competing thought. Oh to be sure, some of the media are now gently chiding Trudeau’s more blatant missteps, but these same media personalities did their best, often viciously, as Sandy mentioned, to tear down PM Harper for ten years.

    Sorry to go on, but what we saw at Berkeley is only the beginning of what will occur and even escalate during the next four years. My wife thinks the present POTUS will be done away with one way or another.


  5. At what point does law and order come into the picture? In a democratic, civil society can we not expect to be protected from extremists who hit the streets just because they don’t like the result of the democratic process of electing those we wish to govern us?
    We’ve sat back and watched as the socialist creep came into full bloom in our schools from Kindergarten to the halls of higher learning. What can be done when all levels have been infiltrated with the philosophy of fascism?


      • Yes, I have seen this story posted a few places, but totally ignored by our national broadcaster and the Toronto dailies, actually all the main media as far as I can see. It should be required reading inside the PMO and at Queen’s park, but especially by tax paying Canadian citizens. If but a fraction of this story is correct, then the whole basis of AGW once more following the leaked e-mails, comes under question. The conceit that a few million Canadians stretched along the 49 parallel can affect world climate if only they are taxed into submission, irregardless of what neighbours or other nations do, is just madness. Yet that is still the status quo policy, no matter how much the basic premise is devalued.
        In Ont we have 3 party leaders committed now to man-made climate change and the absolute need for Ont to “do something” to manage it. And I see no politician at any level brave enough to even begin to ask the obvious questions and adopt a proper skeptical attitude toward this issue. I read somewhere today that the whole climate change question is based not on physical science, but on political science.


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