Anti Trump & CPC leadership media bias in Canada & US


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The media and Left inspired nastiness regarding all things Trump and conservative politics these days is horrendous and non-stop.

Turn on the TV or your Twitter feed or pick up any newspaper, and the headlines say it all.

For example, on Twitter I read that a Liberal MP believes that Canada’s Conservative Party was responsible for the Quebec Mosque massacre. Politicizing the deaths is, of course, disgusting. Luckily former Conservative Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney, corrected that faulty information.

As well, I have read and heard for months now,  that Conservative Leadership Candidate Kellie Leitch is anti-Canadian because she wants to vet newcomers from Muslim countries.

Of course, anything I hear or read about President Trump I take with a grain of sale — such as his latest behaviour at his most recent Press Conference. The media said he was unhinged whereas I thought the reverse.

Blah, blah, blah.


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In the US of course it is anti-Trump 24/7. In fact, I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that the mainstream journalists there are the ones who are “unhinged.”

President Trump is simply a showman, always has been and always will be.

Trump is also not beholden to anyone for anything. As a result, the media need to get used to him “telling it like it is” because it is his authenticity that supporters like about him.

As to Kellie Leitch and the Canadian Conservative Leadership campaign, there is, unfortunately some nastiness going on within the campaign. As I wrote here, Leitch has been attacked by several of her fellow Conservative leadership candidates, including Lisa Raitt.

In any event, while I like Leitch, I am leaning towards Andrew Scheer. Why? Because he is a young family man, much like PM Trudeau. As a result, I believe the media’s comparison to the current PM will be more favourable.

Scheer is also not going to be controversial because he is a known personality, having been Speaker of the House of Commons. Besides, in my opinion, Scheer is most like a young Stephen Harper. Meaning, while he does not glow with charisma, he has experience and statesman-like dignity.

The crux of the matter is that I will leave this thread open to provide a space where regular readers can discuss and debate the CPC leadership contest in the weeks and days leading up to the May 2017 vote.

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Endnote: If readers want to find this site after early May, 2017, I would recommend they change your “favorites list” for CotM to soon as I don’t plan on renewing in August, 2017. Similarly, the domain will expire in the near future because it has not worked for some time now due to the “dashes” between words.

10 thoughts on “Anti Trump & CPC leadership media bias in Canada & US

  1. Sorry to hear that you are taking a breather, but I understand fully why one would become worn down by maintaining a blog in the current hysterical season in North American politics. Your’s and Joanne’s were two forums where one could still have polite reasonable discussion, not the norm so much anymore.

    I am worn out myself from the 24/7 attacks on President Trump, especially from Canadian media; at some point one would hope he be given a chance to make some executive decisions and get on with government.

    Here the CPC contest does not inspire me very much. The Liberals have made their intention obvious and the next election will be contested along anti-American lines, similar to the Paul Martin and later Chretien campaigns, As long as a Republican is President, Liberals will play this card and Donald Trump more than fits the bill for them. In this, Trudeau is gifted, in that he simply has to be un-Trump like to bask in the attention of the Canadian and world press. Witness the fawning articles in NYT and Washington Post.
    This distracts form his many mistakes and political decisions which now go even more under-reported.
    Whoever the CPC chooses, Liberals and their media wing will waste little time declaring them Trump-like.
    We can already see this in the debate on Liberal Islam hate motion, see comments by Liberal members:
    The idea that Kellie Leitch fit that bill for a while is absurd, but that was the branding applied. I don’t know which candidate could resist the branding best, but that will be the task, to articulate sensible conservative positions without being labeled extremist. Not an easy role for anyone, especially when the media is determined to make the connection.

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  2. So true Martin. As you say: “Not an easy role for anyone, especially when the media is determined to make the connection.” It is for that reason, I am looking at voting for Scheer. While Bernier is currently popular, the media will never forget he left documents at his girlfriend’s years ago. A shame perhaps but reality just the same. As for O’Leary, he is definitely “just visiting.”

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  3. The Left and media of the same bent have gone stark raving mad since they lost . In spite of all their nastiness and “fake news” Trump won. They will continue to protest and each time the do they will look more pathetic. Trump will continue to bait them and they will take the bait. That’s the US but it spills over here as well, some of the same sources of money are funding interference with our politics as well.

    Our media is getting more disgusting by the day, reporting endlessly on Trump and ignoring our own political affairs or connecting Trump to Conservatives as they go about the process of choosing a new leader.
    The saying “things have to get worse before they get better” must almost be here..

    Enjoy a break Sandy, politics has never been so nasty in my memory and having so many venues to spew hate and fake stories isn’t any help.

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  5. Well Sandy, when one pays attention to what is going on in our society politically and is opposed to the march toward the socialist nirvana it is easy to get depressed about the situation and want to just forget about it. Especially at my age. Our media does not even pretend anymore to be objective and write for the truth and for the good of the people. It will not matter who is elected leader of the CPC the media will do its best to destroy that person. They do not want to risk another Harper coming along and upsetting their little Laurentian Elite cabal and its cushy control of Canada.

    I also like Kellie Leitch and Scheer and have supported both with my mouth and wallet. Martin is right about the media attacks on whoever is elected.


  6. Mr O’Leary came late to the game and now he’s refusing to take part in the last debate because he doesn’t like the format. How this plays out remains to be seen, It may be overlooked, Leitch is getting bad press, talking about Canadian values and immigration are taboo subjects apparently. There seems to be little excitement about any of the others except for Bernier perhaps. I’m betting there are not many who could name all those running for the Conservative leadership and that’s what the media wants. I don’t think we are smart enough here to bypass the media, blow them off like the Trump campaign.


  7. Just letting my regular readers know that quite a few people have asked me to hang in until at least after the Ontario election in June of 2018. As a result, I will do my best to stick around until then. And, I thank all those for their concerns and kind words.


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