Democrats “doth protest too much” regarding Trump’s allegation re wiretapping

So President Trump alleged, in a Saturday morning Tweet on March 4th, 2017, that Obama and his Administration spied on him and his team during and after the November 8th, 2016 election while working at the Trump Tower in New York City.

Yet, after making those allegations, the U.S. liberal media (like CNN, the Washington Post and New York Times) and every Democrat or Democratic supporter who could get in front of a TV camera, ranted and raved all day Sunday and Monday that Trump was unhinged for making such an allegation.

That there was no proof. Yada yada yada.

The problem is that it has been some in the liberal media themselves who have written much of the proof that Trump and his team were recorded, obviously hoping they could delegitimize Mr. Trump’s win. However, it is obvious now they have been hoisted on their own petard because the proof is already out there for everyone to see if they do a Google search. And, I won’t give those sources any traffic by putting a link. Everyone knows which sources I am talking about.

Anyway, we all know that Mike Flynn, President Trump’s former National Security Advisor, was forced to resign. Why? Because he forgot he had discussed the sanctions when talking to the Russian Ambassador — and then misled the VP Mike Pence by saying he had not discussed that topic.

The key point is, how do we know what Mr. Flynn said if no one was electronically recording telephone conversations at the Trump tower? Because, remember, that is where Flynn made the call, was it not? Although, of course, the recording may have been at the Russian Ambassador’s end.

Either way, it is now public knowledge what Mr. Flynn said, word for word, in what was supposed to be a secure classified telephone call. Does that not point to someone in the Obama Administration? I mean, who else would have released that classified information?

And so, there’s the proof! No “what ifs” as one journalist said on CNN. Besides, releasing the content of the Flynn phone call to the Russian Ambassador was not an isolated incident. We also know what President Elect Trump said to such world leaders as the Prime Ministers of Australia and Taiwan. As with Flynn, how do we know that?

The crux of the matter is that there have been far too many classified leaks regarding President Elect and President Trump, and such advisors as Flynn, to deny the President’s allegation. As Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, the Democrats and their media and pundit supporters “doth protest too much.

Published 1:13pm March 7, 2017.
Updated 9:10pm March 7, 2017 to add the sentence: “Although, of course, the recording may have been at the Russian Ambassador’s end.”
Further update March 17, 2017. Apparently the Flynn telephone call originated in the Dominican Republic — although the fact that his name and a transcript were released publicly doesn’t change the fact that the Trump transition team was under surveillance of some kind. In other words, someone in the U.S. justice or intelligence community wanted the public to know.

4 thoughts on “Democrats “doth protest too much” regarding Trump’s allegation re wiretapping

  1. Hi Sandy. You have hit the salient points. One more thing though – at the very end of his presidency, Mr. Obama signed an executive order permitting sharing of raw (unverified) data amongst 17 federal agencies, an unprecedented decision, reeking of partisan politics.

    That’s what started the leaks according to pundits I respect like Bill O’Reilly.

    Not only are those classified leaks of poor intelligence quality as noted above, their release is also a felony, so Congress is happy to deal with the whole mess.

    IOW, mission accomplished for Mr Trump.

    This might not be Watergate, but it shares one similarity – people are likely going to prison for their unethical and illegal behaviour. Not the big fish; they always swim away from the mess.

    Imho the crux of the matter is Trump used this accusation to disorient the Dems and set the table for his terrorist travel executive order and rollout of his repeal/replace Obamacare.

    He knew this wiretapping allegation was old news reported many, many times, but was able to trap the press with it, with the Dems scurrying to their safe places.

    It’s curious how the Dems don’t have much to say now about the “Russian connection,” in which despite their outrage with Wiretapgate, were quite happy to forward unsubstantiated allegations from anonymous sources to slime Trump, to present them as a smoking gun, indeed as factual.

    Trump has tired of their antics, so turned the tables on the Dems, to send them chasing their tails with his own version of unsubstantiated allegations, which you must acknowledge are not yet proven (yet?), notwithstanding your facts in evidence; no doubt the Dems don’t look good on this.

    Having said that, it if ever comes to light the highest levels of the Dem party and security agencies knew anything about bugging Trump powers (just asking the foreign surveillance court is disgusting), they can kiss their chances goodbye beyond 2020. This is a big no no to Yanks.

    But Bill O’Reilly is right, that would put a serious hurt on the American body politic. It seems the anti Trump reactionaries are willing to destroy America to save it from Trump, and it shows.

    In the world of the blood sport politics, what matters is the immediate outcome.

    The Dems are setting their hair on fire with outrage that anyone would ever dare question the great Mr Obama, who despite trying to bug the entire world, is apparently above such sleazy maneuvering (aka plausible deniability, evidenced by his weak denial of personal knowledge, the “cardinal rule,” which he has demonstrably broken many times).

    Then Trump, with a master stroke, refers the whole matter to Congress opining correctly that nobody should comment on an ongoing investigation. Game, set, match.

    Once again Trump beats the statists at their own game, and they freak out over it. It is pure political theatre, but he has policy tagged on at the end of it. The wild card is the lunatics.

    Once again the Dems don’t know which way to shoot; and they certainly doth protest too much while being hoisted on their own petard, while Trump plans three moves ahead of them.

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