ON PC Leader Patrick Brown ready to be Premier of Ontario!!!

Check out this video when Ontario Progressive Conservative (ONPC) Leader Patrick Brown spoke at the ROMA (Rural Ontario Municipal Association) Conference last month, in February 2017. I listened to the video this morning and was very impressed and encouraged because I realized that once a majority of Ontario voters had a chance to listen to him, really listen to him and what his PC party represents, they would vote for their PC candidate in June 2018.

In fact, I was so impressed, I set about deleting the negative posts I had previously written about him in relation to his wanting to implement a carbon tax. Why? Well, because frankly, a revenue neutral carbon tax, by itself, is not problematic when compared to the corruption and mismanagement we in Ontario are experiencing under the Kathleen Wynne Liberal Government.

Anyway, elected as Ontario Progressive Conservative (PC) leader in 2015, Patrick Brown has definitely grown into a potential premier. Yes, I know, some Ontario Conservatives will complain that Brown has some progressive tendencies. But, so what? The Ontario Liberals not only have some progressive tendencies, they are a complete and total progressive government — and, as such, have made us a have-not province. I mean, we now need equalization payments for heaven’s sake.

My point is that Brown’s having some progressive social views need not be a problem if he also has some strong conservative tendencies. Which, given what he says in this video, he does — in spades. In fact, to borrow from the new President to the south, the PC policies Brown discusses in this video prove the PCs can indeed make Ontario great again.

For those who don’t have time to listen to the video, here are some examples of what Brown discusses:

  1. Brown says the PCs will make hydro affordable again. On this topic, Brown explained that when the Wynne Liberals defended the fire sale of Ontario Hydro to taxpayers, she claimed that a large portion of the money earned would be spent on infrastructure. Brown says not a dollar has been spent so far. Not only that, Ontario taxpayers have already lost over $6 billion dollars selling our hydro to the U.S.
  2. Brown confirmed that the Wynne Ontario Cap and Trade system is nothing more than a revenue tool for the Ontario Liberals, as any money earned will go into general revenue. Whereas, if the PCs implement a carbon tax, as in BC, they will give back every penny to Ontarians.  So, while I may not agree with the concept of a carbon tax, at least it is not more of our money going down a bottomless green hole.
  3. Brown explains that the PC Party really is in favour of natural gas expansion — unlike the Wynne Liberals who just keep making announcements about such an expansion but never follow through.
  4. Brown promised to get rid of the Green Energy Act and put the power of what municipalities do back in their planning jurisdictions. In other words, with a PC Government, no one would be able to force wind farms on municipalities that didn’t want them.

Anyway, if you are a Conservative living in Ontario, or an independent type voter who simply wants to get rid of the Ontario Liberals on June 7th , 2018, I would recommend putting aside 18 minutes to listen to the video. The crux of the matter is that it clearly shows that Patrick Brown is relaxed in his own skin and very positive and committed to what he says he will do if an ONPC Government is elected. And, remember, unlike Liberal governments, Conservative governments of all kinds do what they say they will do.

3 thoughts on “ON PC Leader Patrick Brown ready to be Premier of Ontario!!!

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  2. I will probably vote for his candidate next time, but with great reluctance and I am unable to generate any enthusiasm for Mr. Brown. I am frustrated with the PC party, as this campaign focusing on Liberal energy disaster should have been enacted last time around. All the figures, analysis and criticism was available then, indeed Tim Hudak was encouraged by many observers to do exactly that.
    I simply do not share his opinion that “everyone is for green energy” or the implication that climate change is man-made and that Ont must “do something” about it. We already have 2 leaders supporting that idea, I think he boxed himself into a corner 5 minutes after winning the leadership.
    I would like him to seriously question the purpose of a carbon tax, if the tax is to be returned in some fashion, what is it intended to do? Some blunt question as to cost/benefits of a reduced carbon footprint can be put to the Liberals. We have had over a decade of Liberal energy policies, mostly designed to somehow affect world climate patterns. Despite Billions invested, has there been any progress? How would any government even measure such results? It is absurd to pose such arguments, but if Ontarians or Canadians think by acting alone (in N America) they can affect world climate, they should be able to see some result for the huge tax dollars expended.
    By the next election, Ontarians will have seen drastic increases in food, fuel and many commodities as the carbon tax works through the system; they will be receptive to any leader promising and end to it.

    He stopped short of ending any further investment in wind power, although giving municipalities planning control would do that. An end to any further subsidies and expenditure to the FIT contracts is long overdue yet he still is reluctant to tell the complete story on the wind fiasco. If green energy is the favoured policy, then PCs should emphasize at every opportunity the clean, green, cost effective benefits on nuclear generated power.

    I suspect that K Wynne may not be the Liberal candidate next time, that they will pull a bate and switch deal again. So PCs should not be too complacent that they will be facing a thoroughly weakened leader in the coming campaign.

    Anyway good to see you continuing, hope you remain active here.


  3. I feel pretty much the same Martin. But I am hopeful for a PC govt and willing to ignore carbon tax for that to happen. Maybe if elected Brown will walk away from it.

    I am not getting any younger but will keep blogging as long as I am relevant.


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