Is political correctness destroying diversity of thought in the West?

Whether in Canada or the U.S., liberal politicians and their supporters, particularly those in the mainstream media, love to tell us what to think and how to feel about just about everything. Well, I for one, am sick and tired of it. Take for instance:

Kellie Leitch: In Canada, Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch is being criticized and ridiculed for a video her leadership campaign put out that suggests all refugees and immigrants entering our country, should be screened for Canadian values. In fact, by making this view part of her leadership campaign, she is seen by some of her colleagues and the media as an extremist. Yet, a Radio Canada poll showed that 74% of Canadians surveyed agreed with her.

Motion103: M103 is an Ottawa House of Commons Private Member’s motion that essentially says Canadians should never be allowed to publicly question or criticize Islam. Yet, as far as I know, an Imam at a Toronto mosque has not been condemned for calling for the killing of all Jews. There is also the fact that the Toronto Public School Board allows Muslim prayers in secular public schools even though Christians have not been allowed to do so for decades.

Feminism: Feminism as it is preached today covers only half of the female population — those who believe it is their reproductive right to destroy a fetus that is growing within their bodies. Yet, when I came of age in the 1960s, the fight for reproductive choice was about the right for women to have access to the “pill.” Yet, now, when any woman says she is pro-life, she is dismissed as extremist and certainly not a feminist.

Climate Change: When Barack Obama was still president in the U.S., he declared climate change as the most serious threat to humanity. Thankfully, President Trump is grounded in reality and that view is changing. However, in Canada, PM Justin Trudeau and Premiers Rachel Notley and Kathleen Wynne have instituted either a carbon tax or a cap-and-trade system — which most of us know, that while those taxes will do nothing to reduce our emissions,  they will definitely destroy jobs and investment opportunities.

CINOs & RINOs: Unfortunately, it is not enough that conservatives are condemned by liberals and progressives. You also have to be a “real” conservative. Meaning, you cannot have any beliefs involving progressive policies — even though provincial conservatives are called “Progressive Conservatives.” If, however, you have the nerve to admit you are a progressive conservative, you will be called a CINO or RINO — a Conservative and/or Republican in name only.

The crux of the matter: Well, as I said at the start of this post, I am sick and tired of such political correctness and the lack of tolerance for a free exchange of ideas. In fact, as a former academic, I cringe at the notion that university students, like those at Berkeley and Middlebury College, no longer seem to know how to freely debate ideas, what Socrates called the dialectic. I mean, at Middlebury, a well liked Professor actually received a concussion when she tried to stop a student mob from attacking a sociology guest speaker — Charles Murray — who holds some controversial views.

In my opinion, then, the crux of the matter is that conservatives in the U.S. and Canada, be they considered “real” conservatives, moderate conservatives or libertarians, must fight against rigidity of thought and the intolerance of liberal political correctness. And, dare I challenge university faculty everywhere in the West — to teach their students how to debate a diversity of ideas.

5 thoughts on “Is political correctness destroying diversity of thought in the West?

  1. “Is political correctness destroying diversity of thought in the West?” The short answer is yes. In my opinion it is also destroying eight hundred years of the progress of liberal democracy. It is also my opinion that political correctness is the most visible manifestation of the Marxism that has permeated almost every social aspect of our society. But then, beginning in the 1950s, this was the plan all along. The 5th column has done its work well.


  2. I have posted before of the foolishness of putting a direct tax of fuel to heat Ont homes and drive to work on the slight chance it might slow down an increase in CO2 outputs. To do so with no measurable affect on climate and when out neighbour is doing the opposite is insanity.

    Liberal policy is awash with inconsistencies. Federal policy is to increase immigration somewhere close to 300,000 newcomers annually
    Many of these folks head straight to GTA; would this population growth not increase the carbon foot print, Wynne is so bent on lowering?

    Economists decry most subsidies as they interfere with a smoothly operating market mechanism. Ont now is in the absurd position of subsidizing both Supply and Demand of the same commodity. Wind generated electricity exists only through massive subsidies to wind companies; rates are now so high many consumers have to be subsidized for their use, the Demand side.
    Ont is further subsidizing electricity Demand by direct grant for purchase of electric cars and the installation of charging stations along Hy 401.Sobering statistics from David Booth (NP) that the cumulative market share for electric cars since 2008 is .06%. After all the hype and incentives to purchase these expensive vehicles, public interest remains almost zero. Conservation of electricity makes sense subsidizing a vehicle totally unsuited and unwanted in Ont does not; energy policy encouraging conservation and increased use at the same time suggests more insanity IMO.

    On Motion 103 we have been told by our media betters that a simple resolution is not legislation,etc. But language contained mentions specifically 1 religion and if a Parliamentary committee goes looking for instances of hateful acts against Islam, is there any doubt that some will be uncovered? If legislation is enabled to protect Islam while other religions are aggressively kept to a State/Church separation, will that be fair to the 95% of Canadians outside the Muslim community?



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