Beware Trudeau sneaky vote re Motion 103 on Islamophobia

Apparently Canada’s governing Liberals are going to try to hide their vote on Motion-103, the Islamophobia motion that tries to shut down any debate or criticism about Islam.

Why? Because M-103 is coming back to the House of Commons for debate this week, just before the Liberal federal budget is tabled. Meaning, that any news coverage on the final vote of M-103 will be swamped by budget coverage.

How do I know this? I got an email this morning from CPC Leadership Candidate Pierre Lemieux and I paraphrase three questions from his letter: (1) Do you have a valid concern about Islam, (2) Do you disagree with Sharia Law, and (3) Are you uneasy about radical Islamic terrorism? I would answer yes to at least Questions 2 and 3.

Yet, as Lemieux goes on to write: “The Liberals voted down all amendments to that Motion and now M-103 is coming back to the House….Once the debate ends tomorrow, it [the Liberals] will move to an immediate voice vote. If Conservatives do not “stand five” MPs to force a formal recorded vote, then we will never know who voted for or against M-103.

Well, Canada, you voted for these Liberals. It is not hard to see that this M-103 is simply the preamble to something bigger and more dangerous. And, no, that concern is not paranoia or Islamophobia. For example, the President of Turkey recently told Turks living in the EU to expand their families, so that in time, they would be the majority.

And, as a majority in Europe or elsewhere, what would that mean? There is an Arab folk tale about the camel and the master.  At the start, the master is sleeping in the tent and the camel is outside. By the end of the story, the camel is in the tent and the master outside.  And, we all know what that metaphor implies.

The crux of the matter is that Liberal MPs should not pass this Motion because ultimately it, and any decisions related to it, makes Islam more important and relevant than the Judeo-Christian values and system of law upon which this great country was founded.

8 thoughts on “Beware Trudeau sneaky vote re Motion 103 on Islamophobia

  1. I hope the Conservatives can find the courage to force this Motion to a formal vote, that will be a good indicator of whether they are a conservative Party or just Liberal-lite. Being the cynic I am, my belief is that both major political Parties see the Muslims as a voting block to be pandered to,and Trudeau simply out-pandered the CPC last time around. The move to increase immigration from the ME started under Brian Mulroney,the Liberal who ran the Country for 8 years in the 80’s,and continued with nary a slowdown under every PM since.

    The msm has been pounding the drum on Motion 103 for weeks,with almost no dissent from the narrative,that it’s just a harmless Motion to protect all Canadians. Every Liberal,NDP’er and almost all Conservatives I speak to,believe the Muslims are simply another immigrant group that will assimilate “just like the Italians”, a phrase I often hear.

    With the current inability of the masses turned out by our education system to examine an issue with a critical eye, this will become the theme,and here I will segue into that old cliche about the frog in the pot of water.
    I notice many of the Muslim youth are eschewing jihad for the life of the drug dealing gangsta, complete with hot cars,chicks, tax free money and the party life of that esteemed profession. The old Imams must be tearing their hair. The corruption of good Muslim youth by us decadent infidels might be the salvation of this Country.I suppose it depends on how firm a grip the religious leaders maintain on their flock.

    Motion 103 is just the beginning,but like the frog,Canadians won’t mind until we are as strictly regulated as Europe,and maybe most of the younger generation won’t mind even then. Our values, what WE refer to as “Canadian values”, have been successfully educated out of the post baby-boomers. Free speech, and all the freedoms guaranteed by British Common Law seem to have become irrelevant and even quaint to the younger set, who have been inculcated with the Marxist religion and are ready to obey Big Brother like the good little progressives they are.

    It’s going to be an interesting and sad next 20 years watching this great Country that our ancestors fought so hard to build and maintain, slipping into either a caliphate or a Marxist dystopia.

    I really don’t see any other probable result.

    To hell with it, I hear the kokanee will soon be waking up for Spring,and I’m going fishing.


  2. Thanks for your thoughts Don. It’s unfortunate so many conservatives are bummed out. I fully understand as I wonder why I spend so much time writing this blog. You’re comment tells me why I do.


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  4. I’m not entirely with Don on this one and to be clear I am a hard right blue Tory and ready to bang heads if anyone threatens my country or it’s citizens. That’s my past and my deep concern. I don’t like anyone, of whatever religion, if they threaten with violence those who disagree with them.

    I’ll explain.

    Recently the wife and I moved to Brampton, Ontario and I had to find a new family doctor (I was seriously unhappy with my old one but that’s a whole other story). The doctor I settled on is a female Muslim (which sect I don’t know — there are, like Christians, dozens of them).
    In her defence and in defence of all Muslims who think like her I will say in all honesty that I have never met a doctor I like more. The lady is in all aspects I can discern as much a Canadian as I am. Friendly, up to date on the latest news and very “chatty”. What you see is what you get with her and I strongly suspect there are many more like her.

    Having said that I note that the Muslims we hear screaming the loudest are Muslim Brotherhood puppets and there is good reasons to be concerned. I sincerely doubt my doctor would agree with the latest initiative being pandered by the usual bunch and it is certain she would be much more aware of the goings on in her community than we are.

    Suffice to say that I would trust her with my life (indeed I have) and I think there may be something there we are all missing. These folks came to Canada to get away from the countries who continue to refuse to join the 21st century and I doubt they are happy about a bunch of fools crapping in their new home. Furthermore, much like Christianity, the Muslim faith is now going through what I term a reformation and the old guard is not going quietly into the night…but in time they will. It’s a “no brainer” but we must all be patient. It took Christianity several centuries to arrive at where we are now.

    A better place if you will.

    Hopefully, the way the modern world now moves at “warp speed”, we won’t have to wait nearly as long.

    At the moment I feel we should simply reject the braindead ideas of the MB wherever they may appear out of hand, whenever they show up. This motion Sandy writes about is one of them. We don’t give an inch on this situation because if we do we can be assured they (the idiots in our midst) will next attempt to take a mile and I am certain my new doctor would discourage such action out of hand were I to ask her. She likes Canada…no…she really, really likes Canada, her new practice and her new patients and won’t tolerate anyone screwing that situation up. We can’t ask for much more.

    Those are my thoughts, for whatever value they may have. Folks are free to disagree with me if they so choose.

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  5. I want to add one more thought to this situation Sandy describes.

    Recently, my wife had a nasty fall and opened her head up. I had to transport her to the local “emerg” for treatment at 3:45 am and we waited for over two hours for a doctor to see her. That doctor may or may not have been a Muslim but I suspect so. A young male who finally appeared and took one look. The next thing you know “wee wifie” had six staples in her head.

    What caught me was that this doctor was so gentle with her it amazed me. He continually talked to her and myself, explaining what he was doing every minute of the time he spent with her, freezing the area and not satisfied until all pain was gone. Then he began to staple and she felt nothing. Additionally he warned her that the pain would return but gave her a prescription to get through the first day.

    I was impressed by the care she recieved and thanked that young man for his attention. My point is that the delay was not his doing…it was the hospitals…and they need to do something about that.

    Otherwise, I am well pleased with the medical attention we are recieving in our new home. After all, my new opthamologist>/a> restored my vision in less time than it takes me to type this comment.

    And my new family doctor referred me to him. The rest was like chain lightening as I asked her for help and she reacted when she saw the optometrists report. Short story: I am being treated like gold as is my wife. I have no complaints here at all.

    Just saying.


  6. All opinions are helpful Jack.

    I just don’t think individual law abiding Muslims, like your doctor, have anything to do with terrorism. I still don’t agree with M-103.
    I had a Muslim colleague when I was teaching university. We have had many discussions over lunch on this topic. He knows why the terrorism is going on — because it is the foundation of Islam for adherents to be submissive and to want a converted world. As a result, given those core beliefs, he doesn’t know how to stop the fanaticism. The point is that neither he nor I believe there is any such thing as moderate Islam. I also don’t believe there will be a reformation of Islam in our children’s lifetime.


    Jack,of course the majority of Muslims are not radicalized,I would never say they are.I have known several members of the Muslim community,mostly Ismailis who fled Idi Amin’s Uganda in the late 70’s and early 80’s, these are the “moderates” in the Muslim world,working hard to build a future for themselves and their children,and NOT obsessed with the Koran.

    Take the time to read the linked article about the preaching of the Imams at several of the biggest mosques in Canada,it is hate speech but our politicians are too cowardly to call them out on it.
    This is what Tarek Fatah was talking about at the Senate hearing in his “don’t tell me about the Muslim world,Senator” speech that went viral on youtube.

    Iqra Khalid,the Liberal MP who presented Motion 103 to Parliament,is a tool of the Muslim Brotherhood,and despite her bleatings to the contrary, Motion 103 in the eyes of the MB is just the start. Conservative Muslims believe Sharia law should be the law of the land, the “silent majority” are irrelevant, as the political agenda of Islam is being pushed by the MB through their numerous Muslim associations.

    These people are the danger to our way of life,our democracy, and no one is suggesting people like your doctor or my physiotherapist are any part of that agenda.

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