Trudeau Liberals get “F” for lack of transparency & contempt of Parliament

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Ministers are clearly showing contempt for Canadian voters and the Canadian Parliament. In December, the PM and his family took a trip to a private island owned by billionaire the Aga Khan billing Canadian taxpayers $100,000+ to pay for the trip. Talk about an attitude of entitlement! As a result, the whole matter is being investigated by the Ethics Commissioner.

Then, recently, we heard that Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan exaggerated his war record in Afghanistan in a speech he gave in India on April 18, 2017 when he claimed that he was “the” architect of Operation Medusa. In fact, this exaggerated claim was made before in a CBC interview in 2015. (See also this Google search page for videos of that earlier interview.) So, how was it only a mistake this time?

Anyway, you would think that both of them would be more than ready to set the record straight in Question Period. Yes, apologize but pay the consequences as well. In Sajjan’s case, by resigning. In the PM’s case, by paying the travel expenses out of his own pocket.

Yet, when asked questions on those matters this week, both used robotic non-answers that showed nothing but contempt for their questioners and Parliament itself. Sad really, But, as a former professor, if I were grading the Trudeau Liberals, using their own criteria regarding transparency and accountability, I would have to give them an “F” for failure.

And, here are two examples that illustrate that failure, courtesy of a May 12, 2017 CBC column by Robyn Urback. (H/T NewswatchCanada)

(1) Prime Minister Trudeau was asked how many times he has met with the Ethics Commissioner regarding his December 2016 trip to the private island of the Aga Khan.

  • His first reply: “Mr. Speaker, as you know, I am always pleased to work with the conflict of interest and ethics commissioner to answer any questions she may have.”
  • Asked a second time: “Mr. Speaker, as I have always said, I am very pleased to meet with the conflict of interest and ethics commissioner and work with her to answer any questions she may have on this subject or any other.”
  • Asked a third time: “Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to work with the conflict of interest and ethics commissioner to answer any questions she may have. That is what Canadians expect of the prime minister and that is exactly what I am doing.”

(2) Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan was asked why he claimed he was the architect of Operation Medusa in Afghanistan — when he was not.

  • His first reply: “I in no way intended to diminish the great work that our men and women in the Canadian Armed Forces have done, and their superiors, and I am truly sorry for it.”
  • Asked a second time: “Mr. Speaker, I am not here to talk about my service record. I am here to apologize for my mistake and to be able to learn from it.”
  • Asked a third time: “Mr. Speaker, I am not here to talk about my service record. I am here to apologize for my mistake and to be able to learn from it.”

And, on and on it goes and we are not even half way through the Liberals’ four year mandate. The crux of the matter is that the PM and Sajjin’s responses show contempt, not only for the voters who gave the Liberals a majority government, but for Parliament itself. What Sajjin did was certainly a “mistake” as both he and the PM claimed, but it was more than that as well– especially since it was the second time he made the “mistake.” Meaning, from the get-go, it was a lie. As for the PM’s contempt, billing more than $100,000 to the taxpayers for his family’s deluxe trip showed a complete lack of judgement.

5 thoughts on “Trudeau Liberals get “F” for lack of transparency & contempt of Parliament

  1. Trudeau and company may as well just answer all questions with “it’s 2017, we have a majority and we will do as we please”.

    Sajjin had to know he was not telling the truth, lying is not a mistake, apologizing for lying is just not acceptable on any front, it’s disrespectful, deceitful and contemptible coming from a Minister of the Crown.


  2. Grew up in “wartime housing”, surrounded by war vets. One had to have served in the armed forces during WW II to obtain one of these houses, very basic but much prized as housing was in short supply for the returning men. I knew they had been in the armed forces, but no details of their service. The men just did not talk. Those on our street had the local “symphonic, horticultural, and poker society”, emphasis on the latter (though with a $2 limit on losses). The only man whose story I knew as a child was that of the next-door neighbour whose plane had been shot down and who ended up in the “Great Escape” Stalag. It is a credit to my father that, when he realized I had learned about our neighbour’s past, explained it to me so gently that it was years before I understood the horror of the events that had transpired.

    Fast forward to the 50th Anniversary of D-Day. Asked my mother and aunt where the men of the family were on that day. Could pinpoint a couple of them, but not the others. Again, the men did not talk. They came home and took up their lives. There were problems, only acknowledged much later, stemming from what the men had been through; each family worked through them as best they could.

    Cannot imagine any of the veterans I knew – growing up or as part of the family – who would ever have “stolen valor” the way Minister Sajjin did. On the contrary, they always deprecated their roles, giving credit and tribute to comrades. He has – sadly – disgraced himself and can no longer be held as a proper representative of our armed forces and veterans.


  3. I agree, he has disgraced himself, he should be removed if he doesn’t have the decency to resign. Not going to happen, no more reporting or banter in the press about it either, nothing we can do about it. We may as well get used to Liberal arrogance enhanced by a majority government and supported by the MSM.


  4. On government of Canada site we have under the heading “Note to Readers:
    “Pubkic Service Canada is looking for current and former public servants who are hard working, passionate and want to resolve public service pay problems” !!!! Are we in good hands or what?

    Just what kind of freaking mess are they in? Why are we not hearing any more about it from the media?
    why are we not hearing any more from the workers? Is the government taking funds from somewhere else to pay their workers?


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