The Unfairness of the Wynne Liberal “Fair Hydro Plan”

Yesterday, my husband Jim went to a Niagara-on-the-Lake Hydro open house to learn what is planned over the next decade both provincially and locally. What he found out is that there is nothing fair in the Ontario Liberals’ Fair Hydro Plan.

Sure, the rates are going to go down now and into the near future as the government takes on debt to subsidize rate reductions but, eventually after ten years, that debt will need to be paid.

In other words, the Wynne Liberals are pushing magical thinking on to the population to try to get Ontario voters to forget that the problem is mostly of the Liberals own making, driven by all the billions and billions of dollars contracted for wind and solar energy which is completely unreliable.

For example, my husband learned that wind (7%) and solar (2%) account for only 9% of hydro generation while nuclear is 63.6%.

So, the “Fair Hydro Plan” does not offer long-term utility bill relief, contrary to what Liberal politicians are promoting.  As Peter Reesor, CEO of the Owen Sound & District Chamber of Commerce, says in an Owen Sound Sun Times column by Denis Langlois, “the plan is ‘a good start,’” but doesn’t tackle the central issue of soaring hydro costs. In other words, while “the relief will be greatly appreciated [now] it still doesn’t solve the problem in the long run. We’re basically passing an even higher debt on this – the cost of hydro – to our children and our grandchildren.”


On the hydro debt, Langlois also quotes Ontario Progressive Conservative MPP Bill Walker as saying: “there is nothing ‘fair’ about the refinancing proposal, noting it will cost taxpayers ‘in a worst-case scenario’ as much as $42 billion over 30 years in added interest costs to ‘fix the hydro mess’ created by the Liberal government.”

Truly, the current gang of Liberal politicians in the Province of Ontario care only for their green ideology and getting re-elected. The crux of the matter is that the Ontario PCs under Patrick Brown need to get elected in 2018 so they can do something about this issue, starting with cancelling the Ontario FIT (Feed-in Tariff) program — which my husband heard yesterday, is still signing private renewable energy contracts and will continue to do so until the end of this summer!

Absolute madness! What a mess we are postponing for our children and our grandchildren.

Endnote: Those of us who live in regional Niagara-on-the-Lake (which consists of 5 separate communities), are very lucky that our municipal hydro utility is owned by our local municipality because it is very well managed. In that regard, my sincere thanks to NOTL Hydro and their volunteer Board.

10 thoughts on “The Unfairness of the Wynne Liberal “Fair Hydro Plan”

  1. Sandy – it’s just typical vote-buying by the Lieberals. And it needs to be said – loudly and often – that wind and solar sources are intermittent and unreliable, requiring full back-up power plants (coal, natural gas, or nuclear) on stand-by. You hear claims about how much “clean” energy Germany is producing; what’s not mentioned is that they are quietly building a batch of coal-fired plants as back-up, and their coal isn’t the good quality ours is.

    I attach a link to The Spectator discussing wind power:


  2. Watching their policies of recent seem to smack of desperation. Otherwise their poll numbers are awful so try to throw any policy that may sound catchy even if bad and hope it sticks. While the PC’s should take nothing for granted, I get the impression people are just tired of the OLP and it really doesn’t matter what they do. I’ve seen this movie several times before by desperate parties trying to starve off an inevitable defeat.


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  4. The 7% share of electricity generated by Wind must be treated with great skepticism. That implies that one a given day programmers can dial that amount of source capacity into their Demand calculations; nothing could be further from the truth. The number is simply based on name plate capacity for 1 turbine multiplied by the number of machines operating in Ont. Some days up to 5% of Supply may be generated other days close to zero. Over 75% of Wind energy is generated when the grid is already filled, with electricity from conventional sources. This leads to Wind power being generated at huge cost and exported at a loss to US customers.

    This link is to a Spectator story which states after decades of development , World Energy Consumption produced by Wind rounds to zero.(2014 figures).
    So when we read country X supplies 12-14% of energy Demand by Wind power, keep those figures in mind. Just one more example of Wind proponents, and Ont Liberals are front and centre, employing very dubious figures to mislead consumers.


  5. Likely a lot of truth in what you say Martin but the NOTL admin & Board are independent of the ON Liberals. My husband said numbers came locally and from ON Energy Board. So likely accurate because 7% is embarrassing to say the least. The MPP I worked for way back during Harris years worked with this Board and even then were independent. We are very lucky. Many util have tried to buy them out but always hit a brick wall. Town won’t sell.


  6. I will leave it to someone else to explain the discrepancy in the Ont figures and those of the Int Energy Agency.
    The 7% figure may represent gross kwh generated by Wind as a share of total, But with the FIT contracts, Wind generated power must be accepted onto the grid even when it is fully supplied. This is where the more than 75% figure mentioned becomes important. Wind energy is always presented as replacing one of the conventional sources, such as Gas. But sudden wind gusts bringing electricity onto a full grid, present no time to spool down gas, certainly not nuclear, what can be adjusted quickly is hydro in the form of water spilled over dams, thus we have the absurdity of green, cheap hydro power being replaced by very expensive Wind power. And the over supply of electricity means some of it is dumped to US customers at a loss.
    So the 7% does not represent planned for, usable electricity at the appropriate time; Wind generated power can never replace any conventional source.


  7. At some point we just have to give up on this province until the people smarten up, do what it takes.
    Tossing out money we don’t have like candy to hold on to power bucked up with partisan government ads on prime time TV and radio etc. is more of their arrogance.

    I wouldn’t hold my breath on much change, these McGuinty/Wynne Liberals have been repeatedly rewarded with majority governments in spite of lies and corruption.


  8. Frances: You are so right more people need to know what actual percentages of electricity they
    produce! When a wind turbine cost millions to build with out put so low….why on earth would you even build. Solar is the same little product for the expense. Now it would be interesting to know whom the investors are….because I can’t figure why the gov’t would be pushing something when it produces so little…unless money is flowing…….follow the money? The gov’t will say it is all about clean energy. We already have clean energy..gas, nuclear plants, dams, oil, new regulations have oil cleaner. Then to top it all off they are HEAVILY subsidized and the taxpayers are all paying for this! The gov’t doesn’t seem to give a rats A$$ about the PEOPLE!!


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