Beware America, your media & Democrats undertaking quiet Coup D’etat

In my opinion, it is not over-reacting to say the liberal media in the United States, in conjunction with the Democratic Party, are not just poor losers, they are subversives. They are, in fact, instigating a quiet coup d’ etat.

I mean, from November 9th, 2016, the day after the U.S. election, until now, the American liberal media (e.g., the New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN) have been continuously anti-Trump — apart from a day or so after the President’s speech in Congress and the bombing in Syria.

Russia, Russia, Russia, 24/7. We read and hear constantly that it was the Russians’ fault that Trump won the election. How? Since voting machines were never hacked and, in fact, never hooked up to the Internet, how did the Russians ensure Trump won?

In fact, as Molly Hemingway writes, the Democrats and their liberal media reaction is actually delusional. However, delusional or not, there is danger to U.S. democracy. Tell a lie long enough and people begin to accept it as the truth. In fact, if you read Twitter, there are hundreds of thousands of Americans who now seem to believe that erroneous, twisted narrative.

Then, on top of the “Russians did it” narrative, the U.S. liberal media have been spinning that the Trump campaign was in collusion with the Russians during the election. Of course, no one has ever defined what collusion would look like and or how interactions might have been unlawful, just that collusion would prove treason — which would give the Democrats the reason to try to impeach the President.

Now, however, since impeachment in the Congress would require some Republican votes, the U.S. liberal media and their Democrat supporters, are resorting to having a Constitutional crisis using the 25th Amendment to push their “get rid of Trump” agenda — which allows for the removal of a President or Vice President should they become disabled in some way and unfit to govern. That strategy, one assumes, is in case the Robert Meuller investigation doesn’t result in anything.

For any American who reads this post, let me tell you — pay attention. This is not nonsense. For ten years, the Harper Conservative Government in Canada did an excellent job of governing the country. Yet, the Canadian media went after a Conservative Senator (Mike Duffy) in order to bring Harper down with as much venom, persistence, innuendo and distortion as the U.S. media is doing going after Trump.

Unfortunately, in the end, the Canadian media won. During the 2015 federal election, they trashed Mr. Harper (via what was happening in the Mike Duffy trial) at every opportunity, mostly with lies and exaggerations. In fact, they pushed that negative narrative to such an extent, while praising the Justin Trudeau Liberals, that the Liberals won a majority government.

Were the Canadian media right? Are the Trudeau Liberals preferable? No, they are not. In fact, they are less accountable and less transparent than the Conservatives were! But, are the Canadian media holding Trudeau and his caucus to account? For the most part, no they are not. Rather, the Canadian liberal media are spending most of their time obsessing over Mr. Trump.

In my opinion, then, the crux of the matter is that Americans need to do whatever they can — through paid ads and press conferences — to counteract the false narratives being pushed by the U.S. liberal media and the Democrats because make no mistake about it, as John Steele Gordon and others have said, there is no doubt that there is a quiet coup d’etat underway in the United States of America.

12 thoughts on “Beware America, your media & Democrats undertaking quiet Coup D’etat

  1. Both medias in Canada and the US have chosen ideological/partisan sides that rely on lazy voters to accept their memes. Conservatives and classical liberals must never forget this, we are their enemies. They attack us from day one then blame us for the resulting negativity.

    I got a chuckle from Fox News Tucker Carlson’s feigned surprise that all the big media’s ideas and talking points exactly matched the Democrat party, inflating their fake news bubble for them. There is good data to show this is indeed a closed system of regurgitated talking points, with “anonymous sources” recycled ad nauseam, but reported breathlessly as reliable and protected sources, with no concern for the obvious ethical problem of not being true, test marketed by CNN et al for Democrat consumption. And the wonder why their relevance to the political culture is dying by the minute – truly astounding. Then again the dinosaurs didn’t know they were doomed either.

    The media’s reaction when they get outed for partisanship, as they were from the Harvard study which showed clear & unprecedented bias from the media – . CNN’s conclusion – is “only” Fox provided positive coverage, in complete opposition to the study’s thesis, with the usual mendacity by omission and cherry picked gotcha talking points.

    Trump makes a brilliant peace play in the ME, with no blame game, presenting a clear and positive vision, opining all need to do more to crush terrorism, to pursue any possibility of peace between Israelis and Palestinians, that US brute force alone will not win the day for them.

    His outreach has impressed many, including this observer, his SA speech was a tour de force, and he actually changed my outlook on ME peace from quiet pessimism to guarded optimism.

    Watching his slow build in presentation, making difficult points, no doubt unpopular for some, by connecting common interests and needs, he won over his audience and transformed a fidgety and skeptical group of Arab leaders, to most with their attentions clearly more fixed by speech’s end.

    It was an important moment and everybody knew it, except for some like strange bedfellow and SA hater Roger Stone, who said it made him want to “puke,” which CNN dutifully reported.

    IOW he has moved the dial, even if only a little. By throwing Iran under the bus for the pariah state she is, he has united the Muslim (Sunni anyway) world behind his banner along with Israel, as all now accept the decisive blow to terrorism will have to come through the ME peace process.

    All those who made fun of his “Muslim immigration” generalities should now marvel at his use of religion with religious men, appealing to the shared tenets of the Abrahamic faiths, rather than the technocratic apologetia of Obama, who’s weakness these leaders quietly loathed.

    The US media’s reaction to such an important event. CNN, again: “Trump denies allegation about Israel that nobody made,” and “the ugly truth behind Saudi Arabia’s for Melania.”

    IOW, CNN et al have descended, as a part of the fifth column, into the 5th Estate of blogs, fake news and National Enquirer standards of journalism, from the 4th Estate of unbiased and ethical reporting, that Estate now abandoned and gone to seed, and with few if any residents.

    As for our PM, the media let him get away with the big lie, and repeated it so often it became true to the disengaged voter in southern ON, giving him his critical mass for victory, much in the same way it did Harper, this time without truth or grace, his fine record jettisoned in favour of a media concocted edifice of a bully disgraced by scandal, with fake Duffy criminality, and fake deficits & recessions, while the media looked the other way as the NDP got away with $2.7m of absconded taxpayer money and the Grits failed to ever repay the millions they had stolen via Adscam.

    Now our PM is fine with giant deficits and government induced recessions via infrastructure porkbarelling and transactions of decline (oh excuse me, polluter pay). He freezes the military out of capital spending while organizing lavish amounts on “investments,” 10% of which will go projects in any way resembling productivity enhancement.

    He has no worries about getting out our chequebook to saddle the military with a soon to be obsolete legacy fighter at the end of its already extended life. Until Boeing disses Bombardier that is; now our capability gap must grow higher to teach Boeing a lesson.

    Meanwhile the press tells us how popular our PM is and “what Canadians want.” Funny, like their American cousins, the media’s view coincides with a particular “progressive” viewpoint, ignoring millions of voters who would disagree, in fact completely at odds with their PC pronouncements.

    Nothing will change until we change it, until journalists who publish fake news for quick fame are punished, until politicians who don’t keep promises are tossed out of power, along with their advisors, bureaucrat and apparatchik sycophants who overstep the authority we grant them.

    We must vote with our wallets, our reading & viewing habits, and minds not hearts, along with our ballot box decisions. Until this is done decisively, just beginning in the States imho, the mandarins will continue to assume they have a right to control us, by relying on our ignorance to support their failed ideas of statism over liberty. We’re all equal, they just think they’re more equal than us.

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  3. To echo Sandy, well said Phil!

    We all need to stay alert, do our own digging for the facts, the truths the media is manipulating.
    Blogs like this are crucial, we need to make more people aware of them, they are more than preaching to the choir!


  4. While off topic, wondering if you will write something tomorrow on the outcome of the Conservative leadership race. Looks like a tight race between Scheer and Bernier, but I think Scheer will pull it off as he will get more O’Toole supporters. While both will face an uphill battle against Trudeau, I think it is much easier to make attack ads against Bernier than Scheer, nonetheless it should be interesting. If we cannot win in 2019, I at least hope we can knock Trudeau down to a minority and take him out in 2021 which I think Scheer would have an easier time than Bernier doing. Off course no matter who wins I think the ability to keep the party united and also the policies that come out next year in Halifax will be key and off course a lot will depend on daily events and how Trudeau handles them which is really anybody’s guess at this point as unlike a decade ago I’ve got to admit my political predictions of recent have more often than not been wrong.


  5. Scheer will be the next leader. I am fairly optimistic he can unify the party. His real challenge now is to introduce himself to Canadians as he is not too well known which has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages in that there isn’t a lot of ammo the Liberals can use against him, but disadvantage in that with people not knowing him each move will get more scrutiny and if positive will work in his favour and if not against him. I do think we dodged a bullet by not choosing Bernier. Although I like him personally, I think his plans on health care and generally libertarian platform just wouldn’t fly whereas I think Scheer is conservative enough to keep the base satisfied, but moderate enough to appeal to the swing voters. And with his young age he just might make us more competitive amongst millennials which is an added bonus. While the election is over 2 years away, that will go by fast, so now is the time to start putting together a platform. I also think Bernier, O’Toole, Raitt, and Chong have all earned their place in the cabinet of a Scheer government. My picks for them is Bernier for minister of industry, O’Toole minister of veterans affairs or defence, Raitt minister of transport, and Chong minister of environment. Trost and Leitch should get junior cabinet ministers as they did well enough to earn it, but are very polarizing and divisive figures.


  6. Wow, Scheer has come through.. 51 to 49 for Bernier! He’s already being criticized as a social Conservative! All I can say is the Lord Jesus Christ would be torn apart by the progs and the media hacks if he were Conservative here or in the USA.


  7. He may be a social conservative, but my understanding is on gay marriage and abortion he will not re-open them. Yes the Liberals will play the boogie man, but I think Bernier would have been much easier to attack than Scheer. Even if Chong who was the reddest of the Tories won, the Liberals will still attack him going after his tax cuts as favouring the rich so no matter who we choose the Liberals will attack us. What we need to care about is will their attacks reasonate with swing voters or not, not whether they will do them or not as off course they will. We are never going to be acceptable to progressives so who cares if they hate us, what matters is whether our choice is acceptable to swing voters and I think with Scheer it’s too early to say.


  8. I put an update on my old Scheer post. For everyone’s interest if you want to have a discussion. I agree Liz, Andrew should not be labelled as a social conservative. He is just a conservative like Stephen Harper. He may have views against abortion and SSM but he won’t push them anymore than Harper did. I just hate labels like that! But, the usual media is having a field day today with that label. By 2019, I believe middle of the road voters will be so fed up with Trudeau’s hair and socks, Scheer will be seen as a good alternative.


  9. Just like PMSH, Trump is heard 24/7 from sunup to sun down( all negatives of course) No matter what those leaders did in good faith is always twisted by the media. If the media spend that amount of time on Justin the public would have a different view of him; that he is not hip after all.


  10. Scheer has turned out to be nothing more than a cater to the destruction of Canada like trudeau. First he said he was feminist then he gave an interview to lead now a Soros intitiative and a few other things


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