Andrew Scheer wins CPC Leadership race!

Update May 28th, 2017:

Well, in a nail biter finale, Andrew Scheer won the CPC leadership race last night and I couldn’t be more pleased. I think he is just what the Conservative Party needs. Some say, such as John Ibbitson of the Globe and Mail, that Scheer is Stephen Harper 2.0 with a smile. Well, since Mr. Harper won several elections and was PM for 10 years, that is not a bad comparison in my opinion.

Already, of course, the media is trying to paint him as a “socon” (short for social conservative) in a dismissive way, even though I have heard Scheer say many times that, if he won (like Stephen Harper), a government he led would not re-open a debate on controversial issues such as abortion and same sex marriage.

For example, I listened to Scheer’s interview with Peter Mansbridge of the CBC’s The National after he won last night.  It was very strange because, clearly, no matter how many times MP Michelle Rempel explained the voting process to Mansbridge, after the two social conservative candidates dropped off the ballot, he kept wondering aloud which candidate their voters would go to — not seeming to realize the voting system didn’t work that way. Unlike Liberal conventions where supporters vote for another candidate when their candidate drops off the ballot, all the votes were already in for this race.

So, when Mansbridge asked Scheer if he won because the socon vote went to him, Scheer said no and he was right because that is not what happened. What happened in that more CPC members had listed  Scheer in the 10th spot on their ballots than they did for Max Bernier.  And, those unknown voters could have been progressive conservatives, libertarians, fiscal conservatives, social conservatives or none of the above.

End of story. The crux of the matter is that Andrew Scheer won and I wish he and the entire Conservative caucus well!

Original Post was dated May 10th, 2017:

Just letting regular readers know that I have already voted in the CPC Leadership race. I chose Andrew Scheer as my # 1 choice, Erin O’Toole as my # 2 choice and Lisa Raitt as my #3 choice. I didn’t vote for any others because I would not want any of the other candidates to win, knowing they could not possibly win against PM J. Trudeau in 2019. And, that is just a reality. For example, while I like Kellie Leitch and Max Bernier, I don’t believe that either of them would inspire enough country-wide Conservative votes in a federal election to make them PM. Just my opinion.

Endnote: I don’t know if I am going to continue to blog after the CPC Convention on May 27th, 2017. I have been blogging now for eleven years and am very tired. The other issue is that traffic for blogs is way down in favour of Facebook and Twitter.  Anyway, I can always be found on Twitter @sandycrux.


17 thoughts on “Andrew Scheer wins CPC Leadership race!

  1. Sandy – keep posting!! I read and appreciate, even if I don’t always comment. You’re in Ontario; I’m in the west – your topics may be such that I don’t feel qualified to add my two-cents worth. But I do enjoy.


  2. Frances, I appreciate what you said but the Internet is changing. I used to get approx 600 visitors a day. During the last federal election it was 2000+ a day. This week it has been an average of 11 a day. It takes 2 to 3 hours to research and write a post, so its no longer a good use of my time. However if things change I will write something.


  3. I suspect once the Ontario election gets closer you might get more viewers. I certainly will be following Ontario blogs to get the story on the ground now that I am in BC. BTW we just had our election and it looks like a BC Liberal minority but with absentee ballots still outstanding anything from a narrow BC Liberal majority to NDP minority or even a coalition with the Greens by either seems possible. Should be interesting times although I think if Christy Clark whose approval rating was low 30s could barely squeak out a win, I don’t see how Wynne’s down in the teens can do so. My bigger fear is more than NDP winning in 2018 rather than Liberals getting re-elected although I still think the Ontario PCs are without question the favourites.

    On federal politics I mailed mine in and ranked 9 candidates. Agree on Maxime Bernier as I like his ideas too, but I think they are a little too much for Canadians to stomach, I don’t think there is a strong appetite for radically cutting the size of government, maybe cutting its excesses and small cuts, but not that far and I fear he would just hand the election to Trudeau. For me it was not just about beating Trudeau but at least cutting him down to a minority as I think it will be tough for any Tory candidate to get a majority in 2019 (although not impossible) whereas reducing the Liberals to a minority or getting a Tory minority are very possible.


  4. So Michael Chong, according to a Nanos poll, is the one who can beat Trudeau?
    This leadership campaign has had too many candidates and has run on too long resulting in candidates sparring against each other in nasty ways. Where does that end up in the unified party category?

    Sandy, appreciate what you are saying, so much work and research goes into operating a blog like this…How about doing a monthly update on some key issue or happening rather than shutting down completely?


  5. Hi Sandy,
    I enjoy your site and visit at least one a week or so when reading up on current events.
    Maybe add the twitter and facebook quick links to your site will increase traffic. I would definitely send out much of what you write as I always find it interesting and worth the time to read.


  6. I,too,hope you stay on the blog,Sandy. Although I don’t comment often,I do visit here several times a week. Like the first post here,I’m in the West and don’t comment much on Ontario matters,but enjoy your take on them.

    Whatever you decide to do,thank you for this excellent blog,and best wishes to you in future.

    Don Morris


  7. Okay guys. Thanks. Your words have encouraged me to open an FB blog page. As far as I know, you just have to “Like” it and it gets on your page. I put up my last 3 posts, other than this one, to see what happens.

    My twitter is: @cruxpolitics
    My FB blog page is

    I also removed my end note until I see if these changes improve traffic. I’ll stay current until the fall. That should be long enough to see if I can grow with the times.


  8. Me again. Well, the Facebook fan page seems like a complete waste of time. I’ll stick with Twitter. It’s virtually impossible to separate your business/fan page from your personal page because all the posts go up on my personal feed and I am sure my Friends don’t like the constant flow. So, I’m closing it right now to save me the aggravation. It’s simply a way for FB to make money. As soon as you set up the fan page, they want you to buy advertising to market your page.


  9. Thanks Don. For privacy reasons I removed my end paragraph. I will also remove this post now so that I can save all your comments so that I can think on the future of blogging.


  10. Sandy…I echo Liz J thoughts about doing a monthly update on some key issue or happening rather than shutting down completely. I to enjoy your blog…no bologna with shoot straight from the hip! Thanks for your time writing the blog…best wishes to you in the future.


  11. I am happy with the results and can certainly support Scheer. The reservation I had with Max, was that he had a host of radical ideas but a perception that they were not well though out, or cost estimated. An end to dairy SM provides an example. The quota value now attached to dairy farms is in the order of $28 B. A buy-back provision to retire this amount, or even some small portion would take over 12 years, or three PM terms. Would an administration headed by Bernier have the toughness to see this through, especially when irate consumers didn’t see sudden dramatic drops in prices? I doubt if and of course that is exactly why governments of all stripe support the current system; it costs the treasury nothing.
    He would have been better to propose a detailed plan for one of his ideas, ending CBC, ending equalization, etc, then to present all his ideas together. But I like Max and hope he can work with Scheer and be part of a new administration.


  12. Fully agree. I also think his plans to end the federal role in health care would have been political suicide even if a good idea. Canadians seem to very emotionally attached to medicare so going after it just gives the Liberals and their allies are lot more ammo. I don’t believe Bernier’s plan would mean the end of medicare, far from it, but I think it would be portrayed that way and far too many would fall for it. I also think the size of his tax cuts unless he raises them elsewhere wouldn’t be possible without massive spending cuts, so even though I personally prefer Bernier over Scheer, I think Scheer is the more electable of the two. Off course the Liberals will paint him as a right wing social conservative, but if you look at this record, policy proposals, and what he has said there is a lot less to attack him with and if defines himself and what a Scheer government would look like early enough they will probably just smack of desperation. Otherwise they can work very effectively against him and sink his chances, but only if he lets the Liberals and their progressive allies define him. If he can define himself before they define him, it probably won’t work. I’ve found attack ads tend to work when you let your opponents define you, but fail when you define yourself properly before (see 2004 federal election where Harper let the Liberals define him thus lost while 2006 where he defined himself early on in the campaign so Liberal attack ads backfired and he won).


  13. I know this is a bit off topic, but excellent by-election results in Sault Ste. Marie tonight. PC’s win the seat for the first time since 1981 (the year I was born) and the Liberals came in third. Looks like Wynne’s desperate moves such as raising minimum wage, cutting hydro only to raise later and not flying at least not in Sault Ste. Marie. Hopefully next year, even though I won’t be in Ontario, the Wynne government will be sent packing province wide.


  14. YES! Sault Ste Marie has had enough after all these years. How many more will feel the same way?
    I have a feeling the monster duck may be the last straw for many struggling to survive. Also, the way Wynne has been announcing goodies its starting to look like election mode, she could call a snap election. She’s up to something.


  15. Hi everyone. Just letting you all know that someone is publishing some of my posts without my permission. The problem is I didn’t remove the reblogging permission. So, I am going to remove that option and then put my blog on private for a while to see if I can stop that from happening again. I have my blog name on Google Alert and that is how I found out.

    Take care.


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