PM Trudeau’s narcissism an embarrassment for many Canadians

Check the short video clip above of Gary, a CBC Kids puppet, getting a hug from Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Ever so cute, right? Gag me! Can you imagine the reaction of the liberal media if former PM Stephen Harper had talked to and hugged a puppet? They would have said, and rightly so, that it was childish and an example of a self-promoting narcissist. And, they would have been right.

Our current Prime Minister is 45 years old, 46 in December 2017. He has 3 children of his own. Yet, he comes across as a self-absorbed, conceited man-child, or at the very least, a man-teen.

Yet, dare complain about that or anything else the man does or doesn’t do and the liberal mainstream media get their shirts in a knot, calling such complaints “conservative bias”.

For example, Sun media dared to compare Harper and Trudeau on their understanding of economic issues affecting the middle class by looking at their upbringings and work experience — and Huff Post calls such a comparison nothing more than blatant “conservative bias”. Yet, in my opinion, the Sun comparison is reality and it is the Huff Post reaction that is blatant bias — as in making pro-Trudeau excuses for the fact that Trudeau is not middle class and never has been.

In fact, the writer of the Huff Post editorial sounds like a snowflake. He or she writes:

As for Harper and Trudeau’s former occupations, we’re a little miffed here. If you’re trying to paint the Prime Minister as a down-to-earth Canadian, maybe let’s not highlight the whole corporate lobbyist and political aide bits.”

Note, there is no mention in the Huff Post column that the information about Trudeau was incorrect — they just wanted to put down Harper’s experience as a former lobbyist and political aide. Is the journalist so partisan and clueless that he or she can’t see that working as a lobbyist and political aide might be good preliminary experience for a politician and that by ridiculing and minimizing that experience might actually be viewed as shilling for the Liberals and Trudeau himself?

There is an old saying that the proof is in the pudding or in the eating of the pudding. Well, this past Saturday on Parliament Hill, at our 150th Canada Day, Trudeau proved his incompetence, first, when he forgot to acknowledge Alberta as a province and, then, when he said he was jealous of recent immigrants because they got to choose Canada. Meaning? That new Canadians were somehow more Canadian than those of us born here?

So what if we take our citizenship for granted? Is that not a good thing? Has Trudeau no clue that those of us born here have paid taxes all our lives, working day in and day out to build and better our country. And, more importantly, did he completely forget that it was our loved ones who bled and died for this country in two world wars, peacekeeping and Afghanistan?

Anyway, as I said at the start of this post, PM Trudeau’s child-like narcissism has become a national embarrassment and particularly clear since the election of the new Conservative Leader, Andrew Scheer. While actually younger than Trudeau, Scheer is mature and acts like a statesman.

The crux of the matter is that 2019 can’t come soon enough!

15 thoughts on “PM Trudeau’s narcissism an embarrassment for many Canadians

  1. Yes,Trudeau’s “jealous” remark struck me personally,like millions of “old stock” Canadians whose ancestors helped to build this Country. I’d bet history was not a strong point in Pierre’s upbringing of the Trudeau kids, perhaps because of his secret shame in not participating in WW2.
    It is becoming apparent to even his fan club in the msm that Trudeau is just a figurehead,with an empty head. But they will still work their butts off for him if the alternative is the least bit “scary”.

    A commenter at SDA once stated that we have to start referring to anything Trudeau says as scary,just as the media did with Harper,it may be a good idea.

    Scheer and the CPC have to develop a platform that will NOT energise the far Left to again vote Liberal, he must leave the social issues for the fringe Parties to sweat over,or we will be stuck in 2019 with another 4 years of Trudeau.

    And please, don’t reply with the “big tent” theory which must include social conservatives with fiscal conservatives. The Liberal Big Tent doesn’t include anyone who doesn’t march in lockstep with the Party,and they have won most elections in the last 50 years. So-cons have to realize they are in the minority and vote with the Party that will at least listen to them,as the alternative is liberals making them into pariahs.

    I’m sure Mr.Scheer understands why Stephen Harper left those issues out of the Party platform; you won’t win with gay marriage and abortion on the agenda. Scheer must also satisfy those of us who want some common sense on climate change, but it’s probably best to pretend to go along until he wins a majority.

    In his last two years in Office,Stephen Harper became timid and lost the support of a lot of his members, Scheer has a big job in trying to win them back. I have my doubts he can,unless a catastrophic event such as a depression occurs and completely destroys Justin’s globalist agenda, “scaring” enough Canadians they turn to the CPC as their alternative.

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  2. One can only hope Don. All conservatives will have to pull together next time in order to win — social, progressive, fiscal, middle of the road, everyone.

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  3. Yup, silly, shallow and self[-absorbed.
    But it’s obvious that this is what 40 percent of our population and 99 percent of our media wants.

    [Edited slightly.]


  4. Sad but true, unfortunately, at least in October 2015. I don’t think those numbers would be accurate now, however. At least I sure hope not.


  5. Yes,and today Trudeau is over in Ireland where even the Press admitted they “gushed” over him. The people who run our education systems have done their work well, at least half the population will believe whatever they are told,think whatever they are told to think.


  6. I don’t know if I buy that Don. I am hearing a lot of disgruntled Canadians on Twitter that I didn’t hear two years ago. Re-election may be what the pollsters are claiming but it depends where the survey is done — e.g., some use volunteer subjects who sign up to take part in surveys and always have their own agenda.


  7. Trudeau’s behaviour and today’s brutal Khadr apology payoff today seems unreal, but in the world of the statist, it is perfectly consistent.

    To the statist, society is flawed & unjust, requiring redress from the power of the state. The true liberal argues precisely the opposite, but most have gone into progressive therapy.

    The statist – as Hayek termed the collectivist cabal of progressives, identity politicians, neo-liberals & socialists, – say they (at first they we) can engineer society to be more just, actually egalitarian, the moving goal posts of equality, justice & freedom all meshed in with identity and grievance politics.

    Now sure of their conclusions, all the remains is to find the agents of injustice, the existence of whom is compulsory to their ideology with collectivism as the inevitable outcome.

    Otherwise who needs these guys to fix anything, it ain’t broke. No it must be broke, because we’re here to fix it, the statist retorts, and let the circular arguments continue.

    Circular arguments require coercion to win. That’s how they roll. Remember the anarchists are left of communism. They’re part of the worldwide statist protection racket.

    Without climate change who needs a bunch of scientists and mathematicians on the public?

    Without an unjust society, who needs politicians and bureaucrats?

    That’s not good for their business.

    So anyone who is at odds with the usual suspects, – the West, white people, the rich, of course capitalism – can become their hero.

    Remember when it was Israel? In the 30’s, Mussolini was admired by the elegant left.

    To them, victims are instantly forgiven for their violence, mendacity and racism. There is a higher cause to consider, their brilliance.

    Neither economic failure or their hypocrisy is an issue. Look to the current CNN gong show for further reference.

    Throughout it all statists never relinquish what Hayek called their fatal conceit, that collectivism is of greater utility than individualism (actual liberalism); and of course they have lots of power and perks ruling over us.

    The fact civil society beat them to that decades ago is irrelevant to them because the perfect is allowed to be the enemy of the good.

    And it’s all for our own good. So children, Khadr is a victim, budgets balance themselves, and Canadians who believe we should limit government to make it good again are right wing extremists and therefore racists. Most important of all, someone else pays the freight.

    Don’t bother with policy, it bores the intelligentsia who already know they’re correct and therefore superior, thus on a higher moral plane, so dissent is obviously flawed.

    All of the moral chaos they warn comes from limited government – is in fact what they deliver.

    Then they present the disease, collectivism, as the cure. That’s what Hayek argued, that statism was incompatible with “human dignity, prosperity and liberty.”

    Liberty used to mean something to liberals. No more. It’s about the power of the state.

    The same goes for the poor. The middle class is where the action is.

    If we wish to stop the Grits we must make our stand there, at limiting government, an alien concept to our current government and worldwide progressive thought.

    Of course they’ll argue everybody dies unless we have giant government heading towards de facto socialism.

    Let them, then tell them the great liberal JFK cut taxes across the board and set the US on the course to being the preeminent global economic power.

    Meanwhile, Justin’s father financed government growth through debt, more than two world wars combined. Can his son attain or eclipse this deed?

    We have to tell the people we can’t afford it anymore.

    The heady days of Canada 100 with a wave of boomers just coming into their working and consuming prime is now in the process of reversing itself 50 years later.

    Debt run ups are precisely wrong in this environment of aging boomers and a quickly changing world. Nobody is slower than government to react to change.

    It has to stop, we must tell Canadians, none of us can afford to wait for another scandal or outright economic disaster to remove the natural misgoverning party.

    Of course the media is solidly on side with the statists. Knowing is easier than verifying is their credo as they click glasses with their Laurentian elite friends, lapping up our taxes.

    Trump’s twittering took out the Demogods, who have now imploded as their messaging is replaced. We need a Canadian version of that, which of course will be branded racist.


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  9. For a nuanced, mature, non-political, appropriate address to Canadians on their 150 birthday, look to the remarks of Stephen Harper. see here:

    Juxtapose this with the adolescent ramblings of PM Trudeau and judge for yourself. Listening to the endless, cloying remarks on CBC about diversity, parroted by Trudeau himself, and those the PMO prepared speeches for. how refreshing to hear Harper pay tribute to Macdonald and Cartier and those who paid the supreme sacrifice in war time. And he didn’t attempt to shout out the 10 provincial names, but one assumes he could.
    A visitor from Mars watching the events and listening to Trudeau could well conclude that the main accomplishment in 150 years was to lead the world in admitting refugees.
    Sober Canadians know better and know which PM represents their values in the best positive manner.


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