Is Trudeau’s Canada for sale?

PM Justin Trudeau in Revelstoke, B.C. July 30, 2017 (Jeff Bassett/Canadian Press)

Is Trudeau’s Canada for sale? If we judge how much money the Trudeau Government is spending on matters not related to average Canadians, I would say yes. For Liberals, it seems to be all about paying whatever it takes to get international prestige and favour.

Think back to September 2016, for instance, when Mr. Trudeau spoke at the UN.  He specifically said his Liberal government would be spending less emphasis on national interests and more on global interests.

Remember too when Trudeau kept saying “Canada is back.” What exactly did he mean?  Did it simply mean “rebranding” as the CBC claimed? Or, that Canada was back to spending taxpayers money for climate change initiatives and global aid programs?

For example:

  1. In their first 100 days governing Canada, the Trudeau Liberals allocated $4.3 Billion to be spent abroad for UN climate conferences and helping third world countries deal with climate change.
  2. Still in those early days, the Trudeau Liberals allocated $450-Million for UN peacekeeping operations because, remember, during the 2015 election campaign, they promised to take Canada’s military out of the Middle East. Well, apparently, as of June 2017, the Liberals still haven’t decided where to do that peacekeeping.
  3. More recently, the Trudeau Liberals came up with a “feminist plan” that allocated $650 Million for international feminist services over several years, money that includes paying activists to interrupt and lobby in countries where abortion is illegal.
  4. Last, but unfortunately not likely to be least, the Trudeau Liberals gave $20 Million! to the Clinton Foundation. Yes, that Foundation where there are allegations of pay for play and misspending.

No doubt there are many more examples of money spent abroad. And, of course, while the money was spent in Canada, we all know about the Omar Khadr $10.5 million pay out. A travesty for sure. Taxpayers hard earned money going to a convicted terrorist because his rights were somehow violated when he was being interviewed by RCMP investigators at Guantanamo Bay.

But, for me, the proof that the Trudeau Government is more interested in spending money abroad than at home came this very week in BC when the PM was encouraging Canadians to donate privately to the Red Cross to help Canadians adversely affected by the BC fires. Significant was the fact that he did NOT say his government would match those funds.

In my opinion, regardless of the endless selfies and photo ops reminding us of PM Trudeau’s rock star status internationally, Canadians need to pay attention to the amount of money flowing OUT of our country. Is Canada for sale? I already said “yes” at the start of his column. But, readers can judge for themselves, especially since all this generosity is being spent while Canada expects a $28.5 Billion deficit for 2017/18.

3 thoughts on “Is Trudeau’s Canada for sale?

  1. I think he is spending too much period. With the economy expected to grow at more than 2% this year there is absolutely zero reason to be running a deficit never mind this is a government that wants to raise taxes too. Had they kept spending increases to inflation levels + economic growth otherwise average 4% a year (2% inflation + 2% growth) we would have plenty of money to spend on the programs we want at home and also reduce taxes to make life easier for Canadians especially considering most provinces have little fiscal room to cut taxes. When he came to office the budget was balanced or at least close to it (a $2 billion deficit is rounding error) so there was no need to go on the big spending spree. He seems to be more well known globally and I’ve found when abroad very well liked (easy to like him if it doesn’t cost you anything, much different story when you have to pay for it like we do as Canadians) but at the end of the day we are a small country and most past PMs be it Chretien, Martin or Harper were not well known beyond Canada’s borders and we did just fine then. Only Canadians get to vote so it doesn’t really matter what others think of us. Since we are a small player as long as we don’t rub others the wrong way we will do fine.


  2. I hear you Miles but my post was more about spending taxpayer money elsewhere. And, no, I don’t believe we “will do fine.” Our grandchildren will have to deal with not only our debt but a huge deficit, not because of a recession but because the Liberals couldn’t stop spending. PM Harper always had a plan to pay down their deficit, Trudeau doesn’t.

    Regarding when the Liberals took over in November 2015, there was a significant surplus — in the $5 billion range. However, after bringing in 25,000 refugees, etc. etc., by the year end in March 2016, yes there was a $2 billion deficit. The fault lies with the Liberals! I wrote a number of posts at that time and remember only too well.

    The reality is I am not a centrist conservative in the mode of this Liberal government. I dislike everything about them. So, don’t ever expect me to say anything positive. If I am biased to say that, so be it. For me, the bottom line is that this is not a Chretien Liberal government. This is an NDP government by another name.


  3. I meant do fine by not getting international media attention on our PM, not on finances. And fully agree this is not the Chretien Liberal government although it seems progressive parties in the English speaking world have ditched the more fiscally responsible centrist policies of the 90s for big government left leaning ones (another classic comparison is Labour in Britain under Blair in the 90s vs. Corbyn today although thankfully the Brits narrowly prevented a catastrophe) but you are right this is an NDP government by any name. There was a good discussion on blue like you on the left-right balance and it feels like Canadians have really swung leftward recently and I hope it’s a temporary blip. It seems a lot of the talk today by the left is on income inequality and why we need a more activist government to reduce the gap when in fact government’s job is to help those at the bottom who cannot help themselves not to punish those who are successful, which is what most across Canada are doing and sadly Canadians seem to want. Whatever happened to that entrepreneurial spirit this country was built on. It seems to win it is whomever promises the most free stuff and asks someone else to pay for it (the rich, big corporations, or future generations or a combination of all three) rather than live within our means. The next Ontario and Alberta elections I think will be telling whether this leftward trend is a blip or a long term trend. Right now things look good for the conservatives in both, but I don’t want to get too excited until the results are in.


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