Media one-sided bias re Charlottesville is contributing to social hysteria


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I am absolutely flabbergasted at the extent of the mainstream media bias — including at Fox News — and most of Twitter related to the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia yesterday.

All day and all night long TV commentators and Twitter left- wingers tried to turn the horrendous events that happened there to only be about the Unite the Right racist supremacists.

I mean, every guest Fox could get on in a hurry tried to blame President Trump for daring to say that both sides were wrong and full of hate. I mean, even some Republicans, like Marco Rubio, tried to tell the President, not only exactly what he should have said, word for word, but how he should have said it.

Well, the President was right. There were two sides in the wrong in Charlottesville. For proof, take a quick look at a few of the headings on this Google so-called news page:

  • How a White Nationalist Rally Turned Violent,
  • Man Charged With Murder at Neo-Nazi Rally, and
  • White Nationalist Rally Sparks Violent Clashes.

All of it one-sided. Then, there is a video at Rebel Media with Faith Goldy that shows a very different narrative. In fact, I just happened to be watching her video on my cell phone using a LIVE App when it all happened.

Plus, today, I found a number of videos at this @polNewsForever Twitter account. The truth is in the videos. While I certainly don’t agree with the Alt-Right racists, they were marching peacefully. The real problem was when Alt-Right participants had to pass through BLM and the Alt-Left fascists Antifa.

Which begs the question: Why are the U.S. and Canadian media not condemning the Leftist Antifa as much as the Right Nationalists?

And where were the police in Charlottesville? Were they told to step down as the police were in Berkeley, California riot — only to then appear when the car went into the crowd and people were hurt?

Look, I am a Canadian, with American friends and relatives, who pays attention to what is going on in the U.S. So, I am aware that the U.S. is split down the middle politically. I can see clearly, from this distance, that a civil war is brewing because the media are only spinning one narrative. The crux of the matter is that such spinning gives the progressives the mistaken belief that they are in the majority. They are not.


Heather Heyer is the young woman who died from her injuries after a car deliberately ran into her and others in Charlotteville. At this point, it appears to have been one of the White Supremacists but we don’t know for sure as there were plenty of Antifa and BLM there as well.  No matter who killed her and injured so many others, they are domestic terrorists. But, many of the comments on the Facebook and Twitter pages honouring Heyer do not actually honour her because they blame Trump for enabling all the hate in Charlotteville yesterday. Which is just as uncalled for as it would have been to blame President Obama when five police officers were gunned down in Texas last year by BLM protestors.

Unfortunately, as I said in my post above, all this divisiveness only confirms my concern that a civil war is brewing in the U.S. particularly when I hear certain Democratic congress members call for impeaching Trump. Just what would that do? To get a hint, they need only to look at the November 8th electoral map to see reality. 

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  1. Great post Sandy. It’s so damned frustrating to listen to the coverage of a story you know is being misconstrued by them driven by their malignant hatred of Trump.
    Your last paragraph sums it up for me too.

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  2. At some point someone has to sort this out or there will be more than riots in the streets. I’m wondering if Trump will have to call in the troops at some point!!

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  3. At some point people will wake up and realize these bozos and thugs are a big threat to democracy itself. In a democracy we have freedom to demonstrate and all but that doesn’t mean we can break laws resulting in killing and maiming…peaceful protests, civil dialogue, are all part of a democracy. These are goons and hooligans we have witnessed,and worse. It’s scary stuff when the media are basically inserting themselves into it blaming the President himself. The Republican party is an example of what can happen when sore losers and malcontents can’t accept the result of the democratic process. Shame on the lot of them.

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  4. Great comment Sandy. I was also watching FoxNews and thought like you did. There was never this much finger pointing during the riots precipitated by the radical left.

    Does this sort of reporting by Fox indicate the extent to which leftism being the norm has even infected the conservatives?


  5. Exactly.

    The protesting radical left rallies which are increasing and often degenerate into the destruction of property and increasingly more confrontation with those on the right are beginning to remind me of the last few years of the Weimar Republic.


  6. Fox is currently on media suicide watch, having lost their place at the top of the perch of cable news with the ousting of Bill O’Reilly and now Eric Boiling, along with Roger Ailes and others.

    Their attempts to be “balanced” will fail as they will lose their centre right audience while still unable to attract the centre left viewers from the likes of CNN and MSNBC.

    Mainstream media is hopelessly biased and their axiom is always, Donald Trump is “wrong” because for (just fill in the blanks, that’s not the important part).

    They live in their imaginary world of selective “reporting,” and their outrage is of course always filtered through their prejudices.

    The recent reaction to the shooting of GOPers at a baseball practice compared to Charlottesville where President Trump clearly condemned ALL acts of violence, is instructive & illustrative.

    Being against any violence is not good enough for the deep state alt fascist left, who demand you react as they would, which in the case of Trump would be to admit it’s all “his fault.”

    His refusal to do so is what they find outrageous, leading to their wild fake news scenarios.

    They have yet to get over the fact they lost the POTUS, bleating about their popular vote “win,” while conveniently omitting Dems were routed in the general election, with nearly 2/3 governorships now GOP, along most state legislatures, and 90% of US counties.

    They lost because the public tired of their support of the state leviathan which finds its genesis in socialism and cronyism, which has no theory of costs and refuses to consider the consequences of their policies, just the lies by omission about “benefits” and government investment.”

    What investment exists that allows you to use other peoples’ money, where you accrue the gain, but other people take on the risk, and no fiscal or other discipline ?

    The monopolistic state simply levers off and diminishes small business, in favour of their oligarchic crony capitalists, with their version of concentration of ownership OK since it benefits them.

    They assume they are correct without evidence, preferring an emotional approach. Why should we be surprised they react to electoral loss with the same emotionalism and hatred?

    This negative view of democracy is coming to an end, but as the unfortunate events of this weekend illustrated on point, this will happen easily or not, but it will happen.

    The Dems desperately spin every event to discredit and delegitimize Trump, so the status quo can be maintained for their fantasies of regaining Congress and impeaching the president.

    Trump won despite their legacy candidate, given a free ride by the mediocracy, while truth was never a factor in criticizing Trump and GOP. People saw through the lies and will do so again.

    Dems can’t admit they lost, so sure of their moral and intellectual superiority, so someone must have cheated or fooled voters lacking their progressive acumen, or were defective racists.

    Now violence and blaming Republicans is all they have left – no vision, no policies, no plan besides purporting a “better deal” (lame to the nth degree btw). Inevitably their goons must take over.

    Notwithstanding the actions of a few violent idiots, the Dems will have to whip up more hysteria and violence to preserve their false narratives of Trump as the “peoples’ enemy.”

    Kristallnacht anyone? Can a similar false flag operation by radical Dems and their fascist anti-fascist and BLM friends by far off? Too bad they no longer control the narrative eh?

    Which makes them very angry. It’s yours and the Donald’s fault they can’t control themselves.

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  7. The Democrats are in the process of killing themselves for the long term, it began during the last campaign with the media going full boar against Trump at every turn. They were insulting the intelligence of the people, thought they’d buy the lies and coverups. Hollywood lost big time which has left them impotent along with the media hacks who were reporting fake news as they made it up.
    Trump is President, he will have to take control over the thugs and hooligans make them realize the country is a law and order democracy.

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  8. I did not know Eric Bolling was gone. How long before Hannity, Gutfeld and Watters are gone. I am starting to suspect Murdoch sons have decided to move Fox to the left.


  9. The last week has been unbelievable in the U.S. What does a blogger like me write about? Why some people want to take down all the Confederate statues? Or, are the white supremacists as nasty as Antifa and BLM?

    In Canada? We now have 3 refugee camps and our PM is missing in action.

    And, just like in Canada in 2014 and 2015, when far too many Canadians bought the negative messaging about Mr. Harper, Duffy and the nasty Conservatives, the U.S. is being sold the same bit of nonsense, only worse. The scary part is that if enough GOP never-Trumpers in the Senate increase, there could actually be an impeachment.

    I hardly read anything or turn on the TV these days — other than Conrad Black. Do others who visit this sit on a regular basis feel the same way?


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