Canadian Conservatives should support Andrew Scheer in 2019!

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You would think the outcome of the May 2017 Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leadership campaign would have brought Canadian conservatives together. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case.

Which begs the question: Why are Canadian conservatives so divided?

Particularly, why are we so divided at a time the Trudeau Liberals are vulnerable regarding their exploding deficit, ideologically based carbon tax and the unfair tax changes soon to hit small businesses. Yet, the “who is a real conservative” complaining seems to be in full swing.

I have been blogging since January 2006 and I remember well how we went through the same nonsense when Stephen Harper was Prime Minister. Some conservatives even said they would not vote for him because he wasn’t conservative enough. In fact, even as I kept a list of the Harper Government Accomplishments, some on the right complained the Tories weren’t doing anything.

Complain, complain, complain. Blah, blah, blah. It is so tiring and so absolutely self-defeating. The reality is that, in today’s Canada, far right or libertarian conservatism would never win across the entire country. And, Harper knew that!

Anyway, how do I know this “not conservative enough” nonsense is going on? Day in and day out it’s all over my Twitter feed. And no, I have no intention of mentioning Twitter user names or hashtags, so as not to promote even more division.  But, here are a couple of complaints I have been reading and hearing about over the past few months:

  1. Andrew Scheer did not really win the CPC leadership race because of a problem with ballot counting and the fact that Quebec dairy farmers signed up for CPC memberships in droves. So what? The implied complaint is that Max Bernier would have won had there not been those extra memberships. Moreover, some are even complaining that Kevin O’Leary was the only true conservative in the original bunch. Look, I didn’t take part in the counting, but neither Bernier or O’Leary would have won a federal election for the very reason I mentioned above — their views were too extreme for average Canadians. Anyway, CPC memberships that were paid on time were valid. End of story. Scheer won. To put it bluntly, those conservatives who wanted a different leader need to get over the result and move on.
  2. Andrew Scheer complained about RebelMedia in an interview and allowed himself to be interviewed by the leftist group @leadnowca. Cue the violins. First of all, Rebel does not represent all Canadian conservatives. While I was a supporter at the start, I stopped after about a year because they were spending most of their time and money on petitions — acting as activists and not journalists. Regarding the leadnow fiasco, had Scheer not allowed such an interview, he would have been criticised for not having the courage to do so.

Sigh! The reality is that we don’t hear or read this kind of nonsense from Liberals. Unlike Conservatives, they stick together through thick and thin.

The crux of the matter is that this Conservative bashing by other conservatives has to stop if Scheer and the CPC are going to win a majority government in 2019 — the only outcome that will save us from national bankruptcy and a swing so far to the left that we will no longer recognize our country.

P.S. The same process is happening in Ontario with ONPC Leader Patrick Brown. The question Ontario conservatives have to ask themselves: Is staying home and not voting because you don’t like Brown worth leaving Ontario in the hands of the Wynne Liberals? If not, start supporting Brown!!! In other words, conservatives across Canada who are complaining about their conservative leaders for not doing what they like, want or believe, need to suck it up and get over themselves.


32 thoughts on “Canadian Conservatives should support Andrew Scheer in 2019!

  1. Largely concur. Off course the Liberals and others on the left will portray both Brown and Scheer as right wing extremists but I’ve found with attack ads, they only work if they seem plausible as opposed to smacking of desperation. Besides with both Trudeau and Wynne acting more like NDPers than Liberals so I don’t see why both parties shouldn’t try to welcome your fiscally responsible Blue Liberals, otherwise John Manley types who probably don’t agree with the big spending and deficits both are running on. That doesn’t mean being liberal lite though, it is about being realistic. It does feel unfortunately the country is turning leftward so what was electable 20 years ago might not be at the moment and it will take time to steer things back to the right. Wynne absolutely needs to be defeated next year and the fact almost 30% would still vote for her despite her failings is quite shocking. With Trudeau ahead I am a little less surprised as while his policies have been equally as bad as Wynne’s it takes time for the full impacts to be felt so that is probably the reason why his numbers haven’t fallen yet. Hopefully Scheer can convince Canadians why his policies are the wrong direction for the country.


  2. Yes, Conservatives have to give their support to Scheer,and in turn he has to give us assurances that he will reward our support with some of the legislation we expected when we supported him.
    Harper drifted away from his base in the last couple of years,and because of that the CPC lost a lot of their base support. Hunters were VERY angry with Harper for not holding an inquiry into the Infamous High River gun confiscation, and the overturning of Bill C-68.for instance. E-mails to the PM’s office went unanswered,when you’re fighting for your political life you have to make time to at least acknowledge your supporters.

    It’s a team effort, we support the CPC,the CPC gives us satisfaction when they take office.
    Conservatives are generally not like Liberals, in that most I have met are independent thinkers,whose support depends on common sense not emotion. The LPC (and NDP) base is made up of dyed in the wool liberals who believe their Party is middle of the road and will never do anything drastic to change the status quo. I know many Liberals who are intelligent,well educated, successful people who are in a comfort zone with their Party and will automatically vote Liberal`as long as they continue to be comfortable. Whatever the Leader says or does is alright by them, unless it directly hurts them,which the LPC is careful not to do. Until now.

    This tax grab on small business may be THE item Scheer needs,I hope his team has the expertise to exploit it.

    May Conservatives I know are suspicious of people in high places,rightly so imo, and are quite willing to criticize their elected members if they don’t meet expectations on a certain issue. Liberals just don’t do that,it is unthinkable to them. Many of our politicians act,once they’re elected,as members of an exclusive club in Ottawa,with little time for the ordinary voter. Our own former MP, Ron Canaan in Kelowna,was a true exception to the rule,a truly caring individual with an old fashioned devotion to duty and service. He was defeated in the Liberal landslide.

    I’m reminded of Kipling opening lines in his famous poem: “Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet,
    Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God’s great Judgment Seat;”

    Liberals and Conservatives are different, something many conservative politicians in their political bubble don’t seem to understand. We are natural skeptics,and us old timers have seen and heard it all before,and remember, unlike Liberals,whose mantra is; history begins today.

    I will give my support to the CPC and Andrew Scheer, and he has to do the same to us,when he wins. Let;s hope it’s in 2019.

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  3. Don, no conservative leader can be all things to all conservatives. Just not possible. Which may explain why we are rarely in gov. In Ontario many still brag they didn’t vote for Hudak. Self defeating comes to mind.


  4. Well, this old cowboy won’t be supporting him. If there is no Libertarian candidate in our riding, I’ll be staying home on election day. No more voting for politicians who don’t have the guts and honesty to call out all this climate change crap for the absolute BS it is.

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  5. Either the Scheer CPC introduces MASSIVE changes to the Firearms Act, or I stay home on election day. Substantial change= substantial support.
    I rejoined them for that one reason. If they can’t, or won’t, get that right, they can rot in Opposition forever.

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  6. Like I said to Jamie, how is having the Libs run the show forever going to help you or the country. Look what that attitude got us in Ontario. First John Tory. Then Hudak twice. Even Tory, who was a Red Tory, wouldn’t have bankrupted Ontario with the Green Energy Act. But you are free to do as you like.


  7. I don’t believe in staying home on election day.Too many people fought for too long to make this Country what it is, and imo not voting at all shows disrespect for their memory.
    I have on occasion voted for an independent candidate,if nothing else it gives a good candidate some encouragement and affirms their views of issues. Usually there are about nine candidates running,surely someone on that list is worthy of your vote,unless you live in a riding full of pikers.
    I’d move.

    The current debacle is due to CPC mismanagement and ineptitude in the last election campaign. We can weep and wail all we want about the media and their biased unfair reporting,but just like blaming the Referees in sports, or as Hillary Clinton does,everything else on the planet but HER, the CPC has to accept the fact that they lost a good part of their base due to their failure to carry out policies their base had demanded when they were given the mandate in 2011.

    Politics in Canada, like every other Country in the West, is run by an exclusive political club,with career minded politicians whose main goal is to get elected to the “life of Riley” then disappear into the hallowed halls of Parliament in Ottawa,only to reappear again in four years to seek our votes.

    We have too few rational idealists in Canadian politics,and too many with the civil servant mentality: “please God let me be here long enough to collect a pension”. But then look at the people being turned out in our educational propaganda factories, everything is about “the self” and rights, and nothing seems to be taught about duty and responsibility. So from this background we expect to produce statesmen who believes in honor,duty, Country above all?

    It’s becoming apparent to many of us,especially the old timers who have heard and seen it all before,that often the only difference between Parties is the color of their tie. Call me cynical if you will, but too often I’ve seen the reality of the Party in Office not live up to the rhetoric of the election campaign. It’s the curse of having a good memory.

    The CPC has their issue, the tax grab on small business.It would be helpful if Scheer had some background in that field, but no such luck. As I have said on many blogs and News sites, it is up to the CPC to win their base back,and I hope they are up to it.

    Yes, we have to give our support to Scheer,and HE has to prove he’s worthy of it. We are NOT Liberals, we do NOT follow anyone blindly, Party affiliation does not confer righteousness.


  8. We need a reason to vote for the Conservatives other than the fact that they are not Liberals. If that is all they have going for them, then they will lose anyways.


  9. Unlike many here I would just be happy if we could return to more centrist policies. It seems not just federally, but provincially and municipally too we are dominated by the left coast to coast which is hurting us and so anything that is at least more reasonable works for me. I feel as a whole the country swung quite a bit to the left in the last five years and I think we as conservatives need to do more to debunk the lies the left puts out. The whole soak the rich thing became very popular after occupy wall street and we as conservatives need to explain why this will do more harm in the long run than good not just to the rich but middle class too. The same when people complain governments don’t spend enough money. It seems in Canada the entrepreneurial spirit we used to have is dying off and now it is who will offer me the most free stuff and make someone else pay (be it the rich, big corporations, or future generations i.e. deficit). I find that quite depressing so anyone who can counter these lies would have my full support. This is not a whack against either Brown or Scheer, I think Brown has being doing a good job and for Scheer too early to tell, just saying we have a largely left wing country at the moment and we need to do a better job of convincing those on the fence left wing ideas will do more harm than good. As for the more right wing base, I think the median voter is so much further to the left at the moment and until we pull the median voter to the right pandering to them will just ensure we remain in opposition while the Liberals wreck things. At least if we get in power and do a good job we can gradually nudge voters to the right and maybe change a few things. We will never be able to make Canada as right wing as the United States, heck I would be happy if we could just be where Western Europe is now since although they were historically to the left of us they have swung to the right while we have swung to the left.


  10. I don’t think there is much appetite for major changes to firearms laws. Perhaps ones such as making forms simpler or decriminalizing late re-licencing whereby you pay a fine instead of going to jail for re-applying late might be doable but things like concealed carry or legalizing AR15 would be political suicide. One thing we have to remember is we live next door to the United States and there is really little appetite to have their gun laws. Sure some will say they work will, but I cannot see how it will sell. The urban cores are probably going to go Liberal/NDP no matter what, most rural ridings west of the Ottawa River we already have and winning rural ridings in Quebec or Atlantic Canada is a challenge for all whole myriad of reasons so to win, we need to win back the suburbs and smaller urban areas and I don’t think being pro gun helps much there. Otherwise Suburban Ottawa, 905 belt, Kitchener-Waterloo area, London, Suburban Winnipeg, and Lower Mainland suburbs is what we need to win back so the focus should be on the policies that can bring these back into the fold. Rural Prairies are the safest conservative ridings in the country which we will win no matter what so little gain there just as going too much to the left is equally silly as Montreal, downtown Toronto, and Vancouver proper aren’t going to go Conservative no matter what we do. Much like the US and UK, we use first past the post so elections are won and lost by winning in the swing ridings not your safe ridings or no hope ones.


  11. Sandy, I’m done blindly supporting the CPC, hoping they’ll do the right thing. They lied to us once, the ball is now in their court. First, they act in a substantial manner, THEN I support them with donations, my vote, my support.
    It’s a shame it has to be in that order, but they wanted it that way.

    To Miles Lunn:

    No appetite for substantial reforms to firearms laws? Fine- no appetite for the Scheer Conservatives.

    To the CPC:

    You people either get this right, or you are dead to me forever. I’ve had it with your lies, your weakness, your spinelessness and your variable “support”.

    Your move.


  12. Steven Fraser what type of changes are you hoping for. The reason I think the party is reluctant to go there is only 18% of Canadians own firearms of that 18% I suspect only a minority is it their top issue. Generally elections are won and lost on things that generally benefit individuals otherwise pocket book issues. I think what Sandy was trying to emphasize is those wanting ideological purity will just ensure the Liberals stay in power forever. If recent elections have taught us anything there doesn’t seem to be much desire to swing the country that much to the right so we need to focus on what is doable. Off course that is why it is important to have conservative groups on the side to help push the country rightwards. In many ways the success of the left is they had several left wing groups pushing their ideas which were once only supported by a minority but now the majority and when a minority parties on the left ignored their ideas, but once they became winning issues they changed. The Conservatives want to win and will only start moving more to the right if their internal polls and focus groups show there is a large enough market out there for those ideas.


  13. Miles, I don’t think most of us want U.S. style firearms laws, but we DO want Bill C-68 expunged,rescinded,or legislated out of existence. This is the law that allows the police to enter one’s home at any time without a search warrant to check on the proper storage of any guns or ammunition in the home.
    I don’t support concealed carry as there are not that many people I trust with that responsibility.

    We petitioned Harper numerous times to revisit this 1995 Bill, but nothing was done.It was as though he agreed with the egregious violation of the rights of gun owners that can occur under this Bill. The ultimate absurdity is the provision in the Bill that anyone who forgets to renew his P.A.L. can be sentenced to a prison term of five years.

    When the infamous High River gun theft by the RCMP occurred,Harper did nothing. Here in the West, (see Kipling) gun rights are more important to us citizens than they are to gun owners in the East. The West was Harper’s base, he ignored us on these two matters and the anger simmered for over two years.

    When the election was held in 2015, a lot of disgruntled conservative supporters stayed home or even voted for other candidates. This is NOT the fault of the voters,but the CPC. They sell the product,they have to entice us to buy. They don’t seem to recognize that fact, expect us to vote automatically CPC,just as Liberals do.

    We aren’t Liberals, we vote based on performance, not feelings. To repeat; Scheer CAN win the election, but he has to give us good reason to give him our support.


  14. While I thank everyone for taking the time to tell it like it is, I am very discouraged. PMs have to deal with all Canadians. One issue conservatives make winning in order to govern impossible.

    This discussion also makes clear that blogging no longer matters in the way it once did. I don’t know if I have chgd or if I have finally realized the futility. That some deliberately didn’t vote and now we have Boy Wonder blows me away.

    Anyway, I appreciate everyone’s loyalty and honesty.


  15. Don Morris – I agree we should change those off course we will have to win a majority in 2019 to do so which will be quite tough but not impossible. As for the West being more conservative than the East it depends. True Atlantic Canada and Quebec are more left leaning but I would say Ontario is more conservative than BC and Manitoba is only slightly more conservative than Ontario. Alberta and Saskatchewan though you are correct one nonetheless west of the Ottawa River it seems you have a urban/rural divide with urban areas tending to be fairly left wing, suburbs are more centrist and thus can swing either way while rural areas asides the far north (largely due to large aboriginal population) tilt to the right. Certainly the base staying home is an issue, although considering turnout was 61% in 2011 and 69% in 2015 it seems to me increased turnout was the main thing that did us in as many younger voters were excited by Trudeau and showed up in greater numbers so if anything I think lower not higher turnout would help us as I find conservative voters are more likely to be habitual ones while progressive voters sometimes show up and sometimes don’t. Certainly Scheer will have a strong challenge to win in 2019 but its not impossible by any means and there always is the juggling between keeping the base happy, but also winning over the swing voters and thus I think the danger of being too right wing as we need to get around 40% to win, not in the low 30s like we are now.


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  17. Sandy,I don’t blame you for being discouraged,many of us long time conservative supporters are as well. We are far from being “one issue” conservatives,that epithet properly belongs to the social conservatives who vote only anti-abortion every election.
    No, Gun Control is just one of many issues Harper failed us with inaction. There are many issues that the CPC has not acted on or been too timid to deal with: immigration from the Middle East, for instance. Harper could have slowed this or directed Immigration to concentrate on other areas of the world,he did not,just maintained the Mulroney/Chretien model.

    We expected a reformed Senate, they never even tried. When it came time to nominate Senators,Harper opted for the Insider Club instead of appointing some real Canadians. As he left Office,Harper failed to fill about 20 seats in the Senate,and left them vacant for Trudeau to fill with good “non-Liberal” candidates.

    We expected some action on supply side management that keeps our basic food costs so high, again,nothing. We expected Harper would deal with the Indian Act,end apartheid,and bring the FN’s into the 21st century, nothing.

    We expected Harper to trim the wings of the mighty CBC,at least clean out some of the fervently anti-Conservative faction,and also publish the salaries of the employees, instead he increased funding,and James Moore kowtowed to the CBC like a good Liberal.

    We hoped Harper would move to put Sun-TV on the mandatory channels list,instead,nothing,and I still have two American channels on my basic TV package channels 2-13. So Sun-TV,the only conservative voice in Canada died an early death.

    We expected Harper to rein in the RCMP, the occupying paramilitary force that often acts like the 1942 German Army in France rather than Sheriff Taylor. We expected some movement on allowing private health care in Canada,one of only three Countries in the developed world who don’t allow it.

    Not a word. By the time Harper had been in Office two years,it became apparent he was going to govern as Liberal-lite,and not attend to many of the issues we had expected him to,and despite the many town hall meetings we attended,and the many E-mails we sent to the PM and our MP’s, we were ignored.

    The Liberals didn’t win because the voters are idiots,as many on the conservative blogs like to claim,they won, among many reasons, because Harper governed like he was afraid of offending the media for his last two years. The LPC simply outgunned the CPC in the election. Many of us expected a minority government in 2015, which Party winning was anybody’s guess, instead we saw the Liberals and “Sunny Ways” thrash the CPC 184-99,and it wasn’t the Refereeing.

    Scheer has a chance in 2019, especially with the current financial chaos of Morneau and Trudeau,but the CPC had better realize that the days of conservative blind loyalty are over,and like every failing retailer extant today,he and his Party had better reconnect with the base and revamp the agenda,or they won’t win in ’19.

    I hope his election team has the ability to do it.


  18. Don Morris – I think the problem here is if you look at the history of how Canada has voted both provincially and federally there is no history of truly right wing parties winning so Harper could have decided in 2011 he was going to lose in 2015 so try and change as much as possible or try to be electable in 2015. Had Harper done the things mentioned, I fear we would have lost so badly we may have never returned to power and instead you would have a repeat of what you have in BC with the next Liberal leader after Justin Trudeau being more right leaning thus the federal Liberals would be like the BC Liberals and when people tired of them the NDP would win. Heck on the CBC, people were complaining just about the 10% cut and most on the left are upset Trudeau didn’t fire all of the Harper CBC appointees and replace them with Liberals when in fact appointments should be non partisan, but for the left they would like it if they had complete control of everything. I see us fighting just for survival as the left is winning so first we need to defeat the left and then once we have pushed them back we can discuss how far to the right we should go. As long as Canada remains a majority left wing country I think we will be limited in what we can do. I believe our strong left wing tilt comes from a number of reasons. We live next door to the US which is the most conservative developed country so in many ways there is an over reaction to that going to the other extreme. Most of our immigration historically was from those from the working class who left Europe due to the opposition of the class system thus why we are quite socialistic. Otherwise the types that vote Labour in the UK not Tories were the types that came here. Also the Liberals have done a good job of playing to the little guy and basically they’ve made it that unless you are rich white male you are disadvantaged and they are the party for the disadvantaged and the Tories only care about the advantaged. That is complete nonsense but we have to do a better job showing conservatism benefits all Canadians. On the issue you mentioned about health care, that is actually partially untrue. Harper may have not repealed the Canada Health Act, but never really enforced it and I can assure you there are places at least in some provinces you can pay for faster service. I dislocated my shoulder back in 1998 while snowboarding and since then it has been popping out about once a month so now with my career change I decided I wanted to get it fixed. I went private to get the MRI and will be having it repaired this February privately here in Vancouver and paying around $12,000 for it. Rather why the parallel private system is quite small and largely non-existent outside BC and Quebec is in the UK like many other countries you can buy private health insurance for procedures that are covered publicly whereas in most provinces that is illegal (and the ones where it is allowed are small provinces where there isn’t the market for it) so because one has to pay in cash you are limiting it to the very wealthy as opposed to being open to the middle class. Also in Canada if a doctor wishes to go private, they have to opt out of medicare whereas in most countries they work mainly in the public system and top up their income in the private. Many doctors BTW do that in Canada as well despite being against the law. So rather those two laws make it largely unprofitable to go private however Quebec has around 300 doctors who have opted out and has developed a parallel private system while in BC many just ignore the law and it actually costs the government more money to enforce than pay the Canada Health Act fine. Ontario doesn’t have one due to Bill 8 by the McGuinty government. Lets remember Harper did do some things like scrap the gun registry and get rid of the Canadian Wheat Board. If you compare Harper on the political spectrum to other PMs, he was to the right of every previous PM while if you look at provincial premiers all those in the last 40 years in Quebec and Atlantic Canada have either been Liberal, social democratic, or Red Tory, no real true conservative has won there and that is 1/3 of the population. In Ontario, only Mike Harris was truly conservative and from 1943-1985 when the PCs took the Red Tory path, they won consistently, but since 1985 when they have swung to the right, they’ve only spent 8 years in power and the rest in opposition and unfortunately we have had our province wrecked by the McGuinty/Wynne government whereas I think even a Red Tory leader would have not been that type of disaster. In Manitoba the only truly conservative one was Sterling Lyon who got defeated after one term while in Saskatchewan, Brad Wall was wildly popular, but as soon as he brought a mild austerity budget has popularity plunged. Even in Alberta I don’t think you could run on a truly right wing platform and win again as the younger population and those from other provinces are more left wing so that is why the NDP who would have been unelectable 20 years ago won there. I hope and think the UCP can win, but it isn’t a lock. In BC, the right has been reasonably successful but with the NDP having 40% locked up, they always have to be careful knowing if they lose a few percentage points they will be in opposition and in the most recent election the province definitely swung to the left with 57% voting for left wing parties.

    So in sum I think as Sandy is saying we can pander to the base and continue to allow the left to win and wreck things or focus on what is doable. I plan to continue blogging myself as I am not happy with the leftward direction our country has taken, but want to take a pragmatic route to stop the damage they are doing and I feel the conservative base may make a lot of noise but their numbers are way too small to ever win. I think those who are further to the right would be better to support various political advocacy groups on the right like the Fraser Institute since until running on a right wing platform is a winning one no party will go there, but once you move enough Canadians over there one of the parties will follow. The Conservatives want to go there, but know Canadians won’t let them while the Liberals lack principles and care more about winning so they go wherever they think the public is thus they will swing to the right if the public is there just as they are swinging to the left now since that is where the public is.


  19. Yes,I agree with much of your comment,Miles,and you are quite right, we live in a socialist leaning Country that has been successfully divided along various socio-economic-ethnic lines by the Progressives,so any chance of a Conservative winning is slim,but Harper did it.

    But,the thing that has cost the CPC so much support is that,unlike the Liberals or the Democrats,when we DO have power,we mince around and try to bring in watered down legislation that doesn’t offend the Left,while the Liberals immediately bring out the figurative broadsword and start slashing every Conservative program they can, and let the chips fall where they may.

    Harper rescinded the Long Gun registry, which was like changing one tire on a car that had four flats.He needed to rescind Bill C-68. He changed the mandatory selling of Western wheat through the CWB,which affected a few thousand farmers but failed to address the Supply Side Management that affects millions of Canadians,right in the pocketbook.

    Justin Trudeau has been very faithful to his base, carrying out his BIG promises,marijuana legalization, stopping oil takers on the West Coast, flooding the Country with immigrants, going after the ” hated rich”, signing on to the Paris climate accord, conducting the MMIW inquiry, halting Harper’s law reforms such as the “snitch line”, etc.,none of which I agree with but I’m NOT one of his followers.

    Yes, there are a few private medical services allowed,but the basic monopoly is intact,and services,waiting times outside the big cities is a disgrace in a first world Country. I live in a city of 125,000. Our hospital serves an area of twice that population.Overcrowding is every day,the hallways and closets are filled with patients, the ER is overrun, a person will wait for six or more hours for ER service.

    There are almost no mental health facilities, the streets are filled with a thousand homeless, many of whom should be institutionalized,there ARE no institutions. I could go on all day about our health care, that could be vastly improved by the simple act of allowing some choice instead of the soviet-style monopoly we currently have.

    In the suburb I live in,population about 20,000 we have ONE walk in medical center, with usually one doctor on staff to serve 20,000 people. The one clinic often has a “no more patients today” sign up half an hour after they open. If you are lucky enough to have a family doctor,expect to wait weeks to get in to see him.

    But the medicare system is another of Canada’s sacred cows so no political Party has the courage to alter it, might not get re-elected,y’know.

    Your last segment has me rethinking my life long commitment to our “first-past-the-post “electoral system. Perhaps we have become wrong in supporting this system as society has changed to where it is no longer in our best interests to support FPTP. We elect a dictatorship for four long years,during which time there is absolutely NO accountability,it worked in past times when people were different and understood duty,honor,integrity,service,etc. Now it means gnashing your teeth while your Liberal or Conservative MP ignores you.

    Today, those virtues are considered “quaint” by most people. We elect MP’s to the Ottawa Club, we choose our team to represent US,but after a few weeks of idealism,they become Ottawashed and toe the Club line; don’t rock the boat TOO much. It’s as futile as cheering for the Leafs or Canadiens,and our cheers for the Big Two have about as much effect as when we sat in front of the TV and cheered our hockey team on.

    We would be better off if there wasn’t a two Party ruling class,but 338 independent MP’s in place with a workable recall system to turf them out if they don’t perform as they promised.

    Perhaps then we might actually see some of the nagging problems in this Country at least mentioned in Parliament.


  20. Reading your last comment Don, you would think Harper Gov did nothing. Go back to my post and read the list of accomplishments just from 2006 to 2011. I worked for a Harris MPP. They are human and can’t do everything. They have to pick priorities. Reminds me of US right now. Trump has been Pres 8 months and some are angry he hasn’t drained the entire swamp yet! Conservative expectations are perhaps the problem.


  21. Just got a little email letter from none other than Brian Mulroney telling me what I already know, Ontario needs Patrick Brown and new leadership. For anyone who cares about this province there is no other option. A vote for Wynne or staying home is as close as it gets to what looks an awful lot like a corrupt government.


  22. Sandy,I am very familiar with your list and posted it repeatedly to friends and acquaintances.

    Of course he didn’t “do nothing”, but he did NOT address the BIG issues we expected him to. Every government, as you well know, has the housekeeping issues of daily governing that carries on behind the doors of government. Trump is busy behind the scenes signing dozens of executive orders, but the media only reports the “sexy” items,or things that can be turned into an attack against him.

    Again, the CPC lost the faith of many of their base,that is NOT the fault of the voters,but the Party.
    There always seems to be excuses for inaction, like Hillary Clinton you can blame everyone else for the CPC not winning, but in the end it comes down to: the CPC did not get the job done as they should have. They lost their base,and it’s nobody’s fault but theirs.

    Many disgruntled Conservatives I spoke to said that Harper in his last two years governed like “Liberal-lite” in their opinion. I never claimed MP’s aren’t human or expect miracles, just to address the issues they promised us on the campaign trail. It seems most MP’s have the civil servant mentality, we send few courageous idealists to Parliament,and many of those,as in several of the old Reformers I met,gave up in disgust after a term.

    Frankly many MP’s of ALL political Parties are more faithful to the Party than their constituents. That has always been the s.o.p. of the Left, but not the Conservatives, until the last few years. James Moore,whose newsletter I get every week, was completely ineffective in his Ministry,but acts as though he was a noble warrior in parliament when he was Minister. I E-mailed him repeatedly on the CBC, and usually received no reply,or the usual,”thank you for your input”.

    It is incredible to believe that the government of Canada was scared of publicly disclosing the salaries of CBC personnel,a Crown Corporation. I have the suspicion that the salaries and accompanying pensions are well beyond what the public would consider reasonable. Had Moore had the courage to publish them, I believe CBC would have lost a great deal of it’s influence on voters when the voters saw how deep into the trough their snouts were/are.

    In a private conversation with my MP, he stated that the CBC was a “sacred cow,especially in Ontario”.

    Some of the best CPC MP’s such as Cheryl Gallant will hopefully have more of a voice in Scheer’s shadow cabinet,I hope so.

    As I’ve said many times,Scheer now has the issue, the Trudeau/Morneau tax grab, to win over disgruntled liberals.I find principles often disappear when it hurts the pocketbook,and these po’ed Liberal voters are ripe for the taking. He has to assemble a campaign team that has the expertise to read the voters and win it.

    The CPC has to treat many issues as untouchable, including gay marriage,abortion, marijuana legalization, FN rights, and work on the message that Canadians are being robbed by a government that wastes billions outside our Country while doing little at home.

    Liz J, the few Liberals I know are well educated people very successful in their careers. They do NOT question the Leader, once appointed he is The Best Person On Earth. I suppose the LPC is comprised of people who want the comfort of having someone always watching out for them,like a parental figure. Perhaps that’s where the Star Trek writers got the idea for the Borg, from studying Canadian Liberals.
    I am pleased that I have never met a conservative of that mindset,most are (rightly) suspicious of those who rule over them.
    That’s the voter Scheer has to attract.


  23. Great to see Mulroney is fully on board. As someone who has a good track record of winning, I think his advice can be quite handy. Even for those who maybe didn’t like him, he did help Harper in 2006 on things to do to gain a foothold in Quebec. I also think his daughter seems to have actually achieved something in life unlike Justin Trudeau who pretty much has gotten everything based on his last name and nothing else.

    I no longer live in Ontario, but with most provinces having left wing governments and one federally, I want to see Canada’s largest one swing to the right to provide some balance.


  24. Liz J, Brian Mulroney is a two-faced s.o.b. ! There has been NO other ex-PM as effusive in his praise for the ability of Justin Trudeau,than Brian Mulroney. Right from the day Trudeau won the leadership,Mulroney has been in the media praising him!

    Can you imagine Chretien or Martin EVER saying one good word about any Conservative? Just a few weeks back,Mulroney volunteered to help the Trudeau team with the NAFTA negotiations!

    Brian Mulroney represents much that is wrong with conservatism in Canada, a switch hitter who was liberal in his heart,but who saw the opportunity in the PC Party at the time he made his decision to enter politics.

    Mulroney is one of the two “Big Quebec Studs” to come out of Quebec in the past fifty years,the other being Pierre Trudeau,and Mulroney’s life long quest has been to be the bigger stud than Pierre.
    Since Harper won the majority, Mulroney has shown his true colors,and it isn’t as a Conservative.

    And as for the NAFTA negotiations, is Mulroney’s ego so huge that he believes he could be of any value with the new American administration in place? His willingness to help the Trudeau liberals isn’t indicative of patriotism,as some deluded Conservatives will claim, but an effort to grab more glory for himself and help out his true political bedfellows in the Liberal Party of Canada.


  25. Such bitterness Don. I don’t agree Mulroney is a Liberal. There was a disagreement with Harper. Mulroney is a PC while Harper was a Reformer. That does not make him the monster you describe. He is his own man. The words you use are very divisive. I am glad Caroline is running in Ontario!


  26. As discouraging as Liz J. finds these responses, I find encouragement reading Don Morris’s.

    Don has effectively laid out the deep disappointment conservatives have had in both Mulroney and Harper. It’s good to know other conservatives are demanding more of their party.

    It remains to be seen how the Scheer CPC will govern. If it’s more of the same, then I hope Wyatt Scott runs again.


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