Time proving that Harper Conservatives better at governing than Trudeau Liberals

Trudeau spent $127,000 taxpayers dollars taking a vacation at a private island. Click for CBC credits.

Like so many Canadians, I am tired of the liberal media always covering for the Trudeau Liberals while continuing to rant and rave against the former Stephen Harper Government every chance they get.

In reality, the Trudeau Executive Branch is the least transparent and least accountable governing party in my living memory. I mean, given the trail of Trudeau Liberal broken promises, they are making fools out of those who voted for them.

I mean, think back to the years 2014 and 2015. Remember when the liberal media yelled “corruption” because a Harper PMO staffer named Nigel Wright paid $90,000 back to the taxpayers using his own money?

Now compare that to the underlying message in the above photo related to the fact that Trudeau spent $127,000 of taxpayers dollars to go on a holiday to a private island. If that had been Mr. Harper, we’d still be hearing about the “corruption.” I mean, I can recall the former PM going to a hockey game with his daughter and the media went nuts over his use of the Challenger Jet — and the cost was much less than the $127,000 Trudeau spent.

Remember also when the Trudeau opposition and his ever-loving media blamed the Harper PMO for all of the charges facing Mike Duffy regarding his living expenses. I mean, can you just imagine Trudeau taking any blame for the current crop of “independent liberal senators?” NOT!

And, yes, we all remember that when we found out that Duffy was acquitted of ALL charges and that there had been no Harper Government corruption, the Trudeau Liberals had already been elected.

So, what do we know now — two years later?  We know that the Liberals were elected on the basis of promises they never intended to keep. The biggest whopper was that the country was in the midst of a recession and that the Trudeau Liberals could fix it all by having a little deficit.

Well, not so it seems. In fact, wage growth had been growing by leaps and bounds during Harper’s final years. Which means, that the actual “sunny ways” were during that time period, not now. For example, check out William Watson’s column in the Financial Post from November 16th, 1017.  He writes:

  • “From 2014 to 2015, StatCan tells us, ‘The real average income of all tax filers rose 2.6 per cent.'”
  • Over and above that, “‘the bottom 50 per cent of tax filers’ — i.e., those struggling to get into the middle class — ‘saw a 3.4 per cent increase in average total income.”

Watson also states: “This was before the Trudeau government raised top tax rates in the name of fairness, a tax share twice that of your income share and 22 times your population share being deemed not fair enough.”

I agree with Luke Rebello, a McMaster student who wrote an editorial in a September issue of the Huffington Post titled “Canadians didn’t sign up for Trudeau’s scandals and bad policies.”  No, they didn’t but that is what they got.

Which reminds me of that old expression: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.  The crux of the matter is, then, that the next time Canadians vote (on or before October 21, 2019), they need to plan to vote for a conservative.

3 thoughts on “Time proving that Harper Conservatives better at governing than Trudeau Liberals

  1. The sad part is many of us were quite aware of Harper’s abilities and the Trudeau’s Grit array of shortcomings.

    It took a mendacious media to sell this dilettante as a populist with Harper derangement syndrome addled voters, particularly in the Greater Toronto Area. I fear they seem set to do it all again. After all the ON Grits remain in power.

    The rest of the country doesn’t want to be governed by the failed model of McGuinty/Wynne and now their understudy Justin.

    The ON election will therefore be a bellwether as to whether or not those voters have had enough of progressive failure.

    To borrow from a Greg Weston book about PM John Turner, this administration has turned out to be a “Reign of Error,” with the innate ability to get a file precisely wrong, such as the fighter acquisition program, where our Minister of National Defense is still selling the preposterous idea of buying yesterday’s technology, for tomorrow’s defense needs, at least at today’s cost.

    They say they are improving the military, but in reality they are starving it, along with the veterans, with a effective freeze on defense capital spending. (Using the pipeline model of paralysis by analysis). Wounded soldiers are their latest victims.

    Everything must go through the crony filter with this bunch who like all progressives seek more and more political power with their problem of not enough government seeking the solution of extracting ever more tax revenues and elite perks and power.

    Now CP has an article that says taxing passive income in corporations could net $6b in revenue (according to the suspect PBO anyway). Of course they’ll never raise anywhere near that money, but the chill of their divisive class baiting politics remains.

    What’s next now that the vets, diabetics and parents of autistic children have been tax burned?

    Hint: this site has had several discussions about CRA being sent to bleed primary residence homeowners with suites.

    As a tax preparer I am noticing an uptick in “requests for information” from CRA to Net filers.

    This government refuses to rein in their spending and concocts nonsense about “fairness” and “loopholes” (which their cronies gleefully use) to justify their incompetence. They are the problem and blame hardworking Canadians.

    Canadians are finding out the hard way the folly of ever assuming throwing money at “issues” is either wise or responsible.

    They should have known already, but they fell for the press anti-Harper charade. If they do it again, I fear for this country.

    As is becoming clear, Harper’s warnings were prescient How good does he look right now? 2019 – Harper come back!!


  2. I fear we are working for the Federal gov’t when in fact they should be working for ALL CANADIANS! We need to get the gov’t out of our lives….VOTE THE LIE BRALS OUT IN 2019!!


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